Damn Trump, Anyway

I had no intention of writing further of Trump and his bout with the coronavirus, his ignominious braggadocio about how tough he is to have beat the virus and how we should not worry so much, for it’s not even as bad as the flu.  It’s bullshit and I’m sick … literally sick of hearing it.  But two nights ago, our friend Ellen sent me Dana Milbank’s column.  I read it with tears running down my cheeks.  Tonight I re-read it, again with tears that wouldn’t seem to stop.  And so, I must share this piece with you, for … it speaks volumes.

‘Invincible’ Trump tells us to live with covid-19. These people died trying.

Dana MilbankOpinion by 

Dana Milbank, Columnist

Oct. 6, 2020 at 7:05 p.m. EDT


Twenty thousand chairs, each representing 10 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, are lined up on the Ellipse on Sunday. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

After Donald Trump got out of Vietnam with student deferments and a spurious claim of bone spurs, he proposed that those who did serve in Vietnam were “stupid” and “losers,” according to various accounts. He mocked their sacrifice by saying he was a “brave soldier” in his “personal Vietnam” — avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

We’re seeing the same thinking now with covid-19. After getting treated for his infection by a team of top-notch doctors using antidotes that are rationed or entirely unavailable to other Americans, President Trump shared a description of himself as “an invincible hero” — in contrast to all those wusses who are taking precautions against the virus.

“Don’t be afraid of it. You’re going to beat it,” Trump proclaimed in a video message Monday night after returning from the hospital. “Don’t let it take over your lives. … I’m better and maybe I’m immune. I don’t know. But don’t let it dominate your lives.” Tuesday morning, he exulted anew on Twitter that “we are learning to live with Covid,” which he falsely claimed is “in most populations far less lethal” than the flu.

“FEELING GREAT!” he added.

It was an implicit rebuke of those 210,000 Americans who already let the beatable and less-lethal virus “dominate” them and “take over” — by dying. On the four days in which Trump spent time in the hospital, 2,264 Americans died of covid-19 without access to the care and treatments he got — the modern equivalent of those stupid losers who died in Vietnam while Trump bravely dodged the clap.

On Sunday, as Trump was joyriding around Walter Reed with his captive Secret Service detail, a group memorialized the pandemic dead by setting up 20,000 empty chairs, symbolizing 200,000 lives, on the Ellipse, facing the White House. As Trump staged photos at Walter Reed, the Twitter account @FacesOfCovid continued its grim work of collating obituaries of the deceased:

On Monday night, as Trump was filming his video (without a mask) telling Americans not to let the virus dominate their lives, the West Des Moines (Iowa) Community School District announced that Jennifer Crawford, a junior high school special-education assistant, had died of covid-19 complications.

On Sunday, Julie Davis, a beloved third-grade teacher at Norwood Elementary School in North Carolina, succumbed to the virus. Davis, 49, died two months after the district resumed some in-person classes. She decided to devote her life to helping children after the Columbine shooting.

On Friday, as Trump checked in to Walter Reed, John Stephen Forester, 72, of McKenzie, Tenn., died of the virus. He had helped adults with developmental disabilities and was a longtime volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels. The death notice said his family is “heartbroken at his sudden and preventable loss.”

Also Friday, Susanne Michael, a teacher at Harrisburg Elementary in Arkansas, died of covid-19. Her husband, whom she met at Williams Baptist College, was allowed to hold her hand for her final 10 minutes. She had recently adopted one of her students, who was bound for foster care, and the student’s two siblings. She leaves behind five children.

The same day, in Highland Village, Tex., Sgt. Dennis Oliver died of covid-19 after some 11 days in the hospital. The 17-year veteran of the Highland Village Police Department leaves behind a wife and two sons.

On Thursday, when Trump was keeping his positive coronavirus test secret, Olga Quiroga, a bilingual first-grade teacher in Chicago Public Schools, died of the virus, a day short of her 58th birthday. The symptoms started “after a series of trips” to her elementary school, including a back-to-school event.

Earlier last week, as the virus spread around the White House, WOOD-TV in Michigan reported the covid-19 death of Michelle McCrackin, 53, a Title I teacher in Carson City and mother of five. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Rebecca A. Cryer, a 73-year-old judge on the Choctaw Nation District Court, also died of covid-19. She had survived serious injuries in the Oklahoma City bombing 25 years ago.

And on. And on. Young and old, hearty and frail. So many people who, unlike our “invincible hero” president, inexplicably let the virus “dominate” their lives.

Now the White House Gift Shop is taking preorders for $100 commemorative coins announcing “PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP DEFEATS COVID.” The company, which calls itself the “original official” White House gift shop, was privatized long ago. But it has pro-Trump sentiments, saying the coin design conveys “a hint of superhero qualities.”

If we’re really going to commemorate this moment, other slogans come to mind. Perhaps: PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP DEFEATS EMPATHY.

Or, if we’re trying to lend a “hint of superhero qualities” to a president who tells us to live with the virus while he receives care unavailable to ordinary losers, I’d go with this:


31 thoughts on “Damn Trump, Anyway

  1. While the chances of him ever reading it (especially since he doesn’t read!) are next to nil, we should all forward Milbank’s column to Trump. If enough copies arrived, maybe whomever handles Trumps’ “incoming,” would actually pass it on … or at least talk about it amongst the staff and word would get back to him.

    And if it did get to him, there’s little to no doubt we would know about it because he would condemn Milbank on Twitter!

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  2. Fear not, Trump’s callous boarish behavior will certainly cost him the election. CNN poll announced he trails Biden by 16 points! This will be a landslide victory the likes we’ve never seen before, taking back the senate to boot.
    Cenk from TYT called the 2016 election prophetically and now predicts a Biden victory thanks to Trump’s hubris, arrogance, big mouth! It’s OVER… the fat man will cry 😉


  3. I thought it couldn’t get worse. Everything he’s done in the last week, from the half-hour staged hospital exit to the false bravado bullshit that he spews, just makes me want to throw up. All the expats I know are voting for the first time in decades.

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    • Indeed, he has shown the world his very worst side … and here we thought we had already seen that! He is, I think, running scared, knowing that he is very likely to lose this election, and taking Draconian measures to try to salvage what he can. Thing is, if he would just act like a human being for once, he might make some progress. Let us hope that come January we can say “Goodbye” to him.

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  4. Jill, so let me sum up. Trump said some more inane stuff about yet another topic he knows little about to make himself appear greater than he is. So, we should do what is required of us and ignore his blather. Tell him we will start listening when he says things of value. Keith

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  5. Perhaps Trump should donate his blood (all of it) for the antibodies which will help cure this terrible virus. I might be tempted to think him a hero then. Until that point I shall just consider him a very lucky person who stayed well by accident.

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  6. The Trumpet’s remarks are a slap in the face of all people who are suffering from and/or fighting covid. He should be deeply grateful that he gets such great medical care, but of course he turns it into his own personal victory. I am sick of it, really. I only hope that enough people are equally frustrated and vote this disgrace of a president out of the office.

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    • You are so very right … they are. We are all sick of it … and of him! I have some degree of confidence that Joe Biden will receive far more votes than Trump. However, remembering 2016 when Hillary Clinton received nearly 3 million more votes than Trump, I can only say I wish I had the same confidence that Joe Biden will actually be our next president. Chaos reigns here and is almost certain to get worse before it gets better. Hugs from across the pond, my friend.


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