Trump Will Take White Evangelicals Down With Him

It would seem, based on the evidence, that evangelical Christianity produces some of the world’s most gullible fools. Sigh. Our friend Jerry takes a look at some of the lunacy and hypocrisy.  Good post, Jerry … thanks!

On The Fence Voters

Ralph Reed, president of the conservative evangelical Faith and Freedom Coalition,recently stated, “I think the 81 percent of the evangelical vote that Trump received four years ago is the floor. I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility that he could end up in the mid-80s.”

No Moving the Truly Faithful

While polls have found every other demographic class leaping from the disaster-bound Trump train—and that includes white menin general—most white evangelicals are determined to hang on for the wild ride to the last stop—Obliteration Station.

While polls have found every other demographic class leaping from the disaster-bound Trump train—and that includes white menin general—most white evangelicals are determined to hang on for the wild ride to the last stop—Obliteration Station.

Yes, even many of Trump’s basest Congressional grovelers have finally deciphered the writing on the doomed king’s wall and havebegun to…

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23 thoughts on “Trump Will Take White Evangelicals Down With Him

  1. Good share Jill! (I finally got around to ‘following’ Jeff).
    Said my piece on Jeff’s post….but to add.
    Say your a Christian to a devout UK atheist and if you are unlucky you will find one whose head will spin around, steam shoot out their ears and blame you for Trump and genocide.
    Say you are a Christian to a sympathiser of Trump and they will either accuse you of following an Anti-Christ or gaps…worse…being a socialist!
    Tell both you are Hard-Left Socialist who is a Christian and believes in the current Cosmological teachings and Evolution AND is happy for folk to follow their own religion (or have none)…..
    And they all fall over, or don’t reply to your Facebook comment.
    An’t that a gas!

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    • It is indeed a gas! Seems to me that a person’s religion, or lack thereof, is a personal choice and should not become a criteria for judging. Sadly, the evangelicals seem unable to keep their private matters private, so they invite judging, and even sadder, the judging expands to all of those who follow Christianity, not just evangelicals. And even sadder that we pay attention to someone’s religion rather than other important things.

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        • You are spot on! Tonight, I read a post that posited the government insisting on masks and other protections was an infringement of our basic freedoms, and I wanted to punch the person! Sigh. Beam me up, Scottie! P-L-E-A-S-E!!!


          • ‘Basic freedoms’……Ohhhh please!. I repeat. Basic Freedoms:
            1. Free from fear of sickness, injury or violent death
            2. Free from hunger
            3. Free from being without Shelter.
            The rest you earn by contributing to those Three for others.
            I hate to break to a whole lot of people on all sides of the political, ethical and theist/atheist divides but just what makes you think your species is so damn special above the rest on this planet. UH? I don’t give me the Intelligence Hoo-hah. The quality is undefinable.
            ‘Basic freedoms’…HAH!

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  2. The leadership doesn’t reflect the masses. That’s true of both parties to some extent, and the reason so many people are no longer members of either major party. There are evangelicals who dislike Trump, just not Mr. Reed. By and large, the evangelical faithful are among the poorest Americans and most in need of the ACA.

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    • Well, I’m not so sure about that. If the masses disagreed with the leadership, then wouldn’t they go elsewhere? I think that it is the duty of people to speak out against corruption in leadership, in government. If they don’t then they are complicit. At least, that’s my view, but I’m always open to other viewpoints.


      • Back when surveys were more reliable, researchers did surveys among leaders and followers and found consistently that leaders were more extreme than followers. That has changed some with the growth of Independents, but the extremists who make the noise and get the attention don’t represent the masses. Are they complicit? No question, mostly due to willful ignorance.

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    • I hadn’t seen that one yet … not in the last one or two you sent me … but I absolutely LOVE it! If I didn’t already have the greatest respect and admiration for Joe Biden … this clip would have done it! Thank you … I shall share this one tomorrow, either here on the blog or on Twitter … or both!

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  3. Jill, I repeat the observation, Donald Trump has done more damage to Christianity than any atheist ever could. When rhe means trash the Golden Rule and the teachings that guide the religion, and the purveyor is celebrated as sent from God, it defames the religion. While that percentage may go up, the number of people have declined, with a few leaving the church.

    The strong arm tactics ro push protestors out of the way for a photo shoot with a bible is was a grotesque misuse of power by the president. Gassing citizens is not in keeping with WWJD. Keith

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    • You are so right … well, on second thought, it is those who ascribe to the message Trump sends out who have destroyed the ideology behind Christianity. They have traded kindness for greed, compassion for power, and everything else for the illusion of dominance. In so doing, they have turned Christianity into Hypocrisy. And you are right … his photo op a few months ago was the ultimate in grotesqueness. How anybody could see that and think him a ‘good man’ or a ‘Christian’ is beyond me.


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