Saturday Surprise — More Squirrels!

Conversation between me, myself, and I, with name-calling and profanities removed:

Me:  It’s 11 days before the election … surely you can’t expect me to manage a Saturday Surprise post this week?

Myself:  Okay, fine, so go to bed, then, lazy.

I:  Look, you write about politics all week … don’t you want a break?

Me:  No, the political situation is important!  It’s the thing weighing most heavily on my mind, the thing that has wrecked my appetite and my sleep!  I can’t find humour today … I just can’t.

Myself:  Oh great, feel sorry for y’self, why don’t you?

I:  Look, maybe you don’t want a break, but maybe your readers would be grateful for one, don’t you think?  Think about them, not yourself.  They’re worried too, and they need something to smile about.

Me:  Well … since you put it that way …

Myself:  Then get busy, you lazy sod.

Me:  I’m going, I’m going … would you please shut up!

And so … I went in search of something to give us all a reason to smile!  And I found – squirrels!!!

Geert Weggen is a Dutch/Swedish international awarded photographer specialiced in photographing Red squirrels.  In December 2018, I did a Saturday Surprise post featuring some of his squirrel photography.  This week, he put out a new collection of adorable photos, but first, I’ll let Geert tell you a bit about himself and how this all came about …

“15 years ago, I built a house with a balcony in a small village in the middle of Sweden beside a forest. I never expected that my balcony would become a photo studio for wild animals. Now I make my living with red squirrel photography.

It all started with a fox standing in front of my door. I started to take photos of the fox. After 2 weeks of daily visits, the fox started to climb onto my balcony and climb into boxes. This was the start of creating scenes on my balcony where I would lay out food for wildlife and capture them with my camera.

The studio is built 1 meter from the ground and is directly connected with my kitchen window and the forest. This is how I make compositions at eye level, 3 meters from my window. I use food to lure animals.

There can be a total of 14 squirrels visiting my garden, but mostly, there are 6 coming daily. I do not give them much food, so that they are not dependent on me.

I have won prizes, published books, and been published in many newspapers and magazines, TV and radio broadcasts, as well as worked together with publishers and artists. I have also done commercials and organized workshops. I’ve also been featured on Bored Panda many times, and you can find the links to these articles hereherehereherehere, and here.

Although there can be many squirrels coming in my scenes simultaneously, they are rarely all perfectly in focus or the right composition; therefore, I sometimes capture 2 photos with the animals in different positions and stack them together. Another thing I do is cloning out wires, pins, or food buckets if needed.”


Me, myself, and I all hope that the cute, furry squirrels brought a smile to your face, and we wish you a wonderful weekend!!!

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    Thanks for sharing!! This is an amazing photographer … “Geert Weggen is a Dutch/Swedish international awarded photographer specialized in photographing Red squirrels. In December 2018, I did a Saturday Surprise post featuring some of his squirrel photography.”

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  3. A big smile on my face, I love squiggles. I’ve seen the occasional fox pass by and lots of entertaining birds, but I’ve only once I think seen a squiggle on my lawn. Maybe I should have grown more plants with berries.

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    • I love them too … as I’ve told you, there is one who has come ’round my kitchen window multiple times this summer to share in the birds’ feed, and he’s just so cute he melts my heart. But, if you saw the comment by Notes to Ponder … not everybody thinks of them so kindly! 🤣 Yes, perhaps some berries might attract them … or some birdseed!

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  4. Damn squirrels, why you so cute? Squirrels are the bane of my existence! Charming my ass! They nest in my roof (70 year old house with tiled roof – every curved tile is a squirrel entry point ) Some nights it sounds like a squirrel circus above my bedroom. I get up to bang on the ceiling just to get some rest! I lay awake and hear them chewing. Enough you rats with a fluffy tail! True story – several summers ago I came home late from work (it was a hot night and door to back deck was open). Opened front door into dark hallway to find my dog chewing on a stuffed “toy”, flicked on the light. My bad – stuffed toy was a dead squirrel with a now missing front leg and a freakish pink erection pointed at me. WTF? Screamed at the top of my lungs, husband came running and wrestled dead squirrel from our dog. She was so mad! My brother (mountain man who has several trap lines) told me erections are common depending on where an animal’s back is broken. Sweet mercy. Hugs.

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    • OH MY!!! 🤣 I’m sorry, but I am actually laughing about your story! First good laugh I’ve had in days, though I can only imagine your horror when you flipped on the light and realized what you were seeing! I shall try to choose another critter to post about next Saturday to give you some relief after the squirrels! We had an infestation of bats in our attic one year way back when we lived in an older house, and I will never forget one getting into the house while I was diapering my youngest child! I like bats … like squirrels, they are cute once you see them up close … but that was just too much for me! I found us a trailer to rent and we moved the following week!

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