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snarky-2Filosofa is feeling very, very snarky tonight!  The probable cause is that I watched the vice-presidential debate earlier this evening and growled through much of it.  Or it could be a lack of sleep.  Or the fact that my rent just increased by another $60 when they won’t even fix the @#$% door or lights or leaky faucet!  Whatever the cause, the snark must be vented so that I can catch a few hours sleep shortly.

Lies … again

So, Trump’s “White House doctor” says Trump has been ‘symptom-free’ for over 24 hours.  Don’t believe a word of it … it comes, after all, from White House staff, a doctor in Trump’s employ.  Nope, I don’t believe it for one minute, but neither do I particularly care.  I care more about the idiocy he is proliferating … the notion that the coronavirus is not anything to worry about, not to be taken seriously, despite the 216,000+ lives lost to date … many that could have been prevented if he had not acted like a jackass, if he had been honest with We the People back in the beginning.  But, he wasn’t honest then and he isn’t being honest now.  He is LYING to you, people.  The coronavirus is potentially deadly, especially for those of us who have any sort of underlying condition such as chronic respiratory problems, heart problems or diabetes.

I have no idea why Trump is still lying through his teeth about the coronavirus … he could have manned up and used his own experience to help us, to admit that he was wrong and that yes, we should all be observing the guidelines such as mask-wearing and ‘social distancing’.  Instead, he made a clownish attempt to show the world his ‘strength’, which is among the biggest jokes of the 21st century, and placing those who foolishly hang on his every word in jeopardy.

So no, don’t believe a damn thing you hear.  Like as not, he is still quite contagious and has continued to infect more and more of those whose presence he demands.  Any ‘man’ who would put his own son at risk of death, cannot possibly be a ‘man’ I could look up to or call anything other than ‘asshole’.


I watched the vice-presidential debate earlier this evening.  Sigh.  I’ll have a more detailed analysis later, but for now, I will only say that Mike Pence is a bigger idiot than I first thought, and that Kamala Harris conducted herself well, made valid points, and in most cases actually answered the moderator’s questions.  But there was an unexpected highlight …

Yep, folks, a fly landed right on Pence’s perfectly coiffed hair … and stayed … and stayed … for what seemed like at least two minutes, though I was laughing so hard I lost track of time.  I’m thinking the poor fly had a hard time disengaging his little legs from all that hairspray.  I kept expecting someone to tell him, but he remained oblivious.  I imagine he was greatly embarrassed when he watched the clip later.

And as for next week’s presidential debate #2 … Joe Biden is prepared …biden-flyswatter

Fickle stock market

On Tuesday, after Trump told republican lawmakers to cut off talks with democrats over a new round of pandemic aid stimulus and declared he would not further discuss it until after the election, the stock market plummeted with the DOW losing as much as 413 points.  On Wednesday, Trump said he would be open to further discussion after all, and the stock market rebounded.  Now, we’re used to this crap, but Trump uses the stock market as a measuring stick for the economy, and this simply proves what I’ve been saying all along … the stock market is not necessarily indicative of the economy!

Sure, we all have a small stake in the market, most of us through our 401(k), pension plans, or other source, but the biggest chunk of the market is held by corporations and corporations are manipulators of the market.

Worse yet, Trump’s declaration that he is open to a ‘stand alone’ stimulus bill is one that would aid … wait for it … the airline industry, corporations owned by uber-wealthy people who want We the People to keep them afloat so they don’t need to dig into their billion dollar investment portfolios!  Not people who are struggling to pay their rent, medical bills, and put food on the table, but one to keep the airline industry afloat.  And to think how Trump bitched about the Obama administration bailing out the banking industry!

No doubt Trump’s base will listen to him as he points to the stock market as a sign of his success, but … it just ain’t so.  Better indicators are the unemployment rate and cost of living, both of which are higher than they should be, thus the economy, while not ‘in the tank’, is certainly not healthy.  Spin that one, Trump!

Okay, well, I think I feel better now, so I will answer a couple of emails and head for my bed!  Thanks for letting me vent!

18 thoughts on “A Snarky Snarky Filosofa

  1. The Queen of Snark has an abundance of snark worthy topics which keep her mind embroiled and fingers typing. With regard to trump’s incessant lying, I am reminded of something that I read and jotted down in late 2009 because it struck me at the time as worth remembering. The words were written by Colum McCann, an Irish author of fiction, in the book “Let The Great World Spin” and I quote : “The repeated lies become history, but they don’t necessarily become the truth.” I watched the debate, as has become my habit, via The New York Times live coverage with the written commentary led by Lisa Lerer on the right hand side of the computer screen. When the tiny interloper appeared, Astead Herndon, a National Politics reporter, commented “Is there a fly on Pence’s head?” After the debate ended, Patricia Cohen commented about remarks that Chris Wallace made about the fly. I recommend Frank Bruni’s column from early this morning “Mike Pence’s Debate Performance Bugged Me Out – He’s numb to pests large and small.” Thank-you!

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    • ‘Tis true … his repeated lies and obfuscations will become a very dark part of U.S. history … not one we’ll look back on with pride, for sure. I did read Bruni’s column … excellent! Thank you!


  2. Thanks for sharing!.. I did not watch the debate.. 1. Mr. Pence had four years to convince me to vote for him and he failed, nothing he would have said in the debate would have a impact… 2. it was past my bedtime.. 3. I have already voted mail in… 🙂

    As for the fly, I am a ole farm boy and back on the farm we called the fly a “circle fly”… the fly eats manure and the fly would circle the “horses as-” and wait for the fly to poop… 🙂 🙂

    Until we meet again..

    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    And may all the wishes you wish come true
    (Irish Saying)

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    • You’re a wise man, Dutch! And I’m thrilled to hear you already voted! We are still awaiting our ballots that were reportedly mailed on October 6th.

      I think most of us had the same thought about the fly … what do flies eat? Poop. That little guy found a good source.

      I am always cheered by your Irish Sayings … thank you so much!


  3. I’ll wait for your analysis later but if the main issue was a fly landing on Mike’s head, and that’s what people are reporting, that’s honestly pathetic. There had to be more than that they could glom onto.

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    • No, Scott, I don’t think the main issue was the fly, but it was a comic relief, so to speak. I may or may not further opine on the debate … part of me thinks it really isn’t worth my time.


  4. My first thought about the fly, which I couldn’t resist sharing on IG, was that flies love dung piles and I have never seen a more appealing heap than what is occupying Capitol Hill right now. It was there to remind us not to listen to their sh?! any longer. I can also see Vincent Price’s little head the original The Fly crying out, “Help me! Help me!”

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  5. Jill, maybe the fly got stuck with the hair gel. I can imagine QAnon saying it was a Democrat drone-fly funded by Hillary. I watch the stock market closely, it remains higher than it should because of the Fed’s low interest rates. Yet, to me it seems like investors are begging for good news, so they will latch onto anything. I envision some day traders taking advantage of the president’s words. Buy when it falls after the president says something inane and sell when he is forced to return to reason and the market increases. I am quite certain more than a few have figured this out. Just this week, he called off stimulus talks, then GOP leaders told him don’t be stupid, and then he reintroduced another form. He is like a yo-yo. Keith

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    • PS – Jill, you may have already seen this headline today from the Cincinnati Enquirer: “Mitch McConnell says he hasn’t visited White House since August because of lax COVID rules.” It speaks volumes given the source and truth. Keith

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    • That was my thought … either that, or she was laying eggs there! Heh heh … it wouldn’t surprise me if some conspiracy theory surfaces about that fly!

      Yes, the Fed’s low interest rates play a role, as do stock buybacks and other methods of artificially inflating certain stocks.

      Indeed, he IS like a yo-yo … he cannot even keep up with his own lies. Sigh. Bye-bye Donnie!


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