Missing Words …

I simply cannot find my words today.   I don’t remember where I left them when I went to bed last night … er, this morning … and I’ve called and whistled for them, but no words are forthcoming.  However, John Oliver does not have any problem finding his, and he has graciously agreed to fill in for Filosofa today with words that are wiser and more informed than mine would have been, even if they had come out of hiding.

Seriously, though … this clip, while it is nearly 18 minutes long, is well worth watching as he assesses the current situation here in the U.S. and quite effectively puts to rest the rumours and conspiracy theories that are being spread by Trump and his nasty cohorts even faster than the coronavirus pandemic.  I do hope you’ll take the time to watch this from start to finish … it is well worth the time … plus there is a glint of much-needed humour.

21 thoughts on “Missing Words …

  1. Still can’t find it on our UK YouTube…I can find all sorts of crap on why Trump has been sent by The Almighty….blah-blah-blah.
    Of course one of the problems is that in between watching cartoon shows and porn channels and reading Alex Jones he might have seen clips about what has been going on in Belorussia
    And thinks he can turn things around and become another Alexander Lukashenko

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  2. Jill, I watched his show tonight. Excellent as always. Quite simply, he lays out how ludicrous the claims perpetuated by the president and abetted by his followers are. Keith

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    • Yes, he is always spot-on. The one where they said a dead man had voted and it was his wife who had voted, then the one where they said a dead man had voted and he’s still quite among the living … I would have laughed, if this whole scenario weren’t costing this nation so much in so many ways.


  3. Excellent share! For some unknown reason the use of a certain “F” word doesn’t sound as vile to the ears when coming from John Oliver’s mouth. I would only add one other thing to this post or mayhaps on another post…Don Caron’s most recent edition of Parody Project : Fifty Ways to Leave the White House! Thank-YOU!!

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    • Thanks Ellen! John Oliver is usually spot on in his assessments and he does have a way of making expletives a bit less offensive. I will definitely check out the latest Parody Project! Thanks!


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