Crazy Uncle vs Intelligent Hombre …

Due to circumstances beyond my control (stubborn headphones), I missed the first 20 minutes or so of Joe Biden’s town hall last night, and due to other circumstances beyond my control (family obligations), I was only able to watch about 20 minutes before having to stop.  I never had any intention of watching Trump’s town hall and wouldn’t have even if he hadn’t scheduled his to compete with Biden’s, but I had hoped to watch all of Biden’s.  I have, however, read most of the transcript of Joe’s town hall, and some key takeaways from Trump’s.

I must say that it was great, the few minutes I was able to watch Biden’s event, to be able to hear Biden answer the questions asked of him without interruption.  It was great not to have to look away from Trump’s freakish facial contortions while he muttered and blathered.  We actually got to hear what Joe thought, what he plans to do once he is in the Oval Office.  Much more informative and less stressful than the debate a few weeks ago.

Most of Biden’s responses to questions were what we’ve come to expect from Biden:  calm, thoughtful responses, intelligence, no raised voice, and even speaking in complete sentences.  He covered what he would do differently regarding the coronavirus pandemic, and spoke about a vaccine, saying …

“If the body of scientists say that this is what is ready to be done and it’s been tested, they’ve gone through the three phases, yes, I would take it, and I’d encourage people to take it.”

He mentioned that while he would like to be able to make the vaccine mandatory, he realizes this cannot be done …

“You couldn’t, that’s the problem.  You can’t say, ‘Everyone has to do this.’”

Perhaps one of the most glaring differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is the ability to admit to a mistake.  Last night, when Joe Biden was questioned about the 1994 crime bill that he sponsored while in the senate, he defended and explained parts of the bill, but was also able to admit that in hindsight, some parts were a mistake.  Trump, on the other hand, has never admitted to a mistake and still gives himself kudos for his horrible handling of the pandemic that has now cost the U.S. 223,000 human lives.

From what I’ve read, the two town hall events were as different as night and day.  Joe’s could be said to be almost boring in contrast, but that’s fine with me!  I’ll take boring over bombastic any day of the week!  I agreed with most of what Biden said, the only thing I would argue is that I think fracking should be banned, Biden doesn’t.  But hell … if that’s the only thing we disagree on, that’s nearly a miracle in itself!

I was also impressed with Biden’s response to the final question by moderator George Stephanopoulos, “Mr. Vice President, if you lose, what will that say to you about where America is today?”

“Well, it could say that I’m a lousy candidate, and I didn’t do a good job. But I think — I hope … that it doesn’t say that we are as racially, ethnically, and religiously at odds with one another as it appears the President wants us to be. Usually, you know, the President, in my view, with all due respect, it’s been divide and conquer, the way he does better if he splits us and where there’s division.

And I think people need hope. I think — look, George, I’ve never been more optimistic of the prospects for this country than I am today. And I really mean that. I think the people are ready. They understand what’s at stake. And it’s not about Democrat or Republican.

If I get elected, you know, I’m going to be — I’m running as a proud Democrat, but I’m going to be an American president. I’m going to take care of those that voted against me as well as those who voted for me, for real. That’s what presidents do. We’ve got to heal this nation, because we have the greatest opportunity of any country in the world to own the 21st century. And we can’t do it divided.”

And that in and of itself, my friends, makes me want Joe Biden as my president more than ever before.

Now Trump, on the other hand …

… was apparently his usual obnoxious self, perhaps even more so, but he met his match with moderator Savannah Guthrie!  Given that I do not watch television, I had never seen Ms. Guthrie in her spot as co-anchor of the NBC News morning show, but … this lady is gooooood!  She held Trump’s feet to the fire, and apparently, he squirmed!

From The Washington Post’s article, “5 takeaways from the dueling Trump and Biden town halls”

When Trump claimed that a study showed 85 percent of people who wear masks still get the coronavirus, Guthrie noted he falsely characterized the study.

When Trump defended his pandemic response by citing another study that showed 2 million people could have died of the coronavirus, Guthrie rightly noted that model predicted that only if the government did precisely zero mitigation.

When Trump declined to denounce QAnon because he said he didn’t know what it was about, Guthrie provided details about what it was about and invited him to do it, noting Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) has flatly denounced it as a baseless conspiracy theory. Trump instead offered that he liked that QAnon was against pedophilia.

When Guthrie pressed Trump on his retweets this week of a bizarre conspiracy theory about Osama bin Laden’s death, Trump explained by saying he was just passing along information. (“That was a retweet, I’ll put it out there. People can decide for themselves.”) Guthrie then provided the retort those tweets have long demanded: that he’s the president, not someone’s “crazy uncle” spouting off on Twitter, and that the information he promotes matters.

I particularly love that last part … “he is the president, not someone’s ‘crazy uncle’ spouting off …”  LOVE IT!!!  Part of me almost wants to watch the clip, just to see the look on his face when she said that!  Maybe I will.  Crazy Uncle Donnie!  Has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

I have a policy that I do not donate money to political candidates, even ones I support.  Why?  Because there are people going without food, homeless people living on the streets, sick people who cannot afford medical treatment … when you compare the pleas of a politician who has never gone hungry a single day in his/her life against those needs … well, if I have an extra $25 or $100, I donate it to the local food bank or homeless shelter.  Tonight, I broke that policy … so impressed with Joe Biden was I, that I donated $25 to his campaign.  Not much, but given that 75% of my monthly income goes to pay for my insulin and other medications, it was the best I could do.  It was my way of saying, “I believe in Joe Biden.”

We’re in the final days, my friends.  Some 15 million votes have already been cast by mail-in ballots and early in-person voting.  There is a new enthusiasm that we didn’t see even in 2016 … and it isn’t enthusiasm for another four years of the hell we’ve lived through for the last four!  It is hope … the hope for a president who represents ALL of the people, not only the wealthy, not only those who support him, but each and every one of us.  Hope for a brighter future, hope that we can re-establish our relationship with our allies, hope that we can begin to address the racial issues that are tearing this country apart.  Hope … it’s a beautiful word, and tonight, Joe Biden showered me with hope.

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  1. Speaking of donating … like you, I have never donated to any type of political cause or person. I still haven’t … but I’ve been VERY tempted to help out Jaime Harrison and Amy McGrath! As for Biden, I think his campaign pocketbook is doing fine. But these other two? Tight. Very tight. And in many ways, their victory is almost as important as the Main Event.

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    • You make a good point, Nan! Biden has recorded record donations … I’m sure McGrath and Harrison could use it much more, and I am pulling for both of them, for I am sick to the death of McConnell and Graham! Thanks for helping me put it in perspective, and I may be sending donations to those two tomorrow … er, later today. Where does time go??? Sigh.

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    • Oh, there will surely be occasions on which he will disappoint some while pleasing others … that is the nature of humans! As … who was it, Lincoln? … said, “You can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time”. But, we will know that Biden is trying and has the best interests of the nation and its people at heart, unlike the current resident of the Oval Office. Biden, I think, is much like Obama. And sure, Obama did make mistakes … after all … GASP … he wore a tan suit one day! But seriously, they are human, they will get it wrong sometimes. But with Trump, he gets it wrong ALL of the time because he has no conscience … he really doesn’t care at all.

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      • Trump is the sort that some of the Founding Fathers worried about a person of no talent or integrity being voted in by a populous mob.
        Ironically that’s why they invented the Electoral College, which is the reason why he’s where he is today.
        Which kinda proves Democracy has to adapt to survive.

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        • Indeed, he is exactly the sort they had in mind when they designed the electoral college! They believed that the electors would overrule the people’s choice if the people were to choose so unwisely. Turns out, it works the exact opposite! Time to get rid of the electoral college and let the majority rule. Twice now, we have gotten a president who wasn’t elected by the people and it’s time for it to stop! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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          • One of the problems with most democracies is that when you compare the total voting population against those who voted for the winner, then the winner is almost always a minority winner and that winner is backed by folk who wanted to make durned sure their person won, which means they had an agenda…A Big One!
            So you folk who don’t think it matters….Wrong!
            All you have to say to them from now on Jill is one word…

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            • I’ve come to think that people are too comfortable … they think that no matter what they do or don’t do, their comfy lives will go on and the ‘stuff’ that goes on outside their immediate surroundings doesn’t matter. Several conversations in the past month have given me to think that. One person even said she didn’t bother to even watch the news any more, that Trump was just another politician and hadn’t likely done anything worse than any other. BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!! Ignorance … stupidity! But for the sane among us, yeah just that word ought to be enough to cause nightmares!

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  2. Thank you for sharing!!.. as I have said, decision has been made ( I did not vote for Donald, sorry.. 🙂 ) and vote has been placed, so I have not watched the debates but applied my efforts elsewhere… 🙂 Donald Trump has always been egotistical and arrogant, believing that all he says are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and does not take well to criticism or opposing ideology… for him it is not about being leader of a nation but a stage where he can be the “main act” before his audience of supporters…. “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom” ( Isaac Asimov)… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and life is all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂

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    • Heh heh … I am in SHOCK to hear that you did not vote for the orange-skinned, fake-hair gila monster named Trump! I am pleased, though, that you have voted, as have the girls and I. You’re right that Trump is no different now than he’s ever been … it’s just that now, what he does affects the entire globe and all its inhabitants, whereas before he had power only over a very few irrelevant people. I could live ‘happily ever after’ if only I never heard his name or saw his face again! Thanks, Dutch … have a wonderful weekend!


  3. You simply must catch the actual clips of Savannah’s roping him like a calf for branding. She was relentless. Made me so proud of the feminine power of truth and integrity that politics has been so lacking for so long now. I have a new respect for her. Joe and Kamala make a superb team. Will their efforts be challenged by the majority Republican senate at every turn? Likely, but I don’t think it will stop their forward progress for healing America. It is now or never.

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    • I did check out a couple of clips and give kudos to Ms. Guthrie! Loved it! Yes, she is a warrior and I applaud her, unlike Kayleigh McEnany who is a high-priced mouthpiece. This nation needs to find a way to come together … it should not be Us vs Them, Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative, but … us … We the People … ALL the people. Sigh.

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  4. Jill, I’m so pleased with your review here. I watched the full Biden debate with great pleasure. His broad range of knowledge on diverse topics was terrific, his plans reasonable AND YET BOLD, as befit the challenges ahead, his courtesy and directness with each speaker most impressive. He stayed for one half hour after the program ended to answer every question. I felt Stephanapoulous was kinda surly and looking for a gotcha moment, but Joe never lost his cool. His answer to a pro-trump voter looking to make it appear that trump had a brilliant foreign policy record was a factual litany of failures that made the questioner cringe.
    Unfortunately, the media is obsessed with the court-packing issue. I wish his response had simply been : “That’s exactly what McConnell and the Republicans are doing now. Why don’t you focus on that?”
    Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC (where there was justifiable anger that NBC chose to give trump a platform at the same time.), asked one of his guests if she was more impressed with Biden’s knowledge and plans or with his decency—the man himself. She responded: “Both.” I feel the same way. He has demonstrated so clearly why he should be our president. We need him—desperately.
    If you haven’t seen his speech at Gettysburg—“Battle for the Soul of the Nation”—a video is on my blog bearing that title. It’s a wonderful, extremely Presidential speech.

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    • Thank you, Annie! I agree that Joe was a quietly shining star last night, his intelligence and compassion miles above the incumbent. I thought he handled it all quite well. The Republicans’ attempt to make a capital issue of ‘court packing’ is naught but a deflection, and I thought Joe did well to say, “I’ll wait and see how they handle this”. Like you, I thought George Stephanopoulos was a bit harsh, but … if he hadn’t been, they would have claimed he was pandering to Joe Biden. I will check out your post tomorrow … thanks!


  5. Jill, Biden’s response to George Stephanoplous’ question is excellent. As for the other candidate, as you read his defense of passing on “information” please remember this is the same guy who did not want to tell us the truth about COVID-19, so as not to create a panic. So, to sum up, it is OK to pass along a obviously false story, but not tell people the truth. That is a good metaphor for Savannah Guthrie’s “Crazy Uncle.” If Trump loses, I will be so happy not to have to pay any attention to his BS. Keith

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    • PS – Jill, I watched some footage of the Trump interview. He did something he often does. He says he does not something, someone or some entity like QAnon, then proceeds to tell you about said entity conveying that he does. He does this often to dismiss former staff who have been critical of him. He will say I don’t know them, then call them a derogatory name as if he does. Keith

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      • I watched a couple of short clips, but that was enough to make me feel ill. Yes, he was his usual self, filled with hate, conspiracy theories, and ugliness toward all. As re QAnon … to not publicly disavow them is, in my book, to support them. Period.


    • Agreed … when I read Biden’s response, I actually cried … perhaps because this is what we should have in a president, but have had the exact opposite for nearly 4 years and it’s taken a toll on us all. I loved that Savannah Guthrie held Trump’s feet to the fire and didn’t let up … it was obvious he wasn’t liking it one bit! He’s not used to that!


  6. Amen, Jill. Trump is crazy but he’s also evil; he’s like an evil version of Chauncy Gardiner (from the movie Being There). Crazy and evil are an especially toxic combination for a person occupying the most powerful office on the planet. I pray he can be removed from that office peacefully.
    Yesterday after I returned from surgery on my wrist, my wife and I and our two adult sons gathered–as we often do before an election–to discuss all the candidates and issues on the ballot. Now mind you, we’d all been hardcore, loyal Republicans for years. So before we marked our ballots, I showed them the PowerPoint I’d prepared on why we should vote for no Republicans this cycle. The gist of the presentation was that Trump plainly and brazenly violated the Constitution on many counts. But just one Republican in all of Congress, Mitt Romney, took seriously the congressional oath of office and voted guilty. Every other Republican in Congress violated that oath. I didn’t watch my family members mark their ballots, but I’m pretty sure I convinced them.

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  7. How great that the dual venues gave you the chance to hear reasoned answers to questions and the opportunity to hear all questions answered rather than avoided. What a contrast then to hear that even in a one on one interview Trump still prevaricates at the difficult questions as though they put him in a bad light. Obviously we already know the truth of the answers from his constant Tweets so it puts him in a very dim light. There’s a concerted effort to go out and vote and I think it’s the Democrat’s gain.. Roll on January.

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    • ‘Twas the difference between night and day. Trump was all about self-congratulations, conspiracy theories, more self-congratulations, and a whole bunch of rants against … well, pretty much anybody and everybody. Biden was calm, intelligent, well-informed, and … human. Sadly, there are some who will applaud Trump’s bombast and denigrate Joe’s intellect, but hopefully the majority will make the right choice. If not … we will all pay, some with our lives.


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