Filosofa’s Frustrations …

Several things crossed my radar this morning that I find relevant … I’m defining relevant as rant-inducing here.

A brief update about the pandemic

Two days ago, Thursday November 12th, the U.S. set yet another record, with 161,541 new cases and 1,190 deaths in a 24-hour period.  Yesterday, Friday November 13th, we broke even that record with 183,527 new cases and 1,395 deaths.  To all those fools who still believe Trump when he says it’s going away … I’ve got a lovely bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you really cheap.

Hazards of the job?

When a person applies to become a Secret Service agent, they obviously accept that they will sometimes be in danger, might even be in the literal line of fire, as Special Agent Tim McCarthy was when he stepped in front of President Ronald Reagan during the assassination attempt of March 30, 1981, and took a bullet to the chest.  What they do not expect, however, is that they will recklessly be exposed to a potentially lethal disease.

It was reported yesterday morning that more than 130 Secret Service officers who help protect the White House and the president when he travels have recently been ordered to isolate or quarantine because they tested positive for the coronavirus or had close contact with infected co-workers.  This amounts to roughly 10% of the agency’s core security team, and the infections are believed to have stemmed from the series of campaign rallies that Trump held in the weeks prior to the election.

Now consider that not only are the agents themselves affected, but most have families – spouses and children – who are now also at risk. Donald Trump owes every single one of these agents and their families an apology, yet he has not so much as mentioned the pandemic for days now.  I guess he still thinks it just … went away.  Way to go, Donnie – kill the very people who risk their lives every day to protect your sorry life.

And justice for all???

Justice Samuel Alito has been on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court since January 31, 2006 when he replaced Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  Alito is a textualist, meaning he takes the words of the Constitution literally, not allowing for the events that have changed the times over the past two centuries.  He is also a conservative thinker, but until yesterday, I did not realize the extent to which he refuses to consider any opinion that does not fall in line with his own.

Alito delivered an unusually inflammatory public speech Thursday night to the Federalist Society where he said that liberals pose a growing threat to religious liberty and free speech.  Say WHAT???  What has this man been smoking?

His premise was, in a nutshell, that liberal support for LGBT rights such as the right to marry as confirmed by the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v Hodges in 2015, was a direct assault on religious freedom, for some religions insist that marriage be defined as being between a man and a woman.  Okay, welcome back to the 19th century, Mr. Alito.

The never-ending election

Yesterday evening, the results for the last two states were announced:  North Carolina for Trump, and Georgia for President-elect Joe Biden.  This brings the total electoral votes for Biden to 306 over Trump’s 232 … a comfortable margin.  Biden also leads in the popular vote … by more than 5.2 million.  And yet … Trump and his cronies such as Mike Pompeo and Kayleigh McEnany continue to claim that it will be Trump who is inaugurated on January 20th.

I said a few days ago that we should, and I would to whatever extent possible, ignore his rhetoric … pay no attention to what he says, but focus on actions.  Trouble is that his continual tweets and threats are doing significant damage to the people of this nation … perhaps irreparable harm.  A PEW Research survey shows that 70% of republicans believe the election was not fair.  All of us are on pins and needles, and the U.S. is a tinderbox waiting for just the right spark to set it off.  I am surprised that there has been no major violence in the streets, but how long can that last, with the tension and vitriol that abound?

A top committee made up of officials from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and its election partners refuted Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud and irregularities in a statement Thursday, calling the election “the most secure in American history.”  And still he throws his tantrum, saying the election was ‘stolen’ from him.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Every other president since George Washington has had more respect for We the People than Donald Trump has.  My proposal, if I had the ear of people like Mike Pence, is that he needs to be removed NOW, not in 67 days.  It could be done using the 25th Amendment, and frankly if Pence or Trump’s ignoble cabinet members had a conscience, it would have already been done.  Instead, they will drag the uncertainty and planned chaos out all the way up until noon on January 20th, by which time I and many like me will already be dead from either stress-related illness or from jumping off a tall building.


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  1. It has been an uphill battle, with such transparency around vested interest, that frustration and fear are normal daily feelings for those who see and care. The toll on our country and its future generations will literally be there for years to come. Biden and Harris will need all the support we can give. Jill, I always appreciate your thoughts and posts.

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  2. Jill, the number of Trump folks who have gotten the virus totals 40. That is not counting secret service. That also does not count governors and mayors who now have it. It still boggles my mind that 72 million people voted for this person who did not tell us of the risk early on and misled us throughout, even yesterday.

    Former Trump National Security Director John Bolton notes the Republicans need to accept Joe Biden’s victory. Privately, many have reached out to Biden, but the Republican voters need to hear it from them as they are definitely hearing the fraud claims from the person who is actually perpetuating the voter fraud on the American public – his name is Donald J. Trump.


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    • It boggles my mind too, my friend, and I find it depressing that so many have such different values than I thought most of us shared. I agree with you … the republicans in Congress would stand miles above Trump if they would do the right thing, acknowledge Biden’s win, and reach out now to congratulate him. They might do well to remember that in 67 days, Trump will be gone and unable to do anything, but they will have to be able to work with Biden.


  3. Hello Jill. tRump understood the threat of the 25th amendment to him, so he took steps to make sure it couldn’t ever be used. He has installed sycophants in the needed cabinet positions that have not been vetted by the Senate. These cult loyalist wouldn’t even dream of taking an action against the desires of their dear leader. The Republican party has for the longest time wanted to restrict democracy to Republican white Christian males only, which is about power for them selves and not in keeping with democracy. They are showing clearly right now they would give up democracy and install tRump ruler for life if they can be the only party in charge from now on. They really would. They have long admired the one party political systems of some countries, and tRump has often claimed he should be president for life like the ruler in China managed to do. Hugs

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    • Yes, I know you’re right, Scottie, and I hope they all go down in flames with him! I saw a comment on another blog recently where the person said he/she wouldn’t mind living under a dictatorship as long as ‘Christian values’ were the norm. I find that term, “Christian values” to be something of an oxymoron these days. Sigh. Hugs

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      • Hello Jill. Yes I agree it is an oxymoron. I think one reason religious people are OK with a dictatorship or authoritarian government is because that is what church is and how government is in the bible. Here is how I described my thoughts on it to Dylan.

        Let’s look at how the Bible is a dictatorship. God is the lord, he is the top boss, what he says is what goes, no argument, he makes the rules and the people follow them. He has the perfect plan. Even the angels, who in the beginning were thought of as other or lower deities, ( that is why the first commandment is so important to the Bible God, You shall have no other gods before me ) were to obey him at all times or face the worst of penalties. Government of the Bible is top down, from God the ultimate authority to the preacher / pastor / priest / religious leader. That leader speaks to and for God. He has the inside info. So what the leader says goes, no argument. Any disagreement is first argued down and if that doesn’t stop dissent, the authority of the church is brought into force to keep the leaders will. In this form of government the people have no say, they are told how it will be. If they don’t like it they can leave in some religions, in others no one can leave and if they try they are killed. That includes Christian sects as well. In some the death is symbolic called shunning. A love it entirely or leave it if you can culture, not a democracy wouldn’t you say?


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        • That’s an excellent explanation, Scottie! I have long since concluded that religion is the biggest problem in the world — always has been. Look how many wars have been fought over religion. And religion seeks only to punish those who actually use their heads, ask questions, and challenge those things that make no sense. The world would be a better place without any of it, I think. So, Dylan still visits your blog? I haven’t seen him for probably six months now. Hugs.

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          • Hello Jill. He disappeared from my blog saying he had gotten real busy. He recently left a comment and we have been chatting in the comments on my blog. Here is the post that got his attention and has all his comments on it.


            He wants to talk philosophy which I explained to him I know nothing about. I was hoping some people who know more than me on that subject would chime in, but so far no one has. The other parts of our conversation on rights I am more versed on.

            OT. Are you and yours set for Thanksgiving? Ron wants to do a turkey with all the fixings. It will only be the two of us, but if it makes him happy to do it I can stand to eat the left overs. Hugs

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            • I just now got around to reading your post and the commentary between you and Dylan. Sigh. He is well-indoctrinated, it would seem, but … I do notice a new maturity to his comments that was largely missing a year or two ago, and I was pleased to see that he did give your views some thought, rather than simply rebutting. In truth, I did not read all the commentary, for I am tired and it is late, but enough to get the gist of it. I’m so f-ing tired of people claiming this is a “Christian” nation and that our laws should reflect the views of those who are homophobic, racist bigots. I’m seriously pondering a post on this topic, in part inspired by your post. I try to tread softly when it comes to religion, for many of my readers/friends are Christians and I try hard to respect that, though I myself am a long-term non-believer.

              We are planning to share Thanksgiving with our next-door neighbors and good friends, Maha & Ali. I may have mentioned them before … they were refugees from Iraq several years ago, moved here speaking only 7 words of English. We became close friends with them and their three sons, and remain so today. Today, they are U.S. citizens and speak … well, not quite perfect, but pretty good English, and we have learned a bit of Arabic. Every Thanksgiving, I make the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, and they prepare Arabic dishes, then we get together at their house (Maha is afraid of our kitties, so it’s always at their place) and have a few hours of delicious food, delightful company, and lots of laughter! I’m with Ron … gotta have a turkey and trimmings … the leftovers are the BEST part!!! If we don’t chat again before then, I send very Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and Ron! Hugs.

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  4. Apparently ’tis been reported that the goonies on ANon might be accepting Trump is no longer going to be Pres.
    Meanwhile as I scrolled through suggested blogs on Reader I came across a gazillion page long post about ‘Voter Fraud’ and thousands attending Trump rallies and small numbers Biden rallies…blah…blah…blah.
    Mischief got the better of me (Jolly would understand) and I posted this:

    ‘Tis waiting moderation….I doubt if it will get past the moderation stage……..

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  5. Nothing new here, I hate to say. Same old same old day after day after day… It will take America decades to return to normalcy, if ever it can. There are so many fences to mend that Biden will have to prioritize with a heavy hand. The most important issue is Covid, but is it even possible to bring it under control. The third wave will be coming soon, and we have no idea how many waves we are going to get. After Covid, what is the next priotity? I think it’s a toss-up between re-establishing world relations, and healing the Great American Divide. The former will be much easier than the latter. I think he needs a quick and visible win.

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    • I find that I cannot disagree with you … I think this country has changed direction and will never be quite the same again, but … maybe in the long run, say 50 years from now, that might be a good thing. After Covid, I think the next priority has to be climate change. Yes, also re-establishing world relations, but I think that will happen from the day Biden takes office, for the world breathed a collective sigh of relief when Biden’s win was announced. Healing the Great Divide? HAH! Check out my latest post for my thoughts on that. Sigh. Back down the rabbit hole now.


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