The Pressure Builds.

A couple of days ago, our friend David wrote a piece on his blog, The Buthidars, about our upcoming (in 4 days!!!) election, the confirmation of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court, and other current issues. Interestingly, his post coincided with the thoughts I was having about asking some of our non-U.S. readers for a guest post regarding their views on our election. Often I find that our readers from Canada, Australia, the UK and EU have a better perspective than we do about our situation. I shall start with David’s post this morning, and invite any and all from outside the U.S. to email me if you are interested in writing a guest post sharing your own views. Thank you, David, for sharing your views, and for allowing me to share them with my readers/friends.


In Wales we are under a Firebreak Lockdown. That’s new rules on top of the Lockdown I mentioned in my last post. It was set to last 17 days and if the Gods are smiling it should end on November 9th. That of course is going to depend on how bad the Coronavirus is in the areas that were spiking. one of which would appear to be mine. I certainly don’t mind about these rules for the sake of our health, after all I’m high risk in a high risk area and may not survive a bout with this illness. What both surprises me and annoys me in equal measure is the number of people who are happy to walk around without masks, If they want to infect themselves well and good, it’s their choice, but why take a chance on infecting me.

Another little niggle is that what they…

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  1. Jill, thanks for sharing this. The email I sent you on “Former Republican US attorneys (and one famous historian” support Biden” was sent to a bunch of folks today. Please feel free to route it. It is my final plea. Keith

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    • My pleasure … I find it interesting to see how our friends on the other side of the pond see us. Thanks, Keith … I’ve already edited and shared your piece! You’re still the gold standard.


  2. Interesting. I feel that we ALL, from all nations, colours, beliefs, tendencies, are of the same opinion and YET we all also fear that the man I won’t even mention by name will – via yet another lie, trick or falsehood, be staying on….. it does not bear thinking of ….

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    • Well, I think we all seek the same outcome, but that we have different ideas and opinions as to how to achieve that outcome. At the moment, we are deeply divided about not only how to achieve the desired outcome, but … also who should be eligible. Far too many in this country think that it is up to them to decide who qualifies as ‘human’, who is eligible for rights under the Constitution … and far too many have concluded that white, Christian males are the most deserving of all. Yes, Trump has exploited that, but the arrogance and fear was there all along.


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