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Steve Bannon has been banned from Twitter … I hope for the rest of his days.  What did he do?  He called for the beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the FBI director, Christopher Wray, and the posting of their heads outside the White House as a “warning”.

“Second term kicks off with firing Wray, firing Fauci … no I actually want to go a step farther but the president is a kind-hearted man and a good man. I’d actually like to go back to the old times of Tudor England. I’d put their heads on pikes, right, I’d put them at the two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats, you either get with the program or you’re gone.”

I have long said that Steve Bannon is a nasty piece of work … there can no longer be any doubt in anyone’s mind.  Trump & Co have been inciting violence with their constant charges of voter fraud (virtually non-existent) and their claims that ‘democrats are stealing the election’.  Newt Gingrich, former Republican House Speaker, went so far as to say that the people counting the ballots should be ‘locked up’, but at least he didn’t call for their execution.  All of this does nothing but encourage Trump supporters who already seem prone to violence.  Thus far, there have been no reports of incidents involving injury or death, but gun sales are up again, and it’s only a matter of time.

Philadelphia police arrested two men who were allegedly involved in a plot to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center where ballots were being counted on Thursday night. Police were tipped off, possibly from a concerned family member of one of the men, who had driven 300 miles from Virginia.  But what if the plot had been successful?  People would have died, ballots would have been lost … and all for what?

Paula White – remember who she is?  She is a televangelist and Trump’s “spiritual advisor”, chairperson of his “evangelical advisory board”, and a nutcase by any definition of the word.  I’ve written about Ms. White before, and in fact back in 2017 she won the cherished “Idiot of the Week” award. Since then, she has featured in a few other posts here, mostly ‘Snarky Snippets’, for there is much in Ms. White to snark about.

On Wednesday night, Ms. White led a ‘prayer service’ to ensure Trump’s victory {cough, cough}.  She called for help from ‘angels’ in Africa and South America … no idea why she picked those two continents, both of which are comprised of countries that Trump has referred to as ‘shithole countries’.  But, if there was ever any doubt that this woman is a lunatic … just watch this short clip of her Wednesday night service …

All l can do is shake my head and wonder what this woman has been smoking.

Comedian Stephen Colbert led into his nightly monologue on Thursday night with a serious moment …

37 thoughts on “Just A Wee Bit Of Snarky

  1. But that woman…. omG…. that’s something to have nightmares over. I couldn’t even write about her before, I was so shellshocked. That these people even find listeners, and that guy walking back and forth behind her, that was erie too. My goodness me, she scares the living daylights out of me. Does anybody know what that guy was supposed to do there in the background?

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  2. I only ‘know’ Colbert from YT (I’m one of a handful of ppl w/o a TV – but with hundreds of DVDs with films we really dig!) and only for maybe 2yrs or so – therefore I only find an oldie from time to time such as his discussion with Cooper Anderson (? A Senior Moment of my brain!) about losses of parents etc. But I’ve hardly ever seen anything presented by him I didn’t like, didn’t nod YES to. And he is honest and loves his family, always a big bonus point!

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    • We do have a television, but my daughter is the only one who watches it for the most part. Being nearly deaf and relying on captioning, I find it more trouble than it’s worth. Ah yes … Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt! I do enjoy Anderson Cooper … you can find most anything you want on YouTube these days, including Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, and another good one — Don Lemon. Seth Meyers is another I think you would enjoy.

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  3. wow, I have no words about Paula White except that she’s out of her mind. She would probably do well to have an exercism. I need a drink after that one.
    We are in total agreement regarding this individual.

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    • I nearly had heart failure when I read your last sentence! Seems forever since we’ve agreed on anything. Yes, Paula White is a nutcase, and has bilked millions out of people who thought they were supporting worthy causes. I’ll join you in that drink, my friend!


  4. Well, Stephen Colbert certainly has a handle on things there/ I had to choke back a laugh at Paula White, the talking in tongues was so bad. What stopped me was the realisation that she was encouraging Trump in his latest (of many) outrages in his attempt to remove Democracy from the United States forever. For the Nation will be reduced to this kind of farce forever perhaps with just Republicans standing but just Trumps allowed to win. If he wins now you will experience another four years of spite and denigration, of more spending billions on a wall that’s already been proved useless, and who knows how much money spirited away to one of his accounts. He’s been handed a ‘Get out of jail free’ card. However if Joe Biden wins he will at least try to unite the States and help the country progress towards the kind of country it should be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Except it looks like the Senate will be Republican with Moscow Mitch in charge.
    That will mean of course a problem passing anything by Joe. Four years of seeing how the Republican Senators have behaved and Trump’s foolowers decide to vote them in again. Do they not wish the United States to move forward at all? At least half a miracle will be there and Joe Biden will maybe get the Senate after 2 years.

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    • Yes, Colbert showed his humanity in this one, and as for Paula White … well, it would indeed be laugh-worthy if only it weren’t so outrageous. For years, she has been bilking the masses who follow her evangelicalism, and now she tells us that “god” put Trump here and that we will all go to hell if we don’t vote for him. BAH HUMBUG, Ms. White. I try hard not to use the word often, but she is the definition of a slut.

      I don’t think Trump can win at this point, but he can surely make our lives hell for the next 74 days and perhaps even beyond. And Biden will find it difficult to get anything through Congress as long as Mitch McConnell remains Senate Majority Leader. Hopefully, by 2022 the people of this nation will stop sending conscience-less people to the Senate, but that’s two years into the future, and this nation has serious needs that must be addressed now. Sigh. Please go check on the boards … make sure they are still intact and nailed down tightly.


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  6. Jill, Paula White must read from a different bible than I read. I am far from perfect and have committed my share of sins, as we all have. Yet, I did not read anywhere where Jesus valued false bravado, untruthfulness, bullying, denigrating critics, infidelity, sexual assault, etc. Joe Biden is not perfect either and has made mistakes as well, but I think he lives closer to the ideal of the Golden Rule than his opponent does.

    The prayer should be we wish for the president to be decent, empathetic, and try to do the right thing. The president, as with our leaders, needs to be among are better angels. Keith

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  7. Paula White, and others of her ilk, prey on the stupid, the extremely poor and the bigoted. That mish-mash of unintelligible sounds is her way (and frankly A LOT of other “Christian’s way) of “speaking in tongues”..which, if anyone ever bothered to check the new testament, would discover that “speaking in tongues” is the ability to instantly learn a new language upon hearing it for the first time. It was a “gift” so the followers could share the message across countries and continents. I am glad the fbi and police found those two idiots with their mobile penises ready to shoot the innocent for doing their jobs. Just wish there weren’t so many morons coming from my home state. Virginia has gone way downhill since I lived there.

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  8. Stephen Colbert is my fave on YT with regards to all news coming from and concerning your country. I’ve never seen him so sobre, so sombre, so heartbroken….. If only more ppl would listen to THIS guy here!

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    • I do love Colbert’s brand of humour! Like you, I had never seen him so serious and somber before … he brought me to tears. Did you ever see … I think it was Letterman … in his first broadcast after 9/11? Oh man … talk about a tear jerker!

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