What Keeps Us Divided …

A Republican and a Democrat are walking down the street when they see a fight between two young black men.  The Democrat walks over, tries to separate the two young men and asks what the problem is, then he tries to get them both to calm down and discuss this reasonably.  The Republican, on the other hand, says, “Let me get my gun!”

A Republican and a Democrat are walking down the street when they see a group of Black Lives Matter protestors holding signs.  The Democrat walks on by, nods to them and gives them a thumbs-up.  The Republican says, “Let me get my gun!”

There are many philosophical and ideological differences between the two major parties in the U.S. – there always have been – but some of the biggest are exemplified in the examples above:  the gun culture, propensity to violence, and racism.

Republican politicos seem to think that appearing in ads with guns, threatening violence, is the way to win votes and influence people.  A few examples …

  • Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was rarely shown in campaign ads without a firearm, including one of him pointing it at his daughter’s boyfriend.  Notice the arsenal behind him in the first picture, and the guns all around the room in the second.kemp-gunkemp-gun-Jake
  • Also in Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Greene is an avid supporter of QAnon, the conspiracy theorist group, and also an avid proponent of assault weapons.  Her campaign ads include pictures of herself holding a gun, and also one of herself in a threatening pose in front of an image of several democratic members of Congress known as ‘the Squad’.     marjory-taylor-greeneMarjorie-Taylor-Greene
  • Madison Cawthorn is a 24-year-old running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from North Carolina. Madison, partially paralyzed from a car accident 6 years ago, has already been accused of sexual assault by several young women.  He, too, has posted campaign pictures of himself with an assault weapon and enough ammunition to take out a small city.madison_img_2

I am told that this is to make them appear ‘tough’, but in my book it makes them appear to be cowards, for only a coward, a person afraid of something all the time, feels a need to carry a gun.  I’ve managed for 69 years without ever picking up a firearm, have even faced down a gun twice, and still never felt a need to own one.

Another thing that separates the two parties is the attempt to eliminate the opposition in unsavory ways.  I cannot recall a story about someone plotting to kill a republican candidate or official, but the attempts on democrats of late has been astounding.  It seems that republicans are far more in favour of solving their problems with violence than democrats.

Remember Cesar Sayoc who in 2018 sent pipe bombs through the mail to former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, and former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as  Representative Maxine Waters, Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, former Attorney General Eric Holder, two former intelligence chiefs (ex-CIA Director John Brennan and ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper), two billionaire Democratic donors and activists (George Soros and Tom Steyer), and actor Robert De Niro, as well as CNN’s world headquarters?  Each of these individuals are democrats — not a single republican.

And just this month the Federal Bureau of Investigation uncovered plots to kill the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and to kidnap the democratic governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.  Funny, but I haven’t heard of any plots to kill Mitch McConnell, or kidnap Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis.

And lastly, let’s talk a bit about racism as it is viewed by the two parties.  According to a 2019 PEW Research study, a majority of Americans (56%) say Trump has made race relations worse; just 15% say he has made progress toward improving race relations, while 13% say he has tried but failed to make progress and 14% say he hasn’t addressed this issue.

Not surprisingly, assessments of Trump’s handling of race relations differ considerably along partisan lines. Democrats overwhelmingly say Trump has made race relations worse (84%), including large shares of black (79%) and white (86%) Democrats. Views are more divided among Republicans. About a third of Republicans (34%) say Trump has improved race relations and 25% say he has tried but failed to make progress; 19% of Republicans say he hasn’t addressed the issue, while only 20% say he has made race relations worse.

But what really shines a light on the differences in the way members of the two parties view race and racism is the acceptance or denial that racism even exists in the U.S.  This chart tells the story …


There are many principles and ideas that divide the two parties, and until we find ways to narrow those divisions, to work together, to understand each other and to find common ground, we cannot begin to heal this nation.  We look to the leadership of the nation, our elected officials, to find that common ground, to stop the hating, the violence, and to ensure that every person in this country has an equal opportunity, that guns are regulated in such a way to ensure the public safety, and that violence is strongly discouraged.  For the past four years, the ‘leader’ of our government has encouraged violence, racism, and the gun culture, and this simply must stop, for we are on the brink of becoming a third-rate nation if it doesn’t.

Think about these things when you go to the polls in nine days.  Think about the sort of country you wish to live in, and how best to achieve that.  Donald Trump claimed he would “make America great again” … well, he has done the exact opposite and made this a far less desirable country to live in than it once was.  Again, I ask only that you think about these things.

40 thoughts on “What Keeps Us Divided …

  1. I’ve managed for 64years without ever picking up a firearm, except for one time in the late 70s when a guy I dated took me to target practice. It was just a handgun but so loud I wanted nothing to do with it. He offered it to me to try it out and I felt unexpectedly repulsed. The current divide is bigger than any I’ve ever felt or seen. I believe the mainstream media reinforces the divide with their emphasis on conflict and controversy. I’d love to see more coverage of people working together and showing our common ground.

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    • I feel the same as you about guns … and frankly, I don’t think they belong in the hands of civilians. Period. People are human … with human frailties, one of which is acting out of temper or fear … dead is dead … we don’t get a do-over.

      I agree that the divide is wider than any we’ve seen in our lifetime, I think wider than any since 1865. While I fully support a free press, I have been disappointed of late in the media and their constant coverage of Trump’s every word. Free advertising … by their own admission, the press helped him win in 2016, and they still seem not to have learned a lesson. Sigh. After tonight … Amy Barrett’s confirmation and swearing in … I haven’t much hope for healing the wounds that divide us, for the republicans just made that Great Divide even wider.


  2. The divide is deep raw and worst of all, wide, so wide that it would take a new generation of politician wedded to the idea of UNITED States of America, ONE nation to repair the damage slowly wrought since the late 1970.
    Otherwise the states, the cities and regions will separate (hopefully by quasi-legal means and not by guns) until the role of the president and the Whitehouse will become ceremonial, and there will be a kind of fractured union which will be picked off by various foreign and commercial powers.
    That’s the option folks. The USA had its turn as a world power and now it faces the possibility of the next role, being a great big joint of meat ready for the slicing up.

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    • Tonight, I think the “United” States of America is dead, as perhaps it should be. Those who wish to form a white, Christian, heterosexual, male-dominated country can have it … I’m done. They can live in their little homophobic, xenophobic bubbles and inbreed and overpopulate the earth and destroy the planet ’til their little hearts’ content. I wash my hands of this damn country! If any state voted to secede from the union, I would happily join them. Short of that, I’m hoping that either Canada or Mexico soon open their borders so that I can get the heck out of this hellhole. Sigh.

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  3. Than you for the very interesting informations/ news, Jill! In the USA there is a very different view on guns and weapons, like here in Europe. Otherwise, here are only some having guns and weapons, for hunting purposes, and this makes me feeling like in ancient times, with the cruel nobility. In my opinion honestly i never would give right these persons any guns. 😉 Michael


  4. This is insane, but I’m not surprised. The ammosexuals are all over the place and the fact they are in office or running for a seat is crazy. These people aren’t oppressed and just projecting their insecurities to such scary degrees.

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    • But, don’ you see that Trump supporters are super poor?! They have nothing so they chose Trump to be their savior. I understand their pain. And their anger, but why Trump?! Of all the people?!
      He has proven time & time again that he cares about NO ONE but himself.
      I suspect he is paying back a grave debt to his daughter, paying for her silence.
      There is more to this than greed. There is some disconnect that they can’t see.

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  5. Breaking news: Murkowski, in a Turnabout, Says She Will Vote to Confirm Barrett
    Why am i not surprised, all Senators are voting along party lines, ACB will be our latest Supreme Court “Justice”.


  6. Hi David, i totally agree with your perspective. If we objectively look toward the future, a viable 3rd party is the only option. Our current 2 party system is corrupted beyond reform, they’re effectively running a racket whereby maintaining the status quo is their primary objective, change is not possible under elite oligarchic leadership.

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  7. Jill, these folks who feel they need a prop in their ads, do not have a lot to offer. In other words, I can’t articulate sound reasons why you should vote me, so I will carry a gun, wave a flag, evoke lightning rod names and issues, without knowing why they are bad – they just are.

    Taking the three you highlight above:

    Brian Kemp – Governor of Georgia: when I see or hear his name I recall that was justifiably accused of cheating to win the governorship as he was Secretary of State of Georgia and his suppressive actions enabled his success.

    Marjorie Greene – Congressional candidate from Georgia: when I see her name, I think of the inane and dangerous website QAnon, who traffics in BS. Note to anyone, if you cite QAnon or the president as your source of information, you may want to dig deeper.

    Madison Clawthorn – Congressional candidate from NC: when I see his name, I ask why is he enamored with Adolph Hitler? There are other things to worry about, but to cite as one of the greatest thrills to visit the Hitler bunker is troubling.

    Your name is very important. Bob Dole was a Republican Senator from Kansas – while people may disagree with his politics, he was a decent human being. The same could be said for John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona. These three individuals are not in the same league.


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    • Sadly, 1/3 of our population is so poorly educated, they not only can’t articulate their own thoughts, but they can’t see truth when it’s right ion front of their face.
      They love Trump exactly because he’s an illiterate, bubbling idiot.
      Sad …

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    • You are so right, and some … a fairly sizable number of ‘somes’ … eat it up. They like that ‘tough’ image. Sigh.

      Those three should never hold the positions they do or likely will … NEVER. Brian Kemp is a horrible governor who cheated to win his election, and Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a conspiracy theorist. None of these three have at heart the best interests of the nation, but are instead playing a dangerous game.

      I agree on both Dole and McCain, though I knew more about McCain than Dole. There have been many in the Republican Party for whom I’ve had respect in the past, but I can honestly say today that there is not a single one I would vote for, or invite into my home. They are as corrupt as it is humanly possible to be.


      • Jill, to those who have flocked to this “false bravado” that the president and others portray, dig deeper. Anthony Scaramucci was on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday and he used a phrase to define the president you don’t hear enough, “Donald Trump is a coward.” My best example of this is a person who famously had a TV show where he told celebrity apprentices “you’re fired,” could never bring himself to do that with a real termination. Jim Comey had to find out he was fired from a TV news report. Rex Tillerson found out he was fired while traveling back from overseas. But, the best example of Trump is he had a long time FBI person fired on his final day before his retirement to deny him his pension. What kind of person does that?


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        • Excellent examples of his cowardice! Another is him walking off the set of his 60 Minutes interview with Leslie Stahl because she was trying to pin him down on how, exactly, he would ensure that people with pre-existing conditions would be protected in the absence of ACA. Ask him a tough question, he tucks in his tail and runs for the hills.


  8. I agree with what you are saying. But there are two problems: people who disagree wont read the article, and rational argument is not what made them think the way they do. But none-the-less, your well crafted and heart felt piece is a good sign that sanity and intelligence remain. Now, it’s all about the electoral college. And hope. All the best.

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    • Sadly i have to agree, the nation has become so polarized that there’s nary a chance of having a reasonable dialogue or even civilly listening one another. This has become a real conundrum when informative blogs like Jill and Gronda’s only reinforce the liberal echo chamber, for Trumpers it doesn’t even register in their reality or fall on deaf ears.
      I know the President stokes division, but why do the media press have to amplify his lies and vitriol…. just for the ratings? The media is complicit in spreading hatred and intolerance, reinforcing this division. All we can do is pray at this point and cooler heads prevail.


    • Your two points are valid, but it is my hope that this nation, that is on the brink of becoming a banana republic, can change for the better, that people can begin to think logically again. The electoral college needs to just go altogether, and Citizens United needs to be reversed, else we will never have a completely honest and fair election again.

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  9. Any reasonable person could look at your arguments and see the truth of them . Any reasonable person should be able to think back to the Obama years with Biden working on the ACA and see Biden’s character and his attempt to provide something that benefited the whole nation and not just a small proportion of it. They’ll be able to see whether Obama managed taxes to enrich just 1% of the nation. They’d have been also able to see no black money coming down to support policies that are dead in the water and should be phased out altogether. And then if they are honest they can compare those times with the last four years and the mismanagement of the virus that has cost so many American lives accepted because they are the poorest and the black people he has no interest in. They can see the violence that has been promoted. There has been no management, and little help given to a certain section of the population. All of this and more can be seen at a glance, but these people may view all of that as normal and acceptable. It isn’t but it’s going to take a people who reject the last four years that will help build a new Country and possibly a New Politics during the next four years.

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    • Reasonable and honest people seem to be in short supply these days, though, don’t they? Therein lies the problem, but I am hopefully that as Biden brings the pandemic under control, creates jobs in the renewable energy fields, and improves on ACA in order that more people can afford their healthcare insurance, those who supported Trump will begin to see their lives improving, some sounder minds will prevail. We must work toward that end, we must believe that it can happen, for if it doesn’t, if the current status quo continues, this nation will be destroyed.

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