Voting Rights — CHAOS!

This is our only chance for the next four years to decide who will be the president of this nation, and the Republican Party and its representatives are attempting to curtail our constitutional right to cast our vote.  This year, because of a pandemic that is once again raging out of control, many of us cannot or will not spend an hour or more in line inside a building waiting to vote, nor should we need to.  A large number of us, myself included, requested mail-in ballots and will be voting by mail, or by dropping our ballots off in person at a designated drop box.

However, the United States Postal Service, now run by a man, Louis DeJoy, who has no experience, whose only qualification for the job was the large sums of money he has donated to Donald Trump, is so inefficient that it took ten days for me to receive a letter that was mailed from 15 miles away!  That could be a problem if someone mailed a ballot on, say, October 30th, or even today!  The girls and I took our ballots to the drop box at the Board of Elections, but some people, especially senior citizens, may not have that luxury.

There are numerous lawsuits in many states to expand voting rights, to allow ballots received after November 3rd as long as they were postmarked on or before that date.  Republicans are, naturally, opposed to anything that expands voting rights.  The good news is that people have been voting, despite the obstacles thrown in their way by the not-so-grand old party, and this morning I read that 51% of the number of people who voted in 2016 have already cast their votes this year!  That is truly inspiring … I think it quite possible that in spite of the GOP’s best efforts, we will have record turnout this year.

Here are some of the latest legal developments related to voting rights cases per the New York Times – some positive, others not so much:

Pennsylvania: The state’s highest court has ruled that election officials should count mailed ballots that arrive up to three days after Election Day. Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to get the Supreme Court to reverse the order, so that only ballots received by Election Day will count.

North Carolina: Republicans and the Trump campaign have asked the Supreme Court to block the state’s board of elections from extending the deadline to receive mail ballots. The board has said ballots can arrive until Nov. 12, as long as they were mailed by Election Day.

Wisconsin: The five Republican-appointed justices on the Supreme Court sided on Monday with Republican officials in Wisconsin, ruling that ballots must arrive by 8 p.m. on Election Day to count. (A lower-court ruling would have allowed state officials to count any mailed ballots postmarked by Election Day and received up to six days later.) In response, the state’s Democratic Party is urging voters to return mail ballots in person — to a drop box or clerk’s office — rather than mailing them.

Nevada: The Trump campaign has sued to stop the counting of absentee ballots in the Las Vegas area, evidently hoping to challenge the signatures on many ballots. Last night, the campaign and Nevada Republican Party filed a separate lawsuit, seeking detailed information on the vote-counting process.

Texas: The state’s top court yesterday upheld a policy announced by Greg Abbott, the Republican governor, which limits each county to a single drop-off box for mailed ballots. The state’s largest county — Harris, which includes Houston — is home to 4.7 million people.

Michigan: A conservative judge yesterday overturned an order by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, and ruled that people could carry unconcealed guns at polling places on Election Day.

In many of these cases, Republicans have argued that changing voting rules because of the pandemic could lead to fraud (a claim that’s largely baseless) and that allowing ballots to be counted after Election Day leads to confusion and chaos.

Democrats have argued that protecting people’s right to vote, during a national crisis, should be top priority. Democrats have also pointed out that some Republicans have changed their position on the counting of mailed ballots: When late-arriving ballots seemed likely to help George W. Bush in Florida in 2000, Republicans argued that the state should count them.

The Michigan decision is appalling.  Why the hell does anybody need to take a gun with them to vote???  This is possibly the most ridiculous judicial decision I have ever heard and can only lead to trouble.  In my book, anybody being allowed to take a gun into the polling place constitutes potential voter intimidation.  Now, given that the majority of gun-nuts in this country are republicans … does anybody else see a problem here?

If at all possible, my friends, take your ballots to an official drop box, or don your masks and hand sanitizer and vote in person, for I simply do not trust the USPS to get the ballots delivered on time.

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  1. I can see it now in a future history book. “The 2020 Battle of the Vote began in a polling place in Michigan where some men carrying guns started shooting at others doing the same.” Some people are absolutely losing their minds. I loved the reply to Trump’s saying he was waiting for a call from Philadelphia asking for help from him. An official there told him to keep his Proud Boys and other bullies out of the city or there were jail cells waiting for them if they caused trouble. It was about time. Governor Cuomo told him he better stay out of New York City or he’d need more than his Secret Service men to protect him. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • I fear that scenario may well take place. Why on earth would anybody think guns in the polling places during a highly charged election is a good idea? I’m thankful I don’t live in Michigan AND that I’ve already voted!

      I hadn’t heard of that, but BRAVO for the Philly official who told Trump to keep his white supremacist vigilantes out of the city! Heh heh … I also love Cuomo’s response to him! He’s becoming persona non grata in many places, it would seem!

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    • The most ridiculous I can imagine … the only reason anybody would even think of taking a gun to vote is if they intended to make trouble. Period. And the Supreme Court said, “Yeah, okay, sure … go for it.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  2. WordPress doesn’t like my comment and won’t publish it
    .USPS have got your votes there in time in the past. I think any doubt you have this year is because of Intent by Trump whose recalcitrance have virtually turned USPS into a privatised business rather than a national asset. President Biden will hopefully change that back and get rid of dead weight like Louis DeJoy and he can suit back and regret his donations to the GOP.
    It’s ridiculous that any court should overturn lower court decision to keep concealed guns out of voting booths. It’s totally unnecessary. The most telling thing for the future will be the Supreme’ Court’s decision on anything Vote related when it comes to court. Justice will either prevail or go down under a lot of legalese that will be beyond normal folk.

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    • I read today that some post offices are so overwhelmed with incoming ballots that in some states, ex: Pennsylvania, the USPS is warning that they will NOT be able to deliver ballots on time! I hope somebody takes DeJoy out in a dark alley and hangs him by his cojones, if he has any! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Living in a cave is starting to sound better by the day!

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  3. Jill, why would Republucans do this? Why did NC Republicans suppress votes with an unconstitutional Voter ID law? Why did they gerry mander?

    Why does the president denigrate the voting process? Why is crying foul?

    The answers are simple – cheating to win is OK. Corrupt and deceitful actions are OK. Dems have gerry mandered and done their share of voter suppression, but I have never seen the cookie cutter cheating fed by ALEC and brandished by the president and others as this is. Keith

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    • Exactly so. As Jeff said in his post this evening (which I will be re-blogging this morning), back when Bill Clinton was president, Republicans were known for saying “Character matters”, but apparently it no longer matters one whit to them now. There is a saying that “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. I would argue that it should include money as being a corrupting factor … the more money is involved, the more corruption there is likely to be.


      • Jill, it is not ironic Max Boot ties the demise of the Republican party to that time period and specifically Newt Gingrich. Now, Clinton was a good president, but his character was lacking. He chased too many women while married to Hillary. You know it is funny, his wife took a lot of crap, some of it brought on by her being a strong willed woman, but she never got credit for staying married to her philandering husband which is what the evangelicals preach. Keith

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        • Max Boot ties the demise of the Republican party to that time period and specifically Newt Gingrich.

          It was due to Newt Gingrich, that I concluded that the Republicans were unfit to govern. Instead of being concerned about policy, Gingrich emphasized labeling, attacking and smears. But we cannot blame Gingrich alone — the Republican party willingly went along.

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          • Neil, Boot described Gingrich as you did above. He used the labeling to win the Speaker role. Yet, what manyforget, he was ousted as Speaker for his poor leadership. Not ironically, he was having an affair when he was laying into Bill Clinton for the same. Keith

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            • oh the hypocrisy of politicians.
              I remember when Clinton was president, I didn’t care that he had an affair, what bothered me was that he lied to the grand jury about it.

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              • Agreed. Lying got him into trouble and impeached by the House. Clinton’s troubles were not just one affair, so his wife had to put up with a lot. Same with Trump, but even worse. He had affairs as well as feeling up women in public and walking in on nude teen pageant contestants because he ran the event. Both are less than forthcoming.

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                • not related to rights but a tweet on election outcome, and it’s pretty interesting, demonstrating once again that the media and the left want it both ways.

                  “The media are correct to critique Republicans who argue that if Trump loses, it’s because of voter fraud. The simultaneous willingness of the media to promote a narrative that “if Trump won, votes were suppressed” is disgusting.”


        • Indeed it is! At the time, Gingrich was the ultimate hypocrite, though of course he’s been outdone in the last four years. Clinton was eviscerated for extra-marital affairs, and for lying about them. Minor stuff compared to compromising the nation’s security, sentencing nearly a quarter million people to death from a pandemic, and colluding with foes to further one’s own interests, eh? No, Hillary not only didn’t get credit for staying with Bill through thick and thin, but she was blamed by Trump & Co during the 2016 election cycle … blamed for his indiscretions and blamed for staying with him. Hypocrisy? Oh yeah.


  4. I don’t trust them to deliver on time either and I think it’s ridiculous that republicans are saying that a vote can’t count if it’s recieved after election day, particulary if it is demonstrated by the post mark that it was mailed before or on election day.
    I was tlaking with my dad and he said “I sent 15 ballots, hoping one of them would get there.” obviously he was kidding and then I just had to say “i’ll go check my mail to see if I got one of your ballots”.
    hopefully you all can at least appreciate my sense of humor on the issue because that’s clearly what this is, odd as my humor can be at times. Chaos during an election is no laughing matter though.
    i voted in person like I may have said and the accessible machine was available.

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