Everything Trump Touches dies-Including Jack Nicklaus’ Reputation

One of the nation’s most accomplished and respected golfers has turned public respect into public animosity with a few simple words. Apparently, just because a man can hit a little ball into a hole, doesn’t make him a deep thinker or an intelligent person. Thanks for sharing this, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

The Golden Bear. If you’re a sports fan, you probably know to whom this nickname refers. But many of you are not, so as a public service, the iconic handle belongs to Jack Nicklaus, widely considered the greatest golfer who has ever lived.

Mr. Nicklaus is from my home state of Ohio, went to The Ohio State University, won 73 tournaments in his career, including 18 majors. His career is legendary and respected throughout the world as the greatest golfer ever and one of the most generous, who raised and donated millions of dollars, especially in children’s health care.

Yet, despite all of those accolades, Mr. Nicklaus did something a couple of days ago that, in my view, sullied his once sterling reputation: He endorsed and voted for Donald Trump. As someone who’s admired him for many years, I can no longer look at him in the same way.


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13 thoughts on “Everything Trump Touches dies-Including Jack Nicklaus’ Reputation

        • I am reminded of a line in the movie “My Fair Lady” where Rex Harrison says, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” Or, in our terms, why can’t a republican be more like a democrat? Sigh.

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              • I had a thought the other day, and I was curious how you would reply. If someone told you 12 years ago that the only way you could have eight years of Obama was to have that be followed by eight years of Trump – would you have taken such a deal?

                I think I would have because those eight years under Obama gave me a sense of what leadership looks like and what our potential as s country is. It’s helped me get through the past four years and given me hope for the future…

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                • Tough question, but I think my answer would have been the same as yours. Much good came from the Obama years, despite what some would say. I would not have traded those years … 8 years that we had a true leader, that we were respected by our allies, that the people of this nation were shown that they mattered — all of the people, not just those who liked him. But, if Trump gets another four years, you should probably ask me this question again in four years (assuming we both survive that long), for my answer might differ then.

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  1. At 80 years ancient, what can you expect of a smarmy self-important ass who thinks his balls are golden. Get with the program, Jack, the only holes your balls go in now are a toilet seat! Please flush.

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