What’s Next?

Okay folks … we’ve danced in the streets, popped the champagne corks and celebrated Joe Biden’s win in the presidential election.

Now it’s time to get serious, for what lies ahead is a 73-day transition period that presents a number of pitfalls & perils, given the contentious nature of the incumbent and his loyal lapdogs.  We need to prepare ourselves to survive these next two-and-a-half months with our country and our sanity relatively intact.

In his column today, Robert Reich tells us what we can likely expect over the coming weeks leading up to inauguration day.  I have no doubt that despite all of Trump’s machinations, temper tantrums and legal challenges, Joe Biden will take office on January 20th, but what happens between now and then, and even beyond?  Let’s hear what Reich has to say …

How can Biden heal America when Trump doesn’t want it healed?

The nearest thing America has had to a dictator is beaten but unbowed. He will disgrace the national scene for some time yet

Robert Reich-4Robert Reich

It’s over. Donald Trump is history.

For millions of Americans – a majority, by almost 5 million popular votes – it’s a time for celebration and relief. Trump’s cruelty, vindictiveness, non-stop lies, corruption, rejection of science, chaotic incompetence, and gross narcissism brought out the worst in America. He tested the limits of American decency and democracy. He is the closest we have come to a dictator.

Democracy has had a reprieve, a stay of execution. We have another chance to preserve it, and restore what’s good about America.

It will not be easy. The social fabric is deeply torn. Joe Biden will inherit a pandemic far worse than it would have been had Trump not played it down and refused to take responsibility for containing it, and an economic crisis exacting an unnecessary toll.

The worst legacy of Trump’s term of office is a bitterly divided America.

Judging by the number of ballots cast in the election, Trump’s base of support is roughly 70 million. They were angry even before the election (as were Biden supporters). Now, presumably, they are angrier.

The nation was already divided when Trump became president – by race and ethnicity, region, education, national origin, religion, and class. But he exploited these divisions to advance himself. He didn’t just pour salt into our wounds. He planted grenades in them.

It is a vile legacy. Although Americans have strongly disagreed over what we want the government to do, we at least agreed to be bound by its decisions. This meta-agreement required enough social trust for us to regard the views and interests of those we disagree with as equally worthy of consideration as our own. But Trump continuously sacrificed that trust to feed his own monstrous ego.

Elections usually end with losing candidates congratulating winners and graciously accepting defeat, thereby demonstrating their commitment to the democratic system over the particular outcome they fought to achieve.

But there will be no graciousness from Trump, nor a concession. He is incapable of either.

He will be president for another two and a half months. He is still charging that the election was stolen from him, mounting legal challenges and demanding recounts, maneuvers that could prevent states from meeting the legal deadline of December 8th for choosing electors.

If he continues, America could find itself in a situation similar to what it faced in 1876, when claims about ballot fraud forced a special electoral commission to decide the winner, just two days before the inauguration.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump refuses to attend Biden’s inauguration and stages a giant rally instead.

He’ll send firestorms of aggrieved messages to his followers – questioning Biden’s legitimacy and urging that they refuse to recognize his presidency. This will be followed by months of rallies and tweets containing even more outlandish charges: plots against Trump and America by Biden, Nancy Pelosi, “deep-state” bureaucrats, “socialists,” immigrants, Muslims, or any other of his standard foes.

It could go on for years, Trump keeping the nation’s attention, remaining the center of controversy and divisiveness, sustaining his followers in perpetual fury, titillating them with the possibility he might run again in 2024, making it harder for Biden to do any of the national healing he’s promised and the nation so desperately needs.

How can Biden heal the nation when Trump doesn’t want it healed?

The media (including Twitter, Facebook, and even Fox News) could help. They have begun to call out Trump’s lies in real time and cut off his press conferences, practices that should have started years ago. Let’s hope they continue to tag his lies and otherwise ignore him – a fitting end to a reality TV president who tried to turn America into a reality warzone.

But the responsibility for healing America falls to all of us.

For starters, we’d do well to recognize and honor the selflessness we have observed during this trying time – starting with tens of thousands of election workers who have worked long hours under difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances.

Add to them the hospital workers across the nation saving lives from the scourge of Covid-19; the thousands of fire fighters in the west and the emergency responders on the Gulf coast battling the consequences of climate change; the civil servants getting unemployment checks out to millions of jobless Americans; social workers dealing with family crises in the wake of evictions and other hardships; armies of volunteers doling out food from soup kitchens.

These are the true heroes of America. They embody the decency of this land. They are doing the healing, rebuilding trust, reminding us who we are and who we are not.

Donald Trump is not America.

24 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. AMEN to all of this. Can’t T just be put in jail? Right after Biden takes over? I should think there are more than ample reasons for this. And his so far faithful croonies should be busy starting to look for new jobs – why would they continue to ‘Hail Mary’ for him now that they won’t be gaining anything any longer?

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    • Nah, sorry to say it doesn’t work that way. In fact, I would be that Trump will never spend a single day behind bars, for he has the money to hire hotshot lawyers to keep him out. And, if all else fails, they will cite his age as a determining factor. I think his loyal lapdogs continue to sing his praises now, for he IS still in office until January 20th and could seek retribution against those who don’t do his bidding. Sigh.


      • He will pay his lawyers with the money he didn’t pay for his taxes? Or what? I feel dismayed by how some ppl can slip out of taking any responsibility for their behaviour.

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        • Well, contrary to his claims, he was NOT a successful businessman, for he filed bankruptcy 5 or 6 times, and was involved in thousands … literally thousands … of lawsuits. His money came from his father, who gave him millions to start off, and then bailed him out of debt more than a few times. Some of his businesses are profitable, such as his hotels, and have profited greatly by diplomats and foreign agents staying in them, trying to curry favour with Trump. And yes, he has cheated on his taxes, has cheated contractors who worked for him, and I don’t know who else, but surely there are more. Yes, it is dismaying, it is disgusting, and today, the people of this nation are paying a high price, both monetary and otherwise, for his lunacy. Sigh.

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  2. check this out from sky news and do a thought experiment while you’re watching.
    What if trump had gotten all the votes and Joe lost, would you then cry voter fraud? Remember, what’s good for one side is equally good for the other, you cannot have it both ways.


  3. As usual he walks the walk and talks the talk. I think as I;ve said before that you won’t find Trump at the inauguration and now I’m worried just what he might do. If there are Republicans that hate him then someone should suggest an impeachment and not only get Trump out quickly but also arrest him and some of his family and charge them with Treason. Get Mueller’s report on display. Deal with him and you can go on without interference then.

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    • You have said it before, and I concur — I don’t think he will attend the inauguration, one that is sure to surpass his own in numbers, much to his chagrin. An impeachment would take months, with investigations, hearings, witnesses, the verdict, and then the trial … a trial that would likely produce the same results as the one last February. I have a quicker, cleaner solution, but I shan’t say it here for fear of waking in the morning to the men in dark suits, dark glasses, and driving dark vehicles with tinted windows!

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  4. trump shouldn’t suggest that people not recognize Biden as their president but remember, it was okay and even well thought of by democrats if their own did the same thing for the last 4 years.
    Coming to light are some alligations of voter fraud and before you repeat the tired old line of “Oh Scott, give it a rest’ or “Scott, give it a break” keep in mind that aligations of this sort need to be investigated by officials so that trust in the process can be maintained by the people the process represents in the first place.
    Calling people conspiracy theorists who are asking that such behavior be looked into undermines the very trust you say we should have in the process.


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    • There do have to be investigations of voter fraud even if they come from someone not at the count. Certainly it doesn’t look as though the officials had any complaints. I suspect it will all be time wasted which is why the Democrats just want to get on with it. But accusations must be dealt with the same as every vote must be counted. And when these things are dealt with, perhaps Trump will do the decent thing and congratulate President Biden and leave office with some dignity

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    • First of all, Scott, that guy who bragged about throwing away every ballot for Trump is full of you-know-what. I imagine he’s trying to get attention or thinks he’s funny. No way that happened, for there are many other people in the room and no doubt somebody would have spoken up.

      Now, I must ask … I know you don’t like Trump, so why are you determined to try to help him get elected? Just curious as to what the purpose of your criticism is. Hugs, Scott.

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  5. Jill, Trump will not go away, but at least we don’t have to listen to him. My guess, he will position himself over the next four years with ongoin pep rallies saying he was cheated and criticizing the president on a daily basis. And, do not be surprised if he pardons himself among others. Keith

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      • Unfortunately, he could not retract the pardons, but Trump also cannot pardon himself. Oh, he might try it … has threatened to before … but I think that would be challenged and in the long run he would lose. And even if he got a pardon, it only covers federal crimes, not state crimes … New York will get him either way! His goose is cooked and his gander is likely to fly the coop once he is out of office.


    • He may well pardon others, but I think any attempt to pardon himself will be challenged and he will lose. If he truly wants immunity, he could resign now, and Pence could pardon him … but only for his federal crimes … the State of New York will still get him no matter what.


  6. Now that’s a scary thought, just when we killed the beast Trump can choose to run again in 2024 out of spite! What an immature, vindictive sore loser. If only the press would stop covering this crybaby, stop giving him a platform to create more chaos and we’ll all be better off going forward. Biden has a tough road ahead.

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