CRAZY … They Are CRAZY!!!

Just a minute … {deep breath}  {another deep breath}  {a series of deep breaths} … okay, I think I’m fine now.  Sorry ‘bout that, folks … I was so mad that I think I forgot to breathe for a few minutes!  Okay, let me back up.  I have concluded that there is something fundamentally wrong with the brains, such as they are, of most republicans.  Yes, nearly half of them were so blind that they voted for Trump last week, but even that pales in comparison to what certain congressional republicans are up to.

First, they are pouring gasoline on Trump’s baseless claims about “massive voter fraud”.  Mitch McConnell is encouraging Trump, saying that he has every right to demand recounts and pursue litigation.  Well, he certainly has the right to ASK for recounts … I’m not crazy about that word “demand”, but in every state but one, I think, the margin by which Biden won is not likely to be altered by a recount enough to make a difference.  Does he have the right to file case after case of non-existent claims of voter fraud?  I think not. It is a waste of taxpayer dollars.  And all his little lawsuits are basically being thrown out of court at a laughable rate.  But what really set me off was …

In Georgia, the two republican senators who will face democratic challengers in runoff elections on January 5th, are calling for the head (resignation) of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a fellow Republican, because his office said there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the state.  These two senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, have ‘demanded’ Raffensperger’s resignation … there’s that word again!  Is that all republicans know how to do … demand???  That explains a lot!  Kelly Loeffler, for the record, is not yet an elected senator, and she did not beat her opponent, Raphael Warnock, on November 3rd.  She was appointed by Governor Brian Kemp to replace Johnny Isakson, who retired in 2019. She lost her bid to retain the Senate seat on November 3rd to Warnock by a 7 point margin.  She is also the one, you may remember from previous posts, who is accused of insider trading, selling off stocks after being briefed on the coronavirus pandemic.  Fingers crossed for democratic challengers Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof to beat the pants off of Perdue and Loeffler on January 5th!


Kelly Loeffler / Raphael Warnock

Perdue & Loeffler claim there were “too many failures in Georgia elections this year” but offered not a single shred of evidence to back up their theory.  If, by some chance, both of these fools were to lose their runoff in January, then the Senate would be tied at 50 democrats and 50 republicans, and voting ties would be decided by Vice President Kamala Harris – this is why the congressional republicans are trying so hard – lying, cheating and stealing – to find some way to deny We the People our choice.  And I am furious about it.  DAMN IT, people, we voted and Joe Biden won fair and square.  Period.  Dot. 

Raffensperger hit back at the senators’ demand, saying he would not be resigning and calling the accusations of a lack of transparency “laughable.”

“I know emotions are running high, politics are involved in everything right now. If I was Senator Perdue, I’d be irritated I was in a runoff, and both Senators and I are all unhappy with the potential outcome for our President. But I am the duly elected Secretary of State. One of my duties involves helping to run elections for all Georgia voters. I have taken that oath, and I will execute that duty and follow Georgia law.”

WHOA … a decent Republican — one with integrity? Listen up, Mitchie, Lindsey, Matt, Rob, Susan, and all you other boot lickers.

The margin between Biden and Trump in Georgia was 11,413 votes, and thus far no winner has been called in Georgia either by the media or the state.  Doesn’t much matter in the sense that Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump even if Trump were to somehow win Georgia! 

Now, any normal human being would have, by now, accepted the results and be making plans to do their job to the best of their ability no matter who is president.  Any … ANY other president would have already called Joe Biden and congratulated him on his win.  That is the mark of a man.  Donald Trump is not one of those.  And think about it, folks.  Joe Biden didn’t just win the most electoral votes and the most popular votes … he did so despite numerous adversities and hurdles.  He did so in spite of an out-of-control pandemic that curtailed his ability to hold rallies and speak directly to people.  He did so in spite of Russian influence on social media and elsewhere.  He did so despite the blatant lies that Trump and other republicans made up about him and his family.  And still … he won.  He won, not because of millions of fake ballots, not because election officials threw away Trump ballots … he won because he is a good man, because he has plans for curtailing the pandemic, for taking care of the environment, for ending systemic racism in our police departments, for re-building our education system, and so much more.  He has plans to bring us together, to unify the people of this nation.  This, my friends, is how Joe Biden won – by being honest, by being a man of integrity and values, and by being both intelligent and compassionate, by caring for ALL the people in this country, not just those who swear an oath of fealty to him.

And now, it is time for Donald Trump and the rest of the republicans in Washington to put on their big boy undies, accept their losses, and move on in the fashion of professionals instead of schoolyard bullies.  This nation needs a chance to heal … it will be hard if we have to listen to the voices of fools who have a 7-year-old mentality.

33 thoughts on “CRAZY … They Are CRAZY!!!

    • Neither the presidential election nor the down-ballot elections were actually fraudulent … that is only the false claim being made by Trump. He hasn’t attacked the congressional races … yet … for they don’t matter as much to him as retaining his own position. He has much to lose if he loses his job, for there will be lawsuits against him, and he has a huge amount of debt coming due, and he will have lost his immunity.


        • That’s the $64 million question! It could be resolved tomorrow if Trump would do the right thing and concede. He has lost by an electoral vote of 306-232 … no amount of lawsuits and recounts is going to give him the win. But, he is determined to keep the chaos going, keep his base fired up, and keep us all wondering … what next? At the latest, it will be resolved on January 20th, 2021 when Joe Biden is inaugurated. I hope. Lately I’ve wondered if Trump might hire assassins, or if some of his base might get an idea in their heads … sigh.


  1. They are absolute nuts. It seems that they are doing everything they can to undermine President-Elect Biden and endanger the country that they can. It is incomprehensible.

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    • Yes, and now Trump is replacing key personnel at the Pentagon. Just what the heck does he plan … a coup? I will be so glad when Joe Biden takes the Oath of Office on 20 January … maybe we will be able to sleep again without nightmares.


  2. David, Jill, I read a good piece that noted McConnell is supporting Trump’s litigation to keep the base wound up for the Georgia Senate votes. Since McConnell does not go to the bathroom without weighing the politics, this made more sense. Keith

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    • Good point … you’re likely spot on! I was disappointed by Thom Tillis winning again in your state … I was so sure he was on his way out! Sigh. Warren Davidson won his bid for re-election here, too. And Rob Portman wrote Trump a congratulatory letter for winning Ohio!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  3. Jill, he has a right to ask for recounts under state law. He has a right to pursue litigation if he feels there was fraud. The judge has a right to say there was not. Yet, what is lost on the argument is the context:
    – the president has planned for this moment for over four months by defaming the mail-in process and having a hired gun hobble the post office
    – the campaign hired over 1,000 attorneys around the country during the summer to prepare for this moment
    – the president urged his voters to NOT use mail-in votes; why, as they are slower to count and it set the stage for what he did on election night
    – the president claimed victory on election night and was chastised by many announcers for inflaming the situation and being reckless
    – the president said the election is being stolen from him and increased the burner on fraud claims
    – the president loses and sets in motion the fraud cases.

    What the president is doing and has done was predicted and predictable. I wrote a post using an article from September called “Take it to the bank – Trump will sue to prevent losing the election.” Then there is Senator Bernie Sanders who laid it precisely what Trump would do, almost four weeks ago. Keith

    PS – It is sad the president did not spend this much time planning for the pandemic.

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    • True, he does have that right. But, the lawsuits he is filing willy-nilly are not backed by facts, there is no evidence whatsoever that there is any voter fraud, so doesn’t that make them frivolous lawsuits, and isn’t there some law against frivolous lawsuits?

      It seems to me that Trump has known, or at least suspected, that he would lose for some time now, hence the 1,000+ lawyers around the country. First question is … who is paying for all of this? It better be Trump, and not We the People. Second question … does he have the right to claim that he won an election that he very obviously lost? I was sickened and enraged tonight when I heard that Mike Pompeo, on being asked whether there could be a smooth transition, replied that the State Department would ensure “a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.” I nearly threw something.

      You’re right that what he has done and is doing was predictable, but … WHY is it being allowed to happen? Can you imagine if Obama had pulled any of this horse hockey? He is killing us … killing our morale, killing us by ignoring a raging pandemic, killing us by trashing every norm, everything we believed to be the foundation of our government. When does somebody finally say, “ENOUGH!” and do something to stop this maniac? Sigh.

      Yes, if he had spent even a tenth the time trying to counter the pandemic that he’s spent trying to hold onto power illegitimately, we might only have a small percentage of the cases and deaths we have today.


  4. WP is NOT allowing me to comment directly on your blog, although I am subbed and get the emails, so I CAN read your posts on your site but can only comment here on the Reader…. (VERY infuriating and time consuming, never mind my occasional cursing because of trying to ‘sign in’ whenever and NOT getting to you!) but THEY do have so many problems that mine, not even having a blog on WP, won’t make them read their marching orders!

    Anyway, I fully agree with you and am ‘already happy’ to read that S Bannon is banned from Twitter – there is SO much garbage still to be dished out until January, you all will need a thick skin and much deep breathing will be the daily order!

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    • Kiki — I’m soooo disgusted with WP! It was bad enough that they changed the blogging platform, but Every Single Day I run into problems trying to “like” posts and comments. One day I can do it at the blog, the next day I have to do it from the Reader. THEN … the next day, it’s all different! I can usually comment directly on the blog, but must “login” — even though I’m logged into the system via my own blog. FRUSTRATING!

      Sorry, Jill … but this has been a real thorn in my side lately and it was somewhat gratifying to see someone else is suffering.

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      • Nan, same here, same here! Plus, the column on the right hand side is showing the titles of the posts but the beginning of the texts do not correspond to the titles. And wenn I read articles, the photos are covered by text, they show up doubled up, one is not able to read the blog posts….. it’s really infuriating.

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      • No need to apologize, Nan … it IS frustrating and aggravating! I found that I’m more likely to have problems in this area if I use my Opera browser, but far fewer problems using Firefox, so I only use Firefox for blogging and related tasks, and Opera for most everything else.


    • I had that problem when visiting other blogs for a while, then it suddenly stopped. I’m so sorry this blog has been giving you problems … I do love your comments and I’m glad you’ve stuck with it, despite the problems. Thank you!

      Yes, Bannon is a grade-A jerk … now he’s banned from Twitter and his attorney has resigned, so he’s rather up a creek without a paddle. Awwwww … pobrecito!

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  5. The way they are carrying on they are planning on losing Georgia.
    They lost.
    Tough (bad word) a/holes.
    Get your hands off of your (bad word), stop jerking around and (bad word)ing help run this nation, otherwise.
    (Lots of bad words and offensive imagery) the lot of you.
    I’m saving my dignity and eloquence for my writing.

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    • I think that Trump knew 6 months ago, when he started criticizing mail voting, that his re-election bid was a lost cause. Heh heh heh … I have used every one of those bad words multiple times in the past month or so. The girls don’t even roll their eyes anymore.

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      • Shows what a complete shmuck he is. Any half decent operator would have read the runes and got their staff working on an alternate strategy to use mail voting to their advantage.
        What does he do? Sit on his flabby tush and whine like the spoiled brat he is.
        Trouble is ….70,000,000 were willing to treat his tantrums as a political vision.

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        • Yes, and THAT is the problem. Trump is but a symptom of a much larger problem … that some 70 million people in this country are willing to live under a dictatorship if it means they can have their little white, Christian, male-dominated society! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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          • Sad to say…..
            You got it kiddo!
            It’s always been there, ever since a few ragged-butted English folk washed up on the east coast.
            And despite the efforts of many down the following years, it an’t gone away….
            Of course it’s been massaged with such phrases as ‘Rugged Individualism’ or ‘Nascent Adherence to the Founding Fathers’ Ideals ‘ or ‘Blah-blah-blah’

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            • Yeah, it’s always been here, but for a time I thought we were making progress at getting rid of it. Now, it’s rather like the coronavirus … raging and setting new records every day, taking more lives almost daily. So, perhaps they can develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, but I don’t think there will ever be a vaccine for TS. Sigh.

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    • I figured McConnell would win, but was really pulling for Amy McGrath. Best we can hope for now is that both democrats win the Georgia runoffs on January 5th, dividing the Senate 50-50, with Kamala Harris being the one to break any ties. Hopefully, with Trump gone, some republicans will remember that their loyalty is to We the People, not Donald Trump. Sigh.


  6. And id they don’t buck up but decide to carry on in exactly the same way, they’ll do their chosen job of frustrating every move of Joe Biden and they’ll drag the country down so far there’s no way back. Moscow Mitch says Business as usual which means a total lack of co-operation. But it’s Republicans that suffer along with the Democrats, and does he care? Not a pinch. It’s all about drinking in the power for him. How many Democrat bills saw the light of day last year.and how many joint bills where there had been a little co-operation., absolutely none.
    Trump tweeted this morning that Joe Biden had nothing to do with the new drug coming from Pfizer as thoiugh it was all his and Joe was going to claim it. He mad it sound like he’d worked there himself. The Kudos belongs solely to the drug company, all Trump did was supply some money and even then it wasn’t his .He has to accept he’s lost and try and get over it.

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    • Disrupting Joe Biden’s transition period, and perhaps even his presidency, is their goal, of course. Donald Trump is not, and never has been, a president, but rather an ‘entertainer’ hired by the populist masses to completely destroy this nation so that they can start over and build it from scratch as they would like it. Trump’s ego is so massive that he doesn’t realize he’s been used, played for a fool. But, the masses are now outraged that their puppet is doomed and they seem intent on seeing to the destruction of our norms and foundations all by themselves.

      As re the vaccine … if Trump had ANYTHING to do with it, then it is poison and nobody should ever take it! Why doesn’t somebody just shoot this sorry excuse for a human being and put us all out of our misery???


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