Arrogance And Still More Arrogance


At the presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29th, the family of Donald Trump refused to wear masks.  The rules clearly stated that everyone in the venue would wear a mask except the two candidates and the moderator, yet Ivanka, Melania, Junior, Eric and the rest of the clan were sans masks.  It was no surprise to anyone that this clan thinks they are superior to the rest of us, for they have demonstrated that every single day for nearly four years.maskless-TrumpsBut last night, at the vice-presidential debate, the same rules were in place and it was clearly stated that everyone except Mr. Pence, Senator Harris, and moderator Susan Page would wear a mask or would not be allowed into the venue.  And yet … Karen Pence, Mike’s wife, was maskless when she appeared onstage at the end of the debate.  This, my friends, is supreme arrogance.  She put the lives of everyone in that room in jeopardy, for no doubt she has been exposed via her husband who was exposed by Trump himself.  In addition, she attended the Rose Garden event on September 26th that has been blamed for many others in the administration contracting the virus.  masklessWHY was she allowed to remove her mask, against the rules?  Why wasn’t she told to put the mask back on or be forcibly removed, just as you or I would have been?  For the record, Kamala Harris’ husband, Douglas Emhoff, did wear his mask throughout the event and even after, when he appeared onstage.

I expected such arrogance and lack of consideration out of the Trump clan, but until last night I thought Karen Pence was a more decent human being than the Trumps.  Obviously, I was mistaken.  Perhaps she thinks her god will protect her, but it should be obvious even to her that her god has not protected the more than a million people worldwide who have died from the coronavirus, 217,000+ in the U.S. alone.

Where does this attitude of arrogance come from?  Karen Pence is a schoolteacher, for Pete’s sake!  She, of all people, should know the dangers this pandemic carries!  She is an artist who painted the illustrations for a children’s book written by her daughter.  One might think she was actually human, unlike her husband and the rest of the current administration.  But no … she is just like Ivanka and the rest … a self-centered bitch who cares little for any and puts her own image far ahead of the safety of this nation.

More arrogance

This morning the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced that next week’s debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be held virtually in the wake of Trump’s positive coronavirus diagnosis.  I was glad for the announcement, for Trump has no concern, no care for anyone and has downplayed … continues to downplay … the virus as if it were naught more than a common cold.  He remains contagious, even as he himself recovers from the virus and should not be allowed to expose others.

However, in his supreme arrogance, Trump said …

“I am not going to do a virtual debate. I am not going to waste my time on a virtual debate.”

Okay, fine by me … the first debate was such a bloody fiasco that We the People gained nothing but elevated blood pressure and a sense of deep frustration from watching it.  Better not to have any more anyway, for they are costly and of absolutely no benefit to anyone, given Trump’s refusal to observe the rules of either the debate or of common courtesy.

When he says he isn’t going to waste his time, I suppose that means the time he would otherwise spend watching Fox ‘News’ or tweeting out ignominious one-liners while munching on his Big Macs.

Joe Biden’s campaign quickly agreed to the virtual debate, likely relieved that Joe and his family wouldn’t have to risk the exposure of an unmasked Trump clan.   Biden campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield responded to Trump’s refusal to participate by noting Biden would be happy to appear virtually, but said if Trump refuses to appear, Joe Biden “will find an appropriate place to take questions from voters directly on October 15th.”  I think that may well be the best option anyway.

We already know what Donald Trump thinks … or says he thinks … on nearly every topic, for we have had four years of listening to his incessant b.s.  We would like to hear more from Joe Biden, which is nearly impossible in a debate venue such as the last one, where Trump literally bulldozed over Biden every time he attempted to answer a question.  I would much prefer hearing from Biden with Trump nowhere in sight!  We might actually learn what he thinks, what he his plans for the nation are.

To Donald Trump I say:  You just stay home with your cheeseburger and Diet Coke watching Fox and tweeting your little heart out.  We’ll all be better off.

And for a bit of spot-on musical commentary by James Corden of Gavin and Stacy fame, and more recently The Late, Late Show and Carpool Karaoke

15 thoughts on “Arrogance And Still More Arrogance

  1. I think maybe Steve Schmidt of MSNBC has a rant to rival some of yours. Read it and enjoy!

    Check this out…

    WOW!!! THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥!

    Donald Trump came for Steve Schmidt (founder of Lincoln Project) on Twitter this morning. It did not go well. This is Steve’s reply:

    “You’ve never beaten me at anything.
    This is our first dance. Did you like, Covita? We are so much better at this than your team of crooks, wife beaters, degenerates, weirdos and losers. You are losing.

    We heard you loved Evita. You saw it so many times. Where will you live out your years in disgrace? Will you buy Jeffrey Epstein’s island? One last extra special deal from him? Or will you be drooling on yourself in a suite at Walter Reed? Maybe you will be in prison? I bet you fear that.

    The Manhattan District Attorney may not be around to cover for you or your crooked kids anymore. Eliza Orlins doesn’t believe in different sets of rules for the Trumps. What about the State Attorney General? You know what you’ve done.

    Oh, Donald. Who do you owe almost $500 million in personally guaranteed loans to? It’s all coming down. You think you and your disgusting family are going to be in deal-flow next year? Are you really that delusional?

    You are lucky Chris Wallace interrupted you after Joe Biden said you weren’t smart. You started to melt down. That’s the place that hurts the most. Right? Fred Sr., knew it. You’ve spent your whole life proving it. You aren’t very smart. You couldn’t take the SAT on your own. What was the real score? 970? We both know you know.

    Are the steroids wearing off? Is the euphoria fading? Do you feel foggy? Tired? Do you ache? How is the breathing? Hmmm. Are you watching TV today? We will have some nice surprises for you. Everyone is laughing at you. You are a joke. A splendid moron turned deadly clown.

    Did you watch Martha McSally in her debate against American hero, fighter pilot, test pilot, astronaut Capt. Mark Kelly? She is so embarrassed by you. She is ashamed and full of self-loathing for the choice she made in following you over the cliff. She is in free fall now. She will lose, like most of them, because of you.

    We hear from the White House and the campaign everyday. They are betraying you. They are looking to get out alive and salvage careers and their names. It’s Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner vs. Donald Trump Jr., and Kimberly Guilfoyle on the inside. They are at war over scraps and who gets to command what will be the remnants of your rancid cult.

    It’s almost over now. You are the greatest failure in American history. You are the worst president in American history. Disgrace will always precede your name. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will grow up ashamed of their names.

    One day, I suppose there will be some small and not-much-visited library that bears your name. It will be the type of place where a drunk walks by, staring at the wall for a minute, before deciding it is beneath his dignity to piss on. That’s what is waiting for you.

    Joe Biden is a better man. He’s smarter. He’s winning. Do you remember when you didn’t want to name Donald Trump Jr., Donald because you were worried about him being a loser named Donald? You were right about that. He is. But it is you who will be remembered as America’s greatest loser. You will be crushed in the election.

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  2. I’ve heard Joe Biden is fine with no other debate. He’s going to spend the time with a town hall meeting. It’s Trump’s loss, not his. Don’t expect the Trump family or the Pences to do anything that makes Daddy Trump unhappy. They all depend on his support. I’m still wondering why Jr. looked scared. Did you see his face sitting there? He better not play poker. He’s already had the virus and is over it. Possibly he’s seeing his plans to follow Daddy into office crumble and turn to dust. Now people are wondering how long ago Trump and Melania became infected. It may take months or years to find out the truth if we ever do. The whole thing is surreal. O_o — Suzanne

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    • Yes, Biden will hold a virtual event to speak directly to us, which is much better, more informative, than having to try to make himself heard over the megalomaniac bulldozing over him every time he tries to speak. We might actually learn something about his plans and platform.

      From all that I’ve read, he has always been, and continues to be, abusive to his children. He recently called Junior ‘stupid’ in front of witnesses. Some father, huh? I have no respect for any of his children, for they are all arses too, but I understand how they came to be that way.

      Since Trump’s doctors have no conscience and are willing to lie for him, we may never know the truth. And he’s likely still contagious and infecting more and more people every day!

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  3. Jill, let me be blunt, if he does what he did at the last debate, it is a waste of Americans’ time. Yet, what I have long ago learned, listening to or reading the tweets of the untruthful president is a waste of time. I would rather glean any salient comments from news sources. If he is talking or tweeting, he is highly likely to be lying. Keith

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    • It definitely was a waste of time … he is an egotist who needs to always be the center of attention, so he bulldozes his way to front and center when anybody else is trying to speak. I don’t think I’ll watch another if they do hold an ‘in person’ debate. If it’s virtual, I might, for Joe Biden might actually get a chance to speak.


  4. Maybe one of his doctors could sneak him a very strong sedative and sit him down in a virtual studio fast asleep and not interrupting at all. I’m sure Joe Biden would enjoy a chance to get some answers out.

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