A Couple Of Tidbits …

I was pleased when I read that some of the major television networks last night cut away from Donald Trump’s ‘news conference’ due to the lies he was telling.  I have long felt this should be their normal response when he starts with his usual sadistic cruelty, or when every other word out of his mouth is a lie, but until now, the networks have stuck with him no matter how many lies, no matter how many people he denigrated without cause.

Oh, and for the record, it was not actually a ‘news conference’, for there was no news.  It was what I call a bitching session.

I am disappointed that CNN stuck it out, as did Fox – no surprise there.  But the big three, ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as MSNBC cut it off.  To their credit, I suppose, CNN did at least place a disclaimer caption reading …


Still not quite the same as …

“We have to interrupt here, because the president made a number of false statements, including the notion that there has been fraudulent voting.  There has been no evidence of that.” – Lester Holt, NBC Nightly News

This is what the networks should have been doing all along.  If he’s going to act like a toddler having a temper tantrump, let’s treat him as one.  Personally, I have neither the time nor patience to listen to his lying drivel.  Thumbs up to the networks who cut away … keep it up, please!

Now, if only Twitter would simply close down his account, he might not have much voice anymore and we could all see a bit of peace.

To my friends & readers: I will not be covering Trump’s little temper tantrums at any great length on this blog, for his bold-faced lies and hate speech is beneath our dignity.  I will make note of them when I feel it’s necessary to do so, but I will not repeat his rhetoric, his lies, nor will I focus on his tantrums.  Personally, it became boring long ago and it is now just the same ol’ same ol’.

That said, I must say that I am so disappointed in some of the people in this country … in my book, their behaviour was not worthy of adults, not the behaviour of people who deserve to live in a free country where such things as freedom of speech are guaranteed.  As Eugene Robinson, writing for The Washington Post wrote …

“Angry Trump supporters dutifully gathered outside buildings where votes were being counted in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Las Vegas and other cities, demanding that the electoral process be short-circuited. It was shocking — but in the Trump era, not surprising — to see Americans openly calling for the votes of other Americans to be nullified.”

You don’t see angry Biden supporters gathering outside counting offices in Frankfort, Kentucky where both Trump and the equally ignominious Mitch McConnell won the state.  Yes, Trump has encouraged and incited this behaviour, but people … we are all adults, capable of discerning right from wrong.  In a nation with free elections, it is prudent to cast your vote, then sit down and shut up while the people on the ground do their job and count the votes.  It is not acceptable to carry guns around, making demands and parroting Trump’s lies.

Thus far, there have been no shootings, no violence by Trump supporters, but … we are holding our breath, and I will be in a state of shock if it doesn’t happen once Joe Biden reaches 270 electoral votes, as I believe is likely.  I think that the behaviour of Trump’s ardent fans vs the behaviour of Joe Biden’s voters is defining of the things that divide this nation’s people today.  When Trump refers to himself as the “Law and order president”, I have to laugh, for here are his ardent followers breaking the law, disturbing the order, and he has egged them on, will likely praise them once he takes a break from his whiny temper tantrum.


And in other news …

The U.S. has once again set a new record for number of new coronavirus cases in a single day:  118,204 new cases in a 24-hour period yesterday.  These numbers astound us, but they are not just numbers.  Each and every one of those people is a parent/grandparent/child/spouse or sibling.  Each and every one of those people has friends, co-workers, and neighbors who care about them.  These are not just numbers – THEY ARE PEOPLE!  The day also saw 1,125 deaths in the same period, due to the coronavirus.

This nation has done such a poor job of responding to the pandemic that by the end of today, we will have exceeded 10 million cases in total … and that’s only the ones reported, a figure that has often been said to be understated.  Our total death count is nearing a quarter of a million people.

If our government is not going to take the necessary steps to protect us, then it is up to us.  STAY HOME, for Pete’s sake!  If you can’t stay home, then wash your hands frequently, carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you, and WEAR A MASK when you are around other people.  If you can’t or don’t wish to wear a mask … STAY HOME!  With a little common sense, we can take control of this without the help of the federal government.  Key word here:  common sense.

If we don’t look out for our own safety and that of those around us, then we will continue on this path and eventually lose our livelihood and our lives.

33 thoughts on “A Couple Of Tidbits …

  1. “we are all adults, capable of discerning right from wrong. ”
    I am no longer sure of that.
    Not everyone can stay home, and many of those cannot distance from non-maskers.
    Another reason we need Universal Healthcare, at the very least.

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  2. There is a terrible inevitability to all this.
    We had hoped the result would be certain and clear cut by the ‘next day’. Now we have reached one of these cliff-hangers the reaction from Trump and his cultists is predictable.
    And the World looks on.
    Meanwhile let us flashback to 2000 Bush vs Gore. Remember that? All carried out in a puzzled, bemused, arcane way and yet by comparison in dignified calm.

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    • I was fairly certain that the results would not be final until the end of the week, or possibly sometime next week, given that some states are able to count ballots that arrive after election day, just as long as they were postmarked on or before November 3rd. I just hadn’t anticipated the closeness of the race … I thought surely the majority of the people in this nation had seen for themselves what an abomination Trump is, what a detestable person, and that he would be far behind from the outset. I wasn’t counting on half the country being bathed in idiocy. Sigh. Yes, I remember … no, this CANNOT be like that!

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      • Every nation Jill, every nation has its dirty little pressure points. You can analyse them and categorise them, but they always come down to the same factors:
        1. Intolerance.
        2. Disrespect.
        3. Callousness.
        4. Fear
        5. Denial.
        6. ‘Looking for Camelot’
        So in the case of the USA 60,000,000 + took a collective hand hold and continued a march into the place that never was.

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        • I would add one more to your list: greed. Seems to be a lot of that around these days. But, I suppose you’ve heard the news? We will have a nightmare for the next 74 days, but hopefully after that we can begin to repair some of the damage.

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                • I hardly think you will be wrong in most of them, for your predictions were and are based on your knowledge of both history and of human frailties. But, we can hope that you were wrong on at least some, and we can hope that we can begin to heal and repair the damage soon. It will be a long, arduous process, for sure. But for today, we can have hope.

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                  • Thanks Jill for your vote of confidence.
                    Of course there is always Hope and Biden is a manifestation of that.
                    The one sad thing about this is as follows.
                    As I said before I grew up absorbing American culture and what I saw as all of the positives of America.
                    After George Bush jnr won the second presidency I was very dismissive of the fashionable howls of indignation from the British Left; this was democracy, ok? Deal with it.
                    However since 2016 and seeing that 70,000,000 were still billing to vote for that spoiled brat of small intelligence and no perception, I can no longer feel that confident or that loyal affection for the USA as a whole nation….Only the majority who kicked his flabby ass out.
                    It will be a long hard road.

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                    • I share your sentiments, Roger. I no longer feel any loyal affection for the nation, either, and while yes, I am pleased that we have chosen a man to lead who is actually capable of leading and highly qualified, it doesn’t negate those 70 million who would still prefer an autocratic, vengeful dumbass to lead this nation. It is those people who will be the next challenge, for they will throw every possible obstacle in the way of good governance. It will be a long, hard road, and one that I’m not sure will get us to our destination before being blown up.

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                    • Biden is probably the best option for the first step on this long road.
                      For remember these people have been brought up on the toxicity of right-wing opportunistic commentators (Looking at you Limbaugh to sully this page with but one name)

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  3. Jill, I applaud the election officials and judges who are trying to get this right. We must count every vote legally cast per the laws of that state. There are three things I find interesting, with one being an extrapolation:
    – if they acquiesced to the president and stopped the counting, Biden would be declared the winner as he is ahead in Arizona and Nevada.
    – the president is claiming fraud with illegal counting in PA and GA, but he needs the counting to continue in Arizona and Nevada – OK, which is it?
    – Trump could still win when the counting is done, so at that time, he will say “I never said we should stop counting – that is fake news.”


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    • I absolutely agree … they are doing their job, despite the chaos outside their windows. You’re right … he wants the counting to stop in places where he is ahead, but not likely to retain his lead once all the votes are counted, but you’ll not he never once said they should stop counting ballots in Kansas or West Virginia. He wants to ‘have his cake and eat it too’, as my mother used to say I couldn’t do!


  4. It’s almost like Mother Nature knew, under Trump is the best time possible to release a new virus. Let us just say, though, as bad as covid is, its numbers are not as deadly as many pandemics before it, Black plague and Spanish flu to mention only two. Then throw in a record number of hurricanes and tropical storms, some earthquakes, some deadly wildfires, etc., and nothing gets done about any of it. I think the higher the loss of life, the happier Trump is, but that is too sick to even contemplate.
    Calling him and his followers toddlers is being too nice. They are complete and utterly assinine excuses for human beings. I am embarrassed, read livid! to be a member of the same species as them. There may not yet be a species known as novo sapiens yet, but surely some designation is needed to separate us from them. They are a dying breed, but they would rather kill all life than go quietly as is their evolutionary duty.

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    • Yes, I’ve often thought that the timing was suspect, that Mother Nature had a plan here. Well, if you speak only of the numbers, then you’re right … so far, the coronavirus has not killed as many as other pandemics and wars. BUT … if you lost a loved one, or died yourself, then … dead is dead, whether you were one of only a million, or one of 14 million. It’s not, perhaps, that Trump takes joy in more deaths, but simply that it doesn’t affect him one way or the other … he could not care less.


      • I think you are wrong, Jill, but it does not matter. Trump sees each death as a victory for him. Another person he outlived. Wealth is his greatest way to score, but remainng alive is his easiest way to keep score. Too bad, because when he does die, his game ends, and he won’t even know he lost.

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        • ♫ Happy Birthday, rawgod!!! ♫

          Well, since I cannot begin to understand how the mind of Trump works (is there even a mind in that ugly head???), then I will concede this one … perhaps he does relish the deaths. I cannot wait until his ‘game ends’ … if I were braver, perhaps I would try to hasten it.


          • Birthday is actually tomorrow, but close enough. Thank you. And thanks for the e-card.
            Well, only 60 days left to batch about Trump. Then you gotta find a new pass time. Or will it be vacation time?

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            • AHHHH … I set my phone some time ago to remind me … a day ahead of time! When my phone beeped me at 12:01 yesterday morning, of course I forgot it was letting me know a day early! My bad!

              Actually there are 73 days left until Biden’s inauguration, and I’m sure there will be plenty to write about for a long time to come, as Biden is starting down a rocky path and has much to accomplish against unthinkable odds. Vacation? What is this word ‘vacation’? I do not know of what you speak? Is that some foreign language? French, perhaps?


  5. It seems you have been casting votes against a group of toddlers. They all want a teddy bear and are taking guns out to make sure they get them. For me the worst thing in this whole saga id realising that Trump wants to dismantle the US and people previously thought of as Americans, some who accept the largesse the Government provide, are actually willing participants in this venture. The small man they follow has been in overall charge of the pandemic and has actually done nothing, to their cost. Yet they want to retain him, They are sick puppies to be happy with the pandemic deaths increasing while he stands there and tells them it’s over, the corner has been turned. Good luck if the Danish one kicks in and there are no preparations.

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    • You’re spot on with your assessment … they are like children wanting something that will ultimately harm them, yet throwing and breaking things when they don’t get what they want. I dread the next 75 days. The projection is that we will see 400,000 dead by the end of February, but if, in fact, the coronavirus just starting in Denmark becomes a pandemic, then my guess is possibly a million people by summer.

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