Remember the 2016 presidential election?  Who could forget, right?  Remember all the hullaballoo about Hillary Clinton’s emails, which as it turned out, was a non-starter, for while she had used poor judgment in using a private server, there was no huge leak of classified information as the Trump campaign had hoped.

Now it is another presidential election year, four years later, and the two candidates are former Vice-President Joe Biden, and once again, Donald Trump.  You may notice that I did not mention Hillary Clinton, for she is not running for president this year.  And yet, according to yesterday’s New York Times

Trump forced the State Department on Friday to commit to releasing at least some of Hillary Clinton’s emails before next month’s election, resurrecting a four-year-old issue in hopes that it would prove as helpful to his political prospects as it was when he defeated her in 2016.

WTF???  What in the Sam Hell is wrong with the bit of grey matter that resides in Donald Trump’s head?  HILLARY CLINTON IS NOT RUNNING FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT IN 2020!  Do I make myself clear?  It isn’t rocket science!  What it is, I strongly suspect, is an attempt to energize his rabid base who, in 2016, took great pleasure in demonizing Hillary Clinton, screeching “Lock her up!” at every rally.

Whatever is or is not in Hillary’s emails is irrelevant at this point, and Trump’s base wouldn’t understand what they were reading if they even bothered to read them.  It’s not about the actual emails, but rather about the perception that Hillary did something wrong.

But it doesn’t even end with that bit of lunacy!  He also attempted to coerce Attorney General William Barr to prosecute his opponent Joe Biden as well as President Barack Obama!  The Times article continues …

He publicly badgered Mr. Barr this week to indict Democrats connected to the original investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and any ties to Mr. Trump’s campaign, naming specifically Mr. Biden and former President Barack Obama. But Mr. Barr has told Republicans and others that he planned no major moves in his re-examination of the Russia investigation before Election Day.

Yo Republicans!!!  You folks didn’t elect a president in 2016, you elected … and continue to support … a mentally deranged maniac!  Wake up and take your heads out of your arses before you doom us to a fate worse than death!

Beyond his public comments, the president has also conveyed to Mr. Barr, directly and through surrogates, that he wanted “scalps,” according to two government officials familiar with the conversations.

While Mr. Barr defied the president’s desire for pre-election action, Mr. Pompeo bowed to Mr. Trump’s wishes a day after he publicly chastised the secretary of state for not cooperating. Mr. Pompeo told Fox News that he would release at least some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails from when she was secretary of state and using a private server.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he fires William Barr over this.  Both the release of Hillary’s emails and the attempt to force an indictment of Biden, Obama and others appear to me designed to draw the public attention away from the pandemic, the thing that has brought him to his knees in more ways than one.  An animal caught in a trap will go so far as to chew off its own foot in order to free himself.  Need I say more?

Yesterday, Jeff and I told you how the United States has lost respect in the eyes of the world.  Is it any wonder, given this latest batch of pure, unadulterated bullshit?  The saddest part is that some 40% of the people in this country are genuinely too uneducated, too self-focused (and I’m being kind here) to understand what they have done:  they have created a monster who has neither intelligence nor a conscience, and who would destroy the world if he thought it would boost him in some way.

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  1. Jill, since we live close to the South Carolina border, we get to see TV commercials for two states. There is a Republican Senate funding source that runs variations of the following themes. Said opponent of Thom Tillis or Lindsey Graham is too liberal for our state….The commercials will show a picture of said candidate with the icons that Republicans have been told to hate again and again, so the candidate will be seen with headshots of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and AOC.

    When I see these faces I know the candidate does not have a lot to say and is using scare tactics. When the candidate pulls out the Hillary card, they are really desperate. Hillary is not running for office. Other than give money to rich people, cut through rules they need to follow to protect people, and establish judges to let them keep it from any liability claims, my former party has a dearth of ideas. Keith

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    • Most of the polls show Cunningham leading Tillis, and Graham is neck-in-neck with Harrison, so apparently those commercials aren’t doing much good. Perhaps people are actually seeing what damage is being done by these two? Isn’t it a shame that political ads focus on hatred of the opponent rather than on highlighting the candidate’s view, plans & platform? No wonder people with fewer resources and a lesser level of education choose unwisely so often.

      You’re right … the GOP is more ‘against’ anything the democrats say than they are ‘for’ any sensible alternatives.


        • Yes, he demands fealty, even when what he wants is unconstitutional and just plain wrong. This is why all his cabinet members are sycophants, rather than public servants intent on upholding the Constitution, the law of the land. They serve their leader rather than We the People. And even though Barr has stood firm this time, he earns no kudos, for he has lied and cheated to do Trump’s bidding far too many times in the past couple of years.


  2. Trump is now being likened by some to Mussolini. It seems he’s either gaga due to the meds or all on his own. Barr seems to be aging rapidly. His face looks like it’s sinking into his neck. Pompeo probably has his own ambitions. I read more and more Republicans are starting to back away from Trump. It may be too late for them. —- Suzanne

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    • He certainly has fascist tendencies, but he lacks the intelligence to be a Mussolini or Lenin or Hitler. Barr sold his soul for a position of power, and I imagine now he’s regretting it, for once Trump is gone, Barr will be lucky to get a job as binman. Pompeo will also be out in the cold after January, so I guess he figured it easier to give in to the Bully since either way, he’s doomed. Yes, some are … hopefully enough to make November a landslide victory, one that is undisputable, for Joe Biden.

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    • He is all those things and more. Bottom line is that he is missing some parts of his brain that allow us to feel empathy, to care, to try to figure the right thing to do. Frankly, in my mind I compare him to the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer. Boris is smarter … at least marginally … and I think it’s possible he cares, at least a little bit … but he, too, is driven by factors such as greed that are in direct contrast with the best interests of the people in his nation. What a motley pair they make!

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  3. I watched James Comey on Showtime. It is from his book and the big takeaway is the absolute obsession trump has with the FBI and others stating that there was an investigation into Russian meddling and yes it did and still happening. He was obsessed in wanting them all to say he was NOT under investigation. I do mean obsessed.
    It’s well worth a watch. Starring Jeff Bridges as Comey..well done and the guy who plays Trump did a great job because you just hate him.
    Much of his paranoia and hate towards the Dems and Biden Hillary are linked to this..and of course how well Obama is thought of by normal people.

    The man is insane, evil, psychopath and many other things. People who support him still are not only stupid on some cases, but full of hate and anger and religious fervor. Yet the stem cell use in one of trumps treatment is OK.mi saw one group say so because trump was not involved in the original abortion! Can you just imagine…

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    • That sounds interesting … I haven’t read Comey’s book yet, though it is on my TBR list (along with about 200 others!). Indeed, it galls him to no end when he is faced with the fact that President Obama was well-respected … and still is!

      Trump is evil and is a megalomaniac without conscience. He is full of hate for any who don’t shower him with adoration, but I would disagree about his “religious fervor”. That is all a show for his evangelical base … the ‘man’ doesn’t have a pious bone in his body, and has likely never set foot into a church unless there was an outside reason, such as his image. Yeah, his base will make excuses for whatever he does, just as they always have, and will brush aside his contradictions, his nastiness, his abuse toward his children and wives … sigh. He must go … one way or another, he simply must go.

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  4. Barr has given Trump too much support to dare back away from him now But at least he’s now getting a taste of what its like to be turned on by his own. Pompeo has his own reasons to carry on supporting Trump, no doubt because of his evangelist leanings but he can’t possibly expect Trump to win (by fair means) and allow him to stay in post. The Republicans are in a state of Flux and Trump is grabbing anything in the hopes of staying afloat while many of them are trying to swim away. I hope he takes most of them down with him.
    I think you’re right in your description of Trump raising Hillary Clinton’s name in the hopes of energising his base but I think the plot to kidnap the Governor and the support it has from an association of Sheriffs who believe they are the true power in their Counties may prove to energise them more. I believe this group of law officers (which included Arpaio so that says a lot) are terrorists.

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    • Thank you, Jill, for your latest snarky report. I also concur with David.

      Those who are fair-minded and discerning are not easily swayed by his constant thrashing around and beating in the bush.

      Speaking of whether “the president really is a very stable genius”, SoundEagle’s adage is that Trump is a fool’s idea of a genius.

      Happy October to all of you!

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      • The snark is my pleasure … it just comes naturally these days.

        Yes, I agree with David, too. As often happens, my readers outside the U.S. (David is in the UK) see what is happening here much more clearly than those of us who are immersed in the b.s. up to our eyeballs. You’ve heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”?

        Happy October to you, as well!

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    • I was surprised … and pleased … by Barr’s refusal to play the game Trump is trying to play, but perhaps he is under threat of disBARRment if he proceeds with indictments in such a bogus case. You’re right … everything I’m reading indicates that republicans up and down the ballot are beginning to panic … good for them … they’re getting exactly what they deserve.

      As for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, you are absolutely right. The sheriff even attended an event with the plotters of the kidnapping of the governor, and basically defended them, but now is trying to backtrack on what he said. Referring to the right wing plotters, most have previous felony convictions and yet, the sheriff referred to them as good law-abiding citizens. Bullshit! He should be immediately removed from office, for he has no business in law enforcement when he supports criminal acts such as this. I hadn’t been aware until tonight of the group of officers that includes Arpaio, and since he’s no longer a member of law enforcement, what the heck is he even doing in such a group? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I agree … they are domestic terrorists, nothing less.



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