The symbol for the Republican Party is the elephant, and for the Democratic Party is a donkey.  I think somebody got it wrong, for quite frankly every republican in the current administration and in Congress is a Grade-A Jackass, aka a donkey.  They wasted no time last night, not only confirming Amy Barrett to the United States Supreme Court, but also swearing her in right then and there.  The two most unconscionable moves that senate republicans have made this year were giving Donald Trump carte blanche to destroy lives when they failed to do their duty in February and refused to convict him at the end of the sham of an impeachment trial, and this, shoving through a closed-minded, religious freak on to the Supreme Court within short weeks of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

I echo the words of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer …

“The American people will never forget this blatant act of bad faith. They will never forget your complete disregard for their voices, for the people standing in line right now voting their choice, not your choice.” 

He is absolutely correct … we will never forget what the following jackasses have done to us:

  1. Alexander, Lamar — Tennessee (retiring at the end of this term)
  2. Barrasso, John — Wyoming
  3. Blackburn, Marsha — Tennessee
  4. Blunt, Roy — Missouri
  5. Boozman, John — Arkansas
  6. Braun, Mike — Indiana
  7. Burr, Richard — North Carolina
  8. Capito, Shelley Moore — West Virginia
  9. Cassidy, Bill — Louisiana
  10. Collins, Susan M. — Maine
  11. Cornyn, John — Texas
  12. Cotton, Tom — Arkansas
  13. Cramer, Kevin — North Dakota
  14. Crapo, Mike — Idaho
  15. Cruz, Ted — Texas
  16. Daines, Steve — Montana
  17. Enzi, Michael B. — Wyoming (retiring at the end of this term)
  18. Ernst, Joni — Iowa
  19. Fischer, Deb — Nebraska
  20. Gardner, Cory — Colorado
  21. Graham, Lindsey — South Carolina
  22. Grassley, Chuck — Iowa
  23. Hawley, Josh — Missouri
  24. Hoeven, John — North Dakota
  25. Hyde-Smith, Cindy — Mississippi
  26. Inhofe, James M. — Oklahoma
  27. Johnson, Ron — Wisconsin
  28. Kennedy, John — Louisiana
  29. Lankford, James — Oklahoma
  30. Lee, Mike — Utah
  31. Loeffler, Kelly — Georgia
  32. McConnell, Mitch — Kentucky
  33. McSally, Martha — Arizona
  34. Moran, Jerry — Kansas
  35. Murkowski, Lisa — Alaska
  36. Paul, Rand — Kentucky
  37. Perdue, David — Georgia
  38. Portman, Rob — Ohio
  39. Risch, James E. — Idaho
  40. Roberts, Pat — Kansas (retiring at the end of this term)
  41. Romney, Mitt — Utah
  42. Rounds, Mike — South Dakota
  43. Rubio, Marco — Florida
  44. Sasse, Ben — Nebraska
  45. Scott, Rick — Florida
  46. Scott, Tim — South Carolina
  47. Shelby, Richard C. — Alabama
  48. Sullivan, Dan — Alaska
  49. Thune, John — South Dakota
  50. Tillis, Thom — North Carolina
  51. Toomey, Patrick J. — Pennsylvania
  52. Wicker, Roger F. — Mississippi
  53. Young, Todd — Indiana

The ones in (red) are up for re-election next week … VOTE THEM OUT!  Meanwhile, if you have ever voted for any of the above people, you should first write a letter of apology to We the People, then go bash your head against a concrete wall 50 times to see if you can knock some sense into it!

Yes, I’m angry … no, wait … not angry … FURIOUS!

The ignoble Mitch McConnell plainly stated that they did not act in the interests of We the People, nor did they act out of any sort of values or conscience … they acted only because they could, because they had the majority.  Oh, in case you’re interested, Susan Collins of Maine was the only republican to vote “nay”, but don’t give her too much credit, for she has licked Trump’s boots enough times in the past, and by her own admission, she wasn’t actually against Barrett’s confirmation, just against the way it had been ramrodded through against the will of the people of this nation, some 70+% of whom supported waiting and letting the next president nominate the justice who would try to fill the shoes of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Ms. Barrett damn sure cannot fill those shoes!

So, republicans … while we’ve all talked about working together to narrow the partisan divide in this country, you 53 people, and any who support a single one of these unconscionable asses, have just widened the gap even more … something I didn’t think possible.  I hold each and every one of these 53 people responsible for what happens in the future to our right to healthcare, to LGBT rights, and to women’s rights, for Ms. Barrett is against all of those and more.

Until tonight, I have had strong reservations about the next president adding justices to the court, but as of tonight, I do hope that Joe Biden adds a minimum of four more justices and nominates fair, impartial, honest justices, not narrow-minded bigots like Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and now Barrett.

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  1. and there’s this analysis by a liberal legal expert. I agree with what he says about the hipocrasy of the republicans with the process but also agree that if the court were more liberal, you guys wouldn’t be shrieking at the top of your lungs to have it fixed which is also a hipocritical position so no side is innocent in this whole thing.
    think about that.


  2. They have what they’ve wanted for years Jill. The most corrupt and vile party cannot legislate or run the government. But they sure can pack the court. There’s no need for them to lift any finger in the foreseeable future for American people. They can simply let these right wing whackos do their dirty work. Pissed isn’t a strong enough word! Dems MUST answer this if Biden wins….and he damn well better.

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    • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … Never in my life, until the last few years, have I ever wished death on another human being … heck, I can’t even bring myself to kill a spider or a mosquito! But of late, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve muttered, “I hope he/she dies”. I’ve turned into a monster, thanks to Trump & Co!!!

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  3. Jill, we just need to have the White House incumbent and more than a few Senators voted out. I watched an interview with Jon Meacham, the well regarded historian, today. For the first time, he has endorsed a candidate, Joe Biden. He said it is only our democracy and institutions at stake.

    Meacham noted the SCOTUS vote followed the powers given to the Senate. Where they failed to follow process was with Merrick Garland, who is an excellent jurist. I blame Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham for their hypocrisy and not following normal procedure. McConnell will likely win in KY, but Graham may not. I actually would savor Graham losing moreso than my own Senator Thom Tillis, but hopefully, he will too.


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    • I have read most of Meacham’s books and have great respect for his understanding of politics, history, and world affairs. The republicans … particularly Mitch McConnell and those who give him such power as he has … wish to have their cake and eat it, too. Oh, Merrick Garland couldn’t even be considered because there was to be an election in 8-9 months, but Barrett can be shoved through in exactly 30 days because there is an election in a week. Double standard? Oh yeah. You’re right … Trump, McConnell, Graham, and a few others surely need to get the boot next week.


  4. a black Supreme Court Justice swore in a female Supreme Court Justice… and the only people upset about it are Democrats. These democrats thrive on being pissed off about everything. they won’t be happy until the entire world is remade in their stalinist vision of government. Well I have news for you. it’s been tried and it failed miserably and will always fail miserably.

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    • Hello Scott, we’re a long way from becoming a stalinist government. Corporate Democrats are robber barrons by definition, essentially they’re moderate Republicans. And the Democratic Party take great pride in manipulating woke liberals to be upset with literally every issue, so they would have no choice come election day to vote Democrat, same goes for brainwashed Trump followers. That’s the harsh criminal reality of a faux two party system which offers nothing but an illusion of choice. Voting only reinforces the DC racket, yes elections are a sham, but nevertheless Orange Man is bad! Must follow programming and vote him out! As Dr Who’s Daleks so fondly proclaim: EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE! Little do the masses realize, we are exterminating ourselves with this bogus political infighting. If only ppl open their eyes and see who their real overlords are… and it’s not sock-puppet President whomever that may be. Look beyond the facade, follow the money!


    • Sigh. I’m never sure if you really don’t understand my point of view, or if you just like to antagonize me for the sake of getting a rise out of me. It isn’t a matter of who swore who in, Scott. It is a matter of what is on the line now, with this Court having 6 uber-conservative Justices on the bench. Consider, not only women’s rights, but LGBT rights, not to mention whether ACA will survive or not. These are the things that matter to people. It isn’t “democrat vs republican”, nor is it even “liberal vs conservative” … it is about the rights of people, and Amy Barrett is AGAINST LGBT rights and AGAINST women’s rights. Yes, she is a woman, but do you know how many women in this country believe the myth that men should be able to tell them what to do with their own bodies? Mostly evangelicals, deeply religious women. And what about all the gay couples who married after Obergefell v Hodges? Will their marriages be annulled and they thrown in jail? We worked so hard for civil rights in this country, and already they have been set back 50 years. THAT, Scott, is why I am furious. Not anything to do with partisanship … and in fact, I would remind you that I am neither a democrat nor a republican!


  5. Thanks for sharing!.. there is change in the winds (socially, environment, etc) and the Republicans (fueled by conservatism) know it and what one is seeing is “drowning men grabbing at straws”… and don’t forget that they are acting upon the will of their “foundation”, their supporters… again, if one wants change, one needs to deal and work with the “foundation”… and elements of that “foundation” is resisting change also… 🙂

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    • Thank you, Dutch! This is the perfect song for our times … don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before! Yes, the Times They Are A’Changin’, hopefully for better.


      • And remember, no matter life’s challenges you must not quit!… also; “A home that is built with patience, understanding and love will withstand the strongest winds of difficulties and conflict , a home built with a closed mind, insincerity and haste will collapse in a mere breeze of discontent.” (Larry “Dutch” Woller )

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  6. A most disgraceful display of blatant party politics, thereby nullifying the independence/ separation of our 3 branches of gov’t. This lack of ethics is breaking the spirit of our Constitution. A sad day indeed, RBG is turning in her grave.


  7. if this was a democrat as president and a justice was run through like this, you wouldn’t be angry, you’d be celebrating by dancing in the streets, this post is just partison emotionalism. Step away from the internet, the china news network, washington compost, new york slime and go take a walk or do something to regain some semblance of mental composure.
    Amy has already unequivically stated, just like cavinaugh, that she’s not going to upend row v. wade. She’s a woman, what sense would it make for her to end any kind of protections against her gender.
    You’re sounding like one of those one issue voters we talked about earlier.

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    • Well, I’m curious as to why you assume you know what I would say or do, how I would think in a given situation? As it happens, Scott, no I would not be “dancing in the streets” if the tables were turned on this situation. I might not be predicting the end of civil rights as I am now, but I would still be deeply concerned about the unfairness, the injustice, the fact that honesty and integrity seem to have flown out the window.

      As for stepping away … the future of this nation and every living person in it is on the auction block, so to speak. My own life and the future of my family is at stake. So no, going out for a walk will not take my mind off of it … for better or for worse, I am a thinker, one who cares deeply about others, and the upcoming election is my focus for the next week, and likely some time thereafter.


  8. There are going to have to be some changes in this new term and they’d better start with Joe Biden and the act of a lot of Republican consciences voting out the Republican dead weights who follow Trump rather than doing their jobs. If it doesn’t happen this time then you’re looking at a family concern Dictatorship.

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    • While I fully agree with you, I am not holding my breath for it to happen. The republicans in Congress … those who will remain after January … are being paid far too much money by outside interests such as the gun and fossil fuel industries, to keep their consciences firmly buried under mounds of detritus. With Trump and McConnell gone (hopefully), they will find another from within their own ranks who will do their bidding as Trump has. We simply must make changes in the system that allows members of Congress to be bought and paid for, to be pawns of some of the most unconscionable industries in the country. If Trump is re-elected, then I have no doubt that you are right and the U.S. will become a familial dictatorship for years to come until finally the decent people in this nation make a stand.

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