26 thoughts on “Simon & Garfunkel … Once Again …

  1. I am delighted that not only did you enjoy and share this forwarded song but also that it was enjoyed by others. I cannot tell you how often Don Caron’s emails from his Parody Project brightened my days during the past years. I recommend going to the site, you so kindly provided, and watching previous Parody Project videos. “Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch.” – Debasish Mridha. Thank-YOU!

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    • I started playing it shortly after receiving your email, and I found this huge smile forming on my face! By the time it was done, I was already preparing this post to share it with everyone! Thank you, dear Ellen! I did go to the Parody Project site and signed up for their email notifications! This time, it is me saying … Thank YOU!

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    • I actually thought this was Simon & Garfunkel!!! I was reading a comment from a reader to Chris … the reader asked who these artists were … and I said to Chris, “Has she never heard of Simon & Garfunkel???” Chris said, “Grannie … these are not Simon & Garfunkel, but are other artists pretending to be them”. Could have knocked me over with a feather! I really thought it was them! Chris and Goose both laughed so hard I’m surprised they didn’t break something! Stunned, I was. Okay, so it is The Parody Project … WHO KNEW???

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