President-elect Joe Biden-Rising to the Occasion

Our friend Jeff reminds us today to focus on Joe Biden, on the fact that we have elected a president who is a good and decent man, who will give his best to this nation and the people — ALL the people. I couldn’t have said it better — thank you, Jeff!!!

On The Fence Voters

Since the inception of this blog in May of 2018, I’ve spent a good part of my time detailing the defeated current president’s misconduct and criminality. Not today.

I’ve also spent some time lamenting how Democrats are sometimes their own worst enemy, biting and sniping at one another instead of relishing victory, which we’re starting to see play out as we speak. But not today.

No, today is about Joe Biden and how, despite incredible odds and massive voter suppression, managed to achieve a resounding victory to become the 46th President of the United States.

And let’s not undersell this, folks. When it’s all said and done, Biden will most likely have 306 electoral votes in his column, as well as winning the popular vote by 5 million. We should give him his due and celebrate this victory to the fullest extent.

But perhaps more than anything else, what’s…

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6 thoughts on “President-elect Joe Biden-Rising to the Occasion

  1. Love this post Jill. Now to get him inside the White House and send the Turd packing with little force needed. I’m still reeling over Mitch getting back in. He hasn’t worked for Kentucky since his second term and yet he goes on and on like that little pink rabbit. Been thinking about writing him a letter to remind him he was elected yet again by the people of KENTUCKY! NOT by anyone in D.C. and not by the Republican Party, so he jolly well should get off his high horse and actually earn that big paycheck by doing things FOR Kentucky rather than spending all his time discrediting the other party and holding up passage of everything Democratic! God bless all those one issue voters who put him back there based solely on the issue of abortion. He won’t do anything about it but he’s partly responsible for a lot of deaths from CV-19. My thinking? If you are really pro-life Mitchy, help President Biden get the virus under control instead of doing everything you can think of to discredit him and his uphill battle to save this country in spite of the Republican idiot who is still trying to stop the voting process and let him stay in the very soiled white house.
    Ah, some days I just wonder what’s the use! One family member recovered from CV-19 for now but what does the future hold for her? Another family member exposed through his work and turning blue from holding my breath on that one.

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    • I fully agree — I wish we could get Biden into the Oval Office this week, before the buffoon who’s there now has time to break anything else! And I, too, was disappointed that McConnell was re-elected … though I wasn’t surprised, for the polls had shown him leading fairly consistently. I think your idea to write him a letter is perfect, and while you’re reminding him that he was elected by the people of Kentucky, also remind him that he was NOT elected by Vladimir Putin of Russia! My best hopes at the moment are that both of the democratic candidates in the Georgia runoff elections on January 5th win, which will take Mitchie out of the Senate Majority Leader position and will greatly diminish his power to wreak havoc. Fingers crossed.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your family member who has the coronavirus … I hope he/she recovers quickly and fully! And meanwhile, ma’am, you keep yourself safe! I do worry about all of us, with the latest surge in both new cases and deaths, and yet that ignominious person occupying the Oval Office has not spoken a single word about it except to complain that the vaccine wasn’t announced before the election. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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      • I wish we could get President Biden in immediately, but unfortunately I have a feeling the Turd will break everything he can get his hands on before January. I have my fingers crossed for Georgia, but having an almost argument with the brother who lives in Atlanta, not sure about the state. I can’t believe people can still believe anything the Turd says, but my brother tried to convince me that he is being misquoted. I’ve heard him (Turd) make the statements in his tweets. He couldn’t be misquoted that many times in the course of a day without some verified security system catching it but little bro says different. Bro used to be a very intelligent man but at the moment I’m wondering if senility has set in. And how anyone could send Mitchy back and still sleep at night is beyond me. I’m working on the wording for that letter now. And thanks for the hint about Putin. I will definitely include that one. I kept seeing the polls but still hoped Amy would get by in the end. Now it really feels like the end of the world is at hand and I’m looking for something I can turn into a space ship. Hang on Venus there’s a Kentucky Angel on her way to build a settlement! Or at least a hut.

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        • They called Georgia for Biden today … final tally is 306 to 232 in favour of Biden. Georgia is doing a manual re-count, but Biden is leading by enough that any discrepancies they might find won’t change the final outcome. The same is true in the other states Biden won. The question now becomes, how do we mitigate the damage Trump is doing to the morale of this nation? For the first time, I must admit that I don’t think some of the damage can be undone, and I think the only way to bring unity to this nation is going to be another World War. Yeah, I was pulling for Amy McGrath too … I thought there was a chance. Sigh. Love you, my friend.

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          • I hope it won’t be a world war, but feel like another civil war will happen when they have to go in and physically remove the Turd. He just doesn’t take defeat well. Such a bullying baby! Too bad he didn’t get a few visits to the woodshed when he was still young but I’m probably the only person who advocates a visit to the woodshed for anyone now.. I discovered that one light tap on my kids diapered bottoms was all it took to let them know I was very serious about not standing in a chair and leaning over the back of it. Guess I could have let them overturn it while they were in there but that would have caused some injury while the pat on the diapered bottom didn’t hurt at all. Well, maybe their pride, but that was easily fixed by a lot of cuddles. And none of this has anything to do with politics but I’m so tired of them all. I’ll start my colony on Venus sans political leaders. Since I’ll be the only person living there it should be easy to just live to exist and not worry about anything else. See? I’m really, really bored

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            • The problem with that whole Civil War scenario is that this time there is no Mason-Dixon line. It would pit neighbor against neighbor, street against street. On my own street, while most of us are anti-Trump, there are two families who openly support the Oaf. And with the number of guns in the hands of idiots in this nation? Uh-uh … no way, José! Sigh. Heh heh … you are funny, my friend! You’ve made me laugh, and today that is a magician’s feat! So, I’m no longer invited to your colony on Venus, eh? Okay, then, I shall start my own on … on … Pluto! Though it is no longer recognized as a legitimate planet, it is the farthest from Earth that one can get and still remain in this solar system, so … to Pluto I Go! Hey, it even rhymes! Feel free to visit whenever you like! Hugs!!! ❤


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