Jolly Monday — ALREADY???

Monday-sleepy-2Wh-wha-what???  It’s M-m-Monday already?  Says who?  ‘Cording to my calendar it’s … um … oh.  Well, from the smells coming from the kitchen it smells like Joyful has been up and at it already, so … how ‘bout you guys go see what’s for breakfast while I go get my teeth brushed, and then we’ll see what fun things we can find to start our week out, ‘k?


A Canadian business, Gaze Seed Company of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador submitted an ad to Facebook for publication.  But Facebook found the ad too “overtly sexual” to be posted on the social media platform.


WHAT … did they think the onions were mating in the basket???  According to Jackson McLean, manager at Gaze Seed Company …

“We got notified the other day that it’s an ‘overtly sexual image’ that they had to ban from the site. I guess something about the two round shapes there could be misconstrued as boobs or something, nude in some way.

I just thought it was funny. You’d have to have a pretty active imagination to look at that and get something sexual out of it … ‘Overtly sexual,’ as in there’s no way of mistaking it as not sexual.”

Amazing … simply amazing, given some of the offensive crud I’ve seen on Facebook!  A spokesperson for Facebook said …

“We use automated technology to keep nudity off our apps, but sometimes it doesn’t know a walla walla onion from a, well, you know. We restored the ad and are sorry for the business’ trouble.”

Police in Alberta, Canada, were called to the scene of a gas station after receiving a call about a python that had somehow gotten loose inside the store.

pythonPicturing the worst, for pythons can be rather large & lethal, they cautiously entered the station.  The clerk told them it had slithered under a display of potato chips.  They began trying to coax the python out … then suddenly, he slithered back out and …


Yep, folks, a plain ol’ harmless garter snake, about 1/50th the size of what a python would have been.  They could have picked it up, given it a bit of loving and sent it on its way … no need for the police!  🙄

It seems that while Joyful was preparing this feast for us, Jolly was over at Phil’s Phun picking out some cartoons and memes for us …



And what would Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video???  I think you’ll laugh over this one with a meerkat … who knew they were such energetic critters?

And especially for our friend Hugh, a double dose of Monday joy …

Well, folks, it’s that time again … time to go about our duties and try to accomplish something.  I’m always sad to see you go, but I know you’ll be back soon and we’ll have more fun!  Be sure to share those beautiful smiles I see you wearing … lot’s of people seem to have lost theirs.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

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    • Um … Roger? Could it be that your watch needs either winding or a new battery? Still, no worries, for Jolly Monday is here ALL WEEK and you are welcome no matter what the day! I thought the same about the Daylight Savings Time … I don’t mind it so much in the fall, but in spring it takes this old body clock weeks to adjust! Glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday and I hope you had some of Joyful’s delicious treats!

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  1. Jill, too funny. I love the one where the wife returns with the wrong husband. We have been in stores browsing and my wife will walk over to another section. Then, another woman will wander close to where she was. I will then speak to her as if she is my wife and get red-faced with embarrassment. “Do you like this? Oops.” Keith

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