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In my last ‘Snarky Snippets’ post, I was told that I wasn’t snarky enough, so I figured I owed it to you, my friends, to work on honing that snarky edge and trying again!  Let me know if you think I’m still falling short of my usual snarkiness and I’ll hone some more!

I want to be paid rent!

Donald Trump claims to be all about ‘law and order’, though as I have mentioned before, he defines ‘law and order’ much differently than I do, than most of us do.  His idea of law and order is to allow violent white supremacist groups to do as they please, while sending in militia to harass and arrest peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors.  For Trump, law and order has much to do with the colour of one’s skin.  But to my point …

He has broken the laws of the land more times than anyone else I know, including last Saturday when he held a campaign rally on our property … public property … the White House lawn!  Has anyone mentioned that little 1939 law called the Hatch Act to him?  I didn’t give my permission to do that, did you?  But then, his lapdog, Attorney General William Barr said long ago that Trump is ‘above the law’ as long as he remains in office.  Hmmmm … could that possibly be why he’s been caught lying, cheating and stealing to keep his title?  I wonder if Barr would have said that President Obama was above the law while he was in office.  Anybody care to make any bets?  Well, he’ll be gone soon, and once he is, I want him to repay We the Taxpayers for his wanton use of our property, among other things.

An unusual endorsement …

I cannot think of a single other president who has been endorsed by the likes of former KKK grand poobah David Duke, and Richard Spencer, head of his own group of white supremacists, or white ‘nationalists’ as they call themselves.  But now Trump has received a thumbs-up endorsement from none other than the Taliban!  Yes, that’s right … the same Taliban that provided a safe haven to members of al Qaeda, the same Taliban that have bombed U.S. air bases in Afghanistan and opened fire on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, to name just a few of their atrocities.

So, why is the Taliban endorsing Trump?  A senior Taliban leader tells us …

“We hope he will win the election and wind up the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.”

The Taliban is still closely tied to al Qaeda and the daesh, aka Isis, aka the Islamic State, and it has been ours and our allies’ presence in the region that has helped our Kurdish allies maintain the peace.  And by the way, no … contrary to what Mike Pence and Donald Trump claim, the Islamic State has not been defeated.  It was crippled but was never defeated and today is on its way, with our help, to making a comeback.  Trump, by his intended move to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, is helping them.

WTF is wrong with people???

g-fettermanGisele Barreto Fetterman is the wife of Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman of Pennsylvania.  On Sunday, she decided to make a quick run to the local grocery store for some fruit that was on sale.  As she was waiting in line to pay, another woman recognized her and went into a rant, hurling racial slurs (Ms. Fetterman was born in Brazil).

“There’s that [n-word] that Fetterman married. You don’t belong here. No one wants you here. You don’t belong here.”

The woman even followed Ms. Fetterman out to her car, continuing to rant.  Is this what the people of this nation are becoming?  Is this what the political divide has turned us into?  Yes, I realize this was an isolated incident and that most of us would not dream of such behaviour, but the fact that this is even happening at all disturbs me greatly.  The fact that in this, the 21st century, we are still very much a racist nation is reprehensible.

Ms. Fetterman posted to Twitter a short (2 second) clip of the woman harassing her outside her car window …fetterman

What a gracious lady, after what she endured, to ask people to teach her love instead of hate.  She was far kinder than I would have been, for there is not a doubt in my mind but that I would have hit the woman with a can of peas if she had spoken to me as she did Ms. Fetterman.

People, we have to do better than this, else we will turn this into a third-rate nation that nobody wants to visit, let alone live in.  Just because the ‘man’ sitting in the Oval Office has promoted racism and bigotry in every possible form does not mean that we have to stoop to his level.

Fake ballot boxes!

In our state, as in many others that have republican governors, the state is allowing only one ballot drop-off box per county!  Now, for us, that means about a one-hour round trip to the county seat, Hamilton, but for some it is an even longer journey and I have railed against this, especially now when we cannot trust the U.S. Postal Service to ensure our ballots will be delivered on time.  However, after what I read this morning, perhaps it’s a good thing that there is only one drop-off box per county, located at the Board of Elections offices.

In California, republican operatives have placed FAKE ballot boxes in a wide variety of locations in Southern California, including in front of churches, gun shops and gyms.  According to The Washington Post …

The California GOP has pushed voters to pop their mail-in ballots inside. Social media posts have advertised their locations, and one regional field director posted a photo to Twitter on Friday showing him holding a ballot in front of one of the boxes.

But those containers, which were first reported by the Orange County Register and KCAL, are not county-authorized ballot drop-off sites. In fact, the unofficial boxes are against the law, state officials said Sunday.

Official ballot return locations are listed on the secretary of state’s website. But Republican leaders are encouraging voters to bring their completed ballots to unlisted sites equipped with the unofficial green boxes, at locations including smog checks and gas stations.

I can’t help wondering how many of the ballots dropped in the GOP drop boxes will actually reach the Board of Elections to be counted?  This is an all-new low for the GOP and shows how truly desperate they are!  Frankly, I hope every last one of them go down in flames!

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  1. You see that ugly racist crone (chew on that lady) is why my poor Sheila has to put up with me saying ‘The trouble with Stalin was that he over-thought the problem’…She’d be locked up in a re-education camp for a few years….As for the KKK and other equally odious folk they would be locked up……full stop.
    As for Trump, when he’s out of office …’Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of the IRS’

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    • Tell me Roger … you are my favourite historian … how did the human species become so mucked up? We are … I don’t ever want to be a human again … they are the most seriously flawed of all species! 🐺

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      • Thanks Jill for your affirmation.
        The explanation is simple Jill, the implications not so much.
        Most animals are territorial. Two tribes of chimps for instance can truly mix it up when their paths cross. Dolphin pods can be really nasty, if they capture one of another pod in a skirmish they will rape them…I’ve seen that on TV…..kinda chilling.
        So it’s in our instincts-DNA-call it what you will……
        We have the perceptions, the experience and the whatever to appreciate that as far as Humanity is concerned this is no longer fffffffffreaking necessary and we can all get along together. Sadly during our journey through recent evolution in too many cases a sub-species of humanity arose in which the brain migrated down to the ass! Eventually as evolution shows they will become extinct but regrettably it is possible they will drag the rest of us along.
        Thank you for your attention…..
        I will now take questions…..

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  2. I think Florida is easy because two things …the Orange Mobster lives here and so many old people are his supporters and like to do the mail in his corruption, he makes an exception. Plus we have a governor that has his head far up trump’s you know what!


  3. Lucky here in Fla. I took my mail in ballot to my local election headquarters. Took it inside to a live person and was told I’d get an email when it was counted and if there were any signature problems. They match here with original signature when you first registered. Just a couple of others in line. All masked.
    I could have early voted next week, but decided this was the safest. I knew I’d never use the mail, but have had friends that did and so far they’ve all been counted.

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    • Awesome job, Mary! We are still waiting for our mail ballots to arrive! We requested them in August, but the State of Ohio has a rule that they don’t mail them until 29 days before the election, so they only mailed them to us (and hundreds of thousands of others) last Tuesday. With the inefficiencies we’re experiencing by the USPS, I just hope we receive them soon, else I’ll be in jail for breaking into the post office to find them myself!!!

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  4. I want out. My nerves are wracked, my profession being hijacked by unconscionable millennials who view me as an annoyance. We voted mail-in as soon as it was time and I’ve done all I can. I deserve better than this at this point in my life. Christians, racists, bigots, pedophiles, misogynists, antivaxers, conspiracy theorists, and on and on. If this is a first world country, I vote for being further down the ladder. We have forgotten the face of our fathers, betray the blood that was shed for true freedom when necessary and have turned to narcissism and capitalism with all of its pitfalls. My children are willing to work for change but it is hard for them too because they were raised with a dying ethic and moral gauge. They are cool, edgy and love to have fun but they know what is right and respect the value of human dignity and rights. I am so mad and sad I could scream. Sometimes I do. 😩Then I cry. 🥺The. i work on my novel. Those people in my work will win their battle if it is the only one I can affect. 💪🏻

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    • I hear you, my friend, and I share your pain, but I have no easy answers for any of it. The only answer I can give right now is that we must do our part to vote, to convince others to vote, and then we move on from there. Hugs.

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  5. Jill, showing class knows no color. The converse is true. This person who berated the first lady of PA and followed her to her car showed how we are not supposed to act. Leaders would condemn this action making an example of the behavior. A real leader would also not empower this kind of behavior. Yet, the incumbent in the White House does that very thing. Keith

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    • Yes, but these days there seem to be more and more who are in-your-face rude … common decency seems to be getting harder and harder to come by in our society and I hate it! I know that the incumbent encourages it, but obviously people have that nastiness in them to start with, else they would be as appalled as you and I are over his behaviour. Sigh.

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  6. So with fake ballot boxes he can say ‘I told you it was a fix, but as I won we’ll forget it’. Just make sure he hers all the laughter when he still loses. More snarky tonight but the edge is still a bit dull. Heh Heh

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    • Right. He claims there will be mail-in voter fraud, and then his own party blatantly attempts to steal ballots! The sharp edge is still missing, eh? I wonder how I can get it back? Hmmmmm 🤔 I’ll work on it.

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