A Most Dangerous Game

Blogging friend Brosephus has put into words what, I think, the majority of us are thinking right now. Thank you, Brosephus.

The Mind of Brosephus

The election is over, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are president-elect and vice president-elwct respectively. Even after the dust around the recounts and lawsuits settle, those two will still retain those titles. America has spoken, and it is done.

Nonetheless, Republicans are playing a very dangerous game or should I say games. Let me explain. I may ruffle some feathers with this post, but this needs to be said.

There was no voter fraud in 2020 enough to affect the outcome of the election. Unlike 2016, there was more attention being paid to security efforts, and that attention appears to have paid off.

Yet, we have Trump and his syncopants going on Fox News with alleged evidence of fraud. Fortunately for America, Fox News is not a court of law. When these allegations are made in court, they have been shown the door all across the country.

So, we…

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8 thoughts on “A Most Dangerous Game

  1. That’s what amazes and scares me the most…the cult of braindead, stupid, nasty, ignorant, angry racists. Hard to believe it’s almost 50%, isn’t it.

    Joe will try his best along with a few other really smart and decent people, but 4 years isn’t enough time and the cult will grow and end up destroying everything. There are simply that stupid and evil. There are no words. Think about it…every civilization, every country eventually falls, usually by greed, corruption and rot inside the “soul”. It just happens…

    It happened thousands of times in the past…look at Germany at the end of WWII and look at them today. So turnaround is possible for sure, but it takes time ( took them, what 60 years or more) and we don’t have that kind of luxury now…not with climate change, deadly viruses, weapons far more powerful that back then…

    Sorry I don’t feel so positive in the long run…near term yes, with Biden, but I feel like it’s just a ripple in the otherwise downward trend. Hope I’m wrong.

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    • I share those same concerns, Mary. I’ve long said that just because Trump goes away, doesn’t mean that the dissatisfaction that put him there will also leave. My best guess is that next time, they will choose a smoother, more qualified yet equally vile candidate, one who will be smart enough not to get himself impeached in his second year, but to quietly undermine the will of the majority of us. I don’t feel particularly positive either, Mary … I wish I did. Sigh.

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  2. Hi Jill: I never gave up hope that this Trump nightmare would end successfully in an election loss at the minimum. Now it;’s time to just sit back and watch this narcissism steadily close in on him in ultimate disgrace.

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