Snarky Snippets Volume MMXX

I cannot help wondering if my built-in snark-o-meter will spin as wildly a year from now as it does today?  It takes so little … sometimes just a single word … to set it off.

Humorous snark …

Some days, you look at the political news, and you’ve just gotta laugh.  This one comes from a state legislator named Price Wallace in the state of Mississippi.


That’s right, folks … Mr. Wallace is 58 years old, a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives since 2018, and he has yet to find his brain.  Judging by most of the comments, I think Mr. Wallace may be voted out next time ‘round!

  • Yeah, because that worked out so well last time. For future reference, it’s “secede”.
  • You’re the poster boy for improving our education system in Mississippi Price.
  • Making slavery vogue again
  • Do it!! It really worked great the last time! Tell that Trump is moving into the Governor’s Mansion. He will rule as Emperor of Trumpistan. Reeves can be in charge of his McDonald’s orders.
  • If Mississippi wants to secede (again), I don’t know anyone who would object. The rest of the country would love to be rid of us. At the rate our young people are fleeing, soon the only residents will be our two senators and one remaining congressman.
  • Seeing that we are a welfare state that receives more money from the federal government then we contribute, who is going to be the person in charge of begging for foreign aid? And people wonder why the state has been at the bottom so long. Look at the type of people whites elect.

And then there was Eric Trump, one of Trump’s two dumb-as-a-tin-can sons, who urged the people of Minnesota to ‘get out and vote’ … only one problem …


Check the date of his tweet … one week after election day.  Um, if Trump is looking for voter fraud, perhaps he needs look no further than his own nest?

Turns out that Eric had written the tweet some time before the election and scheduled it to go on Tuesday but wasn’t quite smart enough to double check the date.  And this is the family that has been in charge of this country for the past four years?

Transition from chaos to sanity …

And on a more serious note, with just 69 days left until Joseph Robinette Biden takes the Oath of Office and is officially sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, time is of the essence in preparing for a smooth transition.  However, Trump is refusing to concede that he lost the election, he has ordered that no federal agency is to work with Biden’s transition team, nor to provide any information to them.

Political appointees have told their staffers, including career civil servants, not to respond to outreach from the Biden team, if there is any. No formal briefings on agencies’ projects, budgets, trouble spots or day-to-day operations — crucial building blocks that help an administration form a new government — are taking place.  This should not surprise anybody, for Donald Trump’s level of maturity is somewhere around that of a grasshopper, but it is detrimental to the health of this nation.  The incoming administration needs to have access to the resources and knowledge of the outgoing administration, plain and simple.


However, Joe Biden is not scratching his head and letting grass grow under his feet.  Remember, he spent 8 years as Vice President, and built a network of contacts during that time … contacts he can fall back on now, his team working through informal channels to learn what’s going on in the government, talking with think tanks, labor and nonprofit groups and those who previously served at federal agencies.

Emily-MurphySince Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration (GSA) is refusing to sign paperwork that releases Biden’s $6.3 million share of nearly $10 million in transition resources, the vast majority of the Biden team members will volunteer their time.  These are people who are dedicated to their jobs, dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible, even under adverse circumstances, and We the People owe them a debt of gratitude.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Trump continues to play his shell game of lawsuits, false claims of voter fraud, and temper tantrums.  Won’t it be nice to have a grown man leading the nation in just 69 days?

Another new record-setting day

And in even more serious news, the U.S. broke yet another record … actually two new records yesterday:  142,808 new cases of the coronavirus in a 24-hour period, and 1,478 deaths in the same period.

At the federal level, there is nothing being done to try to stem the spread of the virus, however many states are taking new measures such as mask mandates and requiring restaurants and bars to close at 10:00 p.m.  It will not be enough.  We were warned … for months, the medical experts have been telling us that with colder weather would come a new surge, but our government chose to ignore the experts, allowing Trump to spread his false rhetoric that the virus was “going away”, and that we had “turned a corner”.

With just over 4% of the world’s population, we have 20.4% of the global cases, and 19.2% of the global deaths.  This, my friends, is not a record we should be proud to hold.  Our friends and families are dying, and our federal government is doing exactly nothing.

On Monday, it was announced that drug company Pfizer has produced an experimental coronavirus vaccine that appears to be more than 90% effective.  Cynic that I am, I distrust anything that comes out of a U.S.-based pharmaceutical company, but in any event, this is positive news, though far from being a cure-all.  Trump, however, despite the fact that he has been promising a vaccine for months now, lashed out in anger, claiming that Pfizer withheld their announcement until after the election in order to sabotage his re-election bid.  I believe he referred to it as the “medical deep state.”  Obviously, his rant is bullshit, but … it proves one thing that we should all realize:  to Trump, we are pawns, and our lives are worth less than nothing to him.

69 more days, my friends.  Yes, chaos is likely to reign during that time, but just think … on the night of January 20, 2021, we will be able to go to bed and actually sleep without nightmares, without wondering to what abomination we will wake in the morning.


24 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets Volume MMXX

  1. Pfizer is actually a rather trustworthy company…they refused to connect with trump’s corona virus group of morons, have worked diligently on producing an anti-viral while actually following the fda rules, consistently supply diabetic, heart and cancer drugs to under-insured patients at zero cost, actually pay the women and minorities the same amount as they do males (white ones mostly). If I was to take ANY preventative medication for this disease it would be theirs. In other news, I’ve been calling, texting, emailing and faxing the GSA for the past week on a daily basis…dunno if it is doing anything other than annoying that twit of an administrator but it sure feels like fun to me!

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    • Thanks for the info, Suze! I’ve come to think of all pharma companies as banditos, after the cost of my insulin went to more per month than my income and I had to begin buying it from Canada. And, I do not trust the politicization that I fear has gone on behind the scenes. I hope this vaccine really does work, has no major side effects, and lasts for many years. Heh heh … I’m glad you’ve been driving her nuts! She deserves every bit of it!

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  2. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Trump continues to play his shell game

    Whoops! Didn’t you actually mean … “Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Trump continues to PLAY GOLF!”

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    • Yeah, that too!!! I look at it this way, though … if he’s out on the golf course taking his aggression out on a poor little white ball, at least he isn’t doing further damage to the country! Maybe we could pitch him a little gold-plated tent out on the golf course and he could just spend the next 69 days there?

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  3. Actually, Pfizer is in a partnership with the German company Biontech. I believe that Biontech lead the research, but didn’t have the capacity to produce millions of doses of the vaccine. The EU is also buying it, so I hope it’s fairly trustworthy.

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  4. Hello Jill. I wonder if tRump doesn’t want Biden to be briefed because of the illegal or improper things tRump & crew are up to. The arms sales in the middle east are problematic for sure. I suspect tRump and Jared are trying to do a much grifting as possible before they have to turn over the information to Biden and Team. Hugs

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    • I’m sure that’s part of it, Scottie. But, I also think that he is so desperate to stay in office, given the lawsuits and huge debt he will face as soon as he leaves, he will do anything to throw a wrench into the works of the usual exit strategy, such as publicly conceding, agencies sharing information with the incoming team, and a host of other preparations. I really wish we could evict him today, before he has time to do further damage. It’s like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum and breaking his toys out of anger … only thing is, Trump is breaking OUR toys! Hugs, my friend!

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  5. Jill, the country is fortunate for another reason. Biden and his team will know how things are supposed to be run. Per Michael Lewis’ “The Fifth Risk” based on the briefing materials he read, but were not so much by the incoming Trump department heads, portrays the many risks the country faces that the president is clueless about. Trump and his team did not do homework on what the departments do and risks they prevent and watch.

    I cannot reveal too much, but two people I know met with someone reporting to a direct teport of the director of one of the departments spent half the meeting briefing that person on what that department did in this specific area. These individuals were taken aback by what the person did not know. After reading Lewis’ book which has many more examples, it raises concerns. Keith

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    • Yes, that’s an excellent point. I remember when I first read Lewis’ book, my jaw dropped while reading how much incompetence Trump brought into the White House with him, and how unconcerned they all seemed about learning their new jobs. We’ve paid a steep price for that incompetence and lack of concern. And per your example, some did not even know what the departments they were entering even did! What could possibly go wrong, eh? Is it any wonder that when a crisis finally did hit (the pandemic), nobody knew what to do, and worse yet, didn’t seem to care.


  6. Picking on grasshoppers now, Jill? Have I not taught you anything since I met you? No creature on this earth, including rats, cockroaches, or grasshoppers, can ever be blamed for what stupid humans can do. Please respect those who we think are lower than us on the evolutionary scale. Without them, we would never be here. Check the DNA. We are all related. Well, only a few Republicans are, most of these never evolved, they just think they did.

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    • OH … my bad! I should not have said that … apologies to all the grasshoppers in the world! I might question, though, whether human DNA is actually related to grasshopper DNA … do grasshoppers even have DNA? Here’s a question for you … we had an invasion of huge mosquitos on our back window for several days before the weather turned cold. Eventually, I looked closely enough to realize they were mating! A few seemed not to survive the process and are now dead on my screen. I jokingly said I would do an autopsy on one to determine the cause of death, but when I looked at it, I had to wonder … do mosquitoes even have hearts, kidneys, lungs, etc? Even though by mosquito standards these guys (and gals) are huge, they are too tiny to have all those things in their little bodies … so how do they function? I shall try to do better and not compare people to critters again. I stand properly chastised.


      • All animals have organs of various sorts, and last time I checked even microbes have DNA. I am truly surprised you wouldn’t think they have them. They might not be as complex as ours, but that is what evolution is all about–finding something that works, and improving on it. N’est-ce pas?
        Recent studies show insects even have a form of consciousness, but I could have told them that. We all, every living species on Earth, evolved from the same one-celled beings. Every cell in our bodies are one-celled beings, working together to create the beings we know as us. This I reasoned from searching my own being, not through experiment, but through experience. And we all also have spirits, the life that instills us with all our abilities. Unfortunately, humans are so hung up on being superior, most believe it when the bible says god gave humans domination over all others. That has blinded even most scientists who treat others like test subjects. We are all in this together, and hurting one hurts all. And so it goes…

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        • Well, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I am a pragmatist … seeing is believing. ‘Tis why I cannot believe in god and all the religious paraphernalia. So, I look at that teeny tiny body and … even a heard the size of a pinhead would not fit, let alone kidneys, liver, stomach, et al. However, as you are much more well-versed in such things, if you say so, then I will believe you. As for your last sentence … you know I agree with that. Sigh.


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