May you Rest in Peace GOP

Jeff wrote this post a week ago, but somehow I missed it until today. Some of you have already seen it, but some haven’t and I think his analysis is astute and worthy of re-blogging. Thanks Jeff, for your take on the demise of the GOP … I think they will either learn to put the people of this nation ahead of corporate profits, else they will land in a heap in the cemetery of the “ghosts of parties past”.

On The Fence Voters

It’s taken several years, but the Republican Party’s imminent death awaits on November 3, 2020. It took a malignant narcissist pathological lying president of the United States to do it, but it’s almost time to issue last rites.

When a political party embraces an accomplice to negligent manslaughter/murder, they must have calculated that it was better to stick with roughly 40% of the voting public, rather than stand up for principle and honor. We’ll never know the real reason, but the GOP’s complete fall from grace is upon us.

We can argue about the true origins of the demise if you wish. I could easily surmise it began nearly 50 years ago when President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace in 1974, only to be pardoned days later by President Gerald Ford.

I could also make a case that the fall began when the Party decided to embrace Supreme Court decisions

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4 thoughts on “May you Rest in Peace GOP

  1. Good share Jill. Not far off now is it? Still folk who think ‘Oh what is the point of voting…Blah-blah….I read yesterday on ‘Mypreciousposing’ that Biden is …blah-bla-blah…No why should I bother. It’s all fixed anyway…blah-blah-blah’

    The other day I was thinking about the Unholy Church of Trump and the old Green Day song ‘American Idiot’ came into my head and I listened to it on Youtube:

    and adapted it to those who still think voting makes no change:

    An Irresponsible American

    Don’t wanna be an Irresponsible American
    Pretend there’s no difference Between Trump
    And Democrat Joe Biden
    By being Apathetic or fashionably cynical

    Four years of ratcheting up tension
    Turning this into a divided nation
    Talk about a hellava fractured legacy
    With his voter supporters
    Screaming out opposition is burnable heresy
    Anyone remember the 1850s?

    Don’t be part of Complacent America
    Beloved by the redneck agenda
    They’ll be getting their vote out in November
    Be wanting to call the tune in December

    You’ll be asked where’s your Flag on Monday
    Why you weren’t at church on Sunday.
    Looking for you to wear a MAGA
    Women chained in a kitchen stocking up the larder
    You’ll find you’re limited on choices
    And your preferences have become vices

    Don’t wanna be an Irresponsible American
    Letting the nation be controlled run by Idiot
    Giving you a steady diet of Hysteria
    Screamed out by a minority of the media

    You don’t vote and can’t wake from the nightmare
    No use blaming and complaining
    Because you were be part of the reason
    Let the extremists slip in again by the back door
    You’re the folk who helped bring in the Grim Season
    And there’s no avoiding the fact brother and sister

    OK I’ve said my bit


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