3 thoughts on “America’s Wakeup Call-It’s we the People, not we the Donors

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  2. That was an excellent post by Jeff, I left the following comment,
    I’ve never heard Whitehouse speak before now and never heard his breakdown of these important facts. Everyone seems provable and falls nicely into the narrative. It would be great if he convinced just enough Republicans to vote to delay the appointment of Barratt. Maybe that would give Trump apoplexy and solve the whole problem.

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    • He was initially planning to do a “get to know the candidate” type of piece on Kamala Harris, but events of the past week stirred his angst, and he changed tracks mid-week. I’m glad he did, for it was obvious that he was passionate about his writing in this one. Just two more weeks to convince, if we can, those who might not wish to vote, or who are as yet undecided. So hopeful … fingers crossed so tightly …

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