A Few Words Found …

You’ll remember yesterday afternoon when I told you I couldn’t find my words … I think I found some of them, but it seems this batch is smaller than I had on Sunday.  At any rate … I shall see what I can make with the words I do have and perhaps by tomorrow the rest will turn up somewhere.

On a personal note …

My granddaughter Natasha, aka Miss Goose, gave me her Christmas list last week and the very first thing on the list was … a donation to Black Lives Matter.  This kid … she’s 25 now … she just makes me so damn proud of her.  I feel tears welling every time I look at that list.  The next item on the list, of course, is a new computer (that I just ordered, but don’t tell her), followed by a couple of shirts and a long list of books.  But how many people do you know who start their wishlist with a donation to anybody, let alone such a worthy cause?  I just had to give some kudos here to a young woman with a heart of pure gold.

Oil.  Alaska.  Wildlife.  Asshole.

It would appear that Donald Trump plans to leave as his ‘legacy’ a 21st century “scorched earth” policy as he leaves the White House, hopefully forever.  Numerous things have come onto my radar that he and his nasty band of cronies are attempting to enact prior to January 20th.  For starters, the “Trump administration”, aka Donald Trump, announced yesterday that they are planning to rush through the sale of leases to oil companies that would achieve Trump’s long-sought goal of allowing oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

The Wildlife Refuge … REFUGE, defined by Merriam-Webster as “a place that provides shelter or protection”.  Animals, some on the brink of extinction, would be murdered in order for oil companies to make more profit!  According to Adam Kolton, executive director of the Alaska Wilderness League …

“This lease sale is one more box the Trump administration is trying to check off for its oil industry allies.  But it is disappointing that this administration until the very end has maintained such low regard for America’s public lands, or the wildlife and Indigenous communities that depend on them.”

Disappointing?  No, it goes well beyond disappointment.  Disappointment is when your favourite restaurant is out of fish ‘n chips … this is infuriating, unconscionable, rage-inducing!

The Arctic refuge is one of the last vast expanses of wilderness in the United States, 19 million acres that for the most part are untouched by people, home instead to wandering herds of caribou, polar bears and migrating waterfowl. It has long been prized, and protected, by environmentalists, but Trump has boasted that opening it to oil development was among the most significant of his efforts to expand domestic fossil fuel production.

We. Don’t. Need. The. Damn. Oil.  Somebody please, turn a few dozen polar bears loose on this moron and let them have him for supper!  Truth is, it isn’t and never was about the U.S. needing that oil – it is and always was about the fossil fuel industry and their profits … men who already sit on billions of dollars of wealth, while some of us struggle to put food on the table.  DAMN you, Donald Trump … just DAMN YOU.

How to make the pandemic even worse … hire Scott Atlas!

In just under a week, the United States went from 10 thousand cases to over 11 thousand, and we are on track to hit 12 thousand within a few days.  Yesterday, we had 162,149 new cases, the day before 146,544.  We lead the world in both coronavirus cases and deaths.

Scott Atlas, who I have mentioned before, is the highly un-qualified senior advisor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, a position that was once occupied by the very well-qualified Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Whereas Dr. Fauci’s entire career has been dedicated to the study of viruses and immunology, Atlas is a neuroradiologist … nothing to do with communicable diseases. Whereas Dr. Fauci cares about human life, Atlas cares only about licking Trump’s boots.


In the absence of federal guidance, states’ governors are taking the virus seriously and doing what needs to be done to keep the people in their state safe … or as safe as is reasonably possible.  One such governor is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer who, concerned by the recent spike in cases announced Sunday a three-week pause on indoor dining, in-person learning and several other activities.  So, what did Scott Atlas do?  Rather than support the governor in her effort to keep people safe, he tweeted …

“The only way this stops is if people rise up. You get what you accept. #FreedomMatters #StepUp.”

Freedom matters … indeed it does, but somehow, being free once your dead, or lying in a hospital bed hooked up to a multitude of machines, somehow pales in comparison to being alive.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said Monday that Atlas’ call to action represented a “grave concern” and warned that it could provoke violence in the state …

“These public health orders are absolutely necessary to preserve human life.  But once again, here you have members of the Trump administration that are so much more hurtful than they are helpful.”

Atlas, a physician with no expertise in infectious diseases or epidemiology, has won favor in the White House in recent months by advocating against coronavirus restrictions and downplaying the disease’s threat.  He has also publicly attacked Anthony Fauci, accusing the nation’s top infectious disease expert of stoking fears about the pandemic for political purposes ahead of the presidential election earlier this month.  One of Trump’s worst choices, one who did not require Senate confirmation, and one who ought to be stoned in the public square for his hideous disregard of our lives, along with his boss!

Well … puff puff puff … it seems I found enough words to make a post, yes?  And now, I think to soothe my own jangled psyche, I will go find a song for this morning’s music post.

57 thoughts on “A Few Words Found …

  1. I love this post!! Thanks for sharing and spreading awareness for so many important issues. Please feel encouraged to check out my recent blog post regarding protection for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! ❤️

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    • Thank you! Amidst all the political games that have been in play over the last four years, too little attention has been given to protecting the environment and our wildlife. I shall check out your post shortly. Thanks!

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    • Thank you, Michael! She is indeed the light of my life! I like to think my influence had some effect on the wonderful young woman she has grown into, but in truth, she is kinder and smarter than me!

      I’m hearing that the vaccine will be very limited for the first year or so, and that the average person, at least in this country, will not likely be able to get it for several months, perhaps the end of 2021. We’ll see … perhaps with several companies producing it, it will go faster.


  2. Your granddaughter is awesome. I hope we have many young people like her that will rise up someday to change the world away from this madness we have had to live with. It is so discouraging and the Arctic Wilderness obscenity has put me in a deep funk.

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    • Thank you, Mary! She read the comments a bit ago and was wearing a big smile. She truly is a gem and the light of my life. A heart of gold and a sharp mind, too. Yes, that news and other have left me in a deep funk as well, and now he seems intent on firing those tasked with national security. Every day we wake to some new abomination. Two more months of this??? I don’t think I can … sigh.


  3. I can certainly see why you would be so proud of your granddaughter. 🤍 Jill I always appreciate your posts. The news coming out of the Trump administration is always stressful, self serving, extremely concerning for the future of our country and others we are impacting. All of that said, I look forward to reading your thoughts. it is good to have a solid source of information.

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  4. Trump is now taking lessons from Jason Kenney. One of the first thing he did was pass a law to weaken environmental studies before developing public lands (without telling anyone), then a year later wiped them out altogether because they had no power, which he had earlier taken away from them. Conservative logic. The only thing they want to conserve is the flow of oil, which is causing most of our climate calamities. How do sub-humans like Trump and Kenney get into power in the first place. Don’t people want to preserve their homes?
    Even pussycats know not to shit in their own homes. And we think we are superior. I call bullshit!

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    • I wonder which came first, for I think Trump was already rolling back every environmental regulation we had by the time Kenney was elected, wasn’t he? They both need to be sent to the bottom of the ocean … let the fishies nibble at them. I don’t know how those idiots get into power … or maybe I do … greed and lies. They convince people that climate change is all a hoax, and then they toss out the regulations and the fossil fuel industry rewards them with … money! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have long said humans are NOT the superior race … every animal species has better instincts and common sense! Hell, even turnips have more sense than most humans!


        • Hmmmm … I don’t like either turnips or rutabagas, and my body is long past its prime … falling apart a bit more every day. So … um … my mind, also seems to be rotting, so I forget now what my point was … 🤷


      • Oh, yes, Trump is older and came to power sooner, but Kenney is making up for lost time. And where Trump refuses to work with blue states, all Kenney does is whine to the liberal Feds for more money. He says we are broke. We wouldn’t be if he hadn’t give away $250 billion in corporate taxes. He promised that would provide 50,000 new jobs. So far he is minus 50,000 old jobs, and counting. Just a slight computational error. Like cutting 5000 medical professional jobs during a pandemic, and now he says he doesn’t have enough bodies to staff our emergency and ICU departments, but it’s not his fault.

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        • Yep, he sounds very much like Trump. We’ve voted Trump out, but the thing is that the element that put him there remains and will re-group for the next election. Sigh. Burn Kenney to the ground if you possibly can so that no remnants of his hateful, greedy policies remain.


  5. Jill, our most basic challenge on the pandemic is the following. Mission One in a pandemic is tell people the truth. Only then will they buy into what they need to do. The dilemma is we have a president who finds it difficult to tell the truth. Sadly, folks like Mr. Atlas go along as to not make the boss look foolish. And, people die.

    I shared with you the letter my newspaper printed on wearing a mask. One of the response I got was an old colleague who just buried his mother last week due to COVID-19. That spoke volumes. Keith

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    • Agreed, but he has convinced about half the people that the pandemic is not that serious, that mask-wearing is not necessary, and they believe him. One nurse said that some of her patients did not believe in the coronavirus even as they lay dying. Trump did this … he could have been up front to begin with and at the very least told people how serious it potentially was. In my book, he is responsible for every single death in this country. And hiring Atlas … it’s like hiring a blind man to perform brain surgery!!!

      Wow … yes, that does speak volumes. Heartbreaking.


    • You are so right, Gary. No longer can we say, “Well, at least he’ll be gone come January 20th”. Yes, he’ll be gone, but what will be left behind? He is firing people now … people he perceives weren’t sufficiently ‘loyal’ to him … top level people in security positions. Where does that leave us? I’d prefer putting him on a different planet. Somebody needs to end this … somehow it must end, else there won’t be much left by the time Biden takes his oath of office. 😥


  6. Huge Hugs Natasha. It must be like living in some malicious dystopian nightmare there. You go to bed at night and you think nothing else can happen but next morning the oil pylons are turning the pristine arctic snow black and choking the new black bears to death on their waste .I don’t know whether some brave countries can step in and prevent this. Surely these flaming idiots who rule the board rooms of the oil industry ill know that the public don’t approve and Joe Biden will probably cancel it before they get going.

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    • Natasha thanks you … she only read the comments here a bit ago, and they brought a huge smile to her face.

      It is like living in a nightmare … every morning we wake to wonder what the latest abomination will be. Tonight, Trump fired Christopher Krebs, the senior cybersecurity official in the Department of Homeland Security who had stated this was the most secure election in our history. Why? Because he didn’t repeat Trump’s lies about voter fraud. Next? Probably Gina Haspel, Director of the CIA, because … she did not stop the whistleblower who led to Trump’s impeachment. Bet by this time tomorrow, she’s gone. And then who? Or what. It’s reported that he wanted to bomb Iran, but cooler heads talked him out of it. Sigh.

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    • There’s a bit of history that I wasn’t aware of … thank you, Roger! In truth, I very much fear he has plans for major destruction. It is reported he mentioned wanting to bomb Iran, but was talked out of it by cooler heads. I wonder, are there any in his administration who would defy his orders as Speer and Von Choltitz did? I have my doubts. A couple of nights ago, another horrible thought came to me … what if he tried to get somebody to assassinate Biden? He has no conscience, so there is little I would put past him.

      Miss Goose thanks you! She just read all the comments a while ago and was beaming from ear to ear.

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      • Aww Bless Miss Goose, even a thousand Trumps would not come within ten thousand miles close to her.
        Now if he was to try that, this would prove he would be the biggest most stupid asshole ever to think they wuz a Polytishan. Let’s exam that move:
        1. Biden becomes an instant martyr and will ‘belong to the ages’, Trump gets relegated.
        2. 70,000,000+ very disgruntled Americans baying for blood.
        3. The Conspiracy machine goes into overdrive.
        4. Every investigative journalist and their interns are out there.
        5. Every journalist outside of the US starts writing up ‘Failed State’ pieces and US officials get very annoyed and blame …yep!
        6. A substantial part of the GOP get edgy.
        7. News filters down and some of the President’s Security team begin to wonder if they need to be so alert.
        8. Someone ‘out there’ (or someones) decide he has to go and their own life is fair exchange.
        9. The Dollar nose dives.
        10. And here is the kicker….. The president of the USA in January 2021 will be a woman and won’t have a pale skin.
        He had just better hope one of the really wacky-whoo-hoo followers of his doesn’t try that because it would mark the end of Trump by association.

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              • World? No. He hasn’t got the necessary ‘Dark Matter’ to cause that.
                Be one of the primary causes for a bout of civil unrest in the USA, possible.
                If he doesn’t shut his big fat mouth, he could be the first president in a long time to be facing some sort of criminal charges after January.

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                • My thoughts are … knowing that he already floated the idea of bombing Iran, but was talked down by a general, plus Pence and Pompeo … might he, at the end of the day, say, “To hell with it … why not blow it all up?” And we both know what that would lead to. Sigh. Maybe I’m seeing shadows where there are none … I’m sleep-deprived and depressed as hell, so it’s possible. Hugs, my friend.

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                  • Actually Jill if he tried such a thing at this stage, then there is a constitutional question as to whether the Armed Forces need obey the orders of an outgoing president when there is no immediate threat to the Homeland. He certainly has no friends within that sector.
                    The trouble with Trump is that by his ridiculous behaviour and the loudness of his more extreme supporters there is a belief he is capable of more than he is able to achieve.
                    You should rest for your sake and that of your family. You voted and currently that is the most damage you could have done to him. In the short term the rest now belongs to the forces of Politics which are outside of his control. He’s no operator.

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                    • That is my hope, that he burned his bridges with the military when he called them ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’, and they will follow their oath to the Constitution, for they did not swear an oath to Donnie. I know, and I try, but I cannot just put everything out of my mind. Sigh. I was happy to hear Georgia certified the results for Biden, but then they came back and said, “No, wait a minute, we’re still thinking about it”, or some such b.s. He’s no operator, but he’s damn sure a crook and will steal our voice, if he’s allowed to.

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                    • It fits Jill. It fits.
                      When this started is hard to say, you can take a place in USA history over the past decades and say…’There’ but then you have to go back to the qualifier.
                      So let’s go back to the big event that united the Nation… WWII. Then we get the traditional aftermath when allies start to square up to each other, that would be The Cold War (cold for USA/Europe/Warsaw Pact that is). Vietnam follows along with the liberalisation of views on three fundamentals of most societies Race, Religion and Sex; Vietnam hurt and the other three unsettled. At this stage the always present ‘I can make money out of this’ kicks in. And what sells best…Why?… Controversary, so every opportunist and their stooge piles in grab a slice.
                      Now this mix is cooking and the two sides start to divide, consensus is not as strong as it used to be. Outrage become something of a norm.
                      Then we get 9/11 and following on Iraq and Afghanistan two more wars with serious loss of American lives and no benefits (unless you count war profiteers- Blackwater- ssh I didn’t say that).
                      By now the divides are starting to have thick lines between them but for the White Conservatives there is worse to come…..’One of those people gets two terms in the Whitehouse’. ‘Well sure as Hell we an’t gonna let that happen again!’ add to that along comes a Clinton, they couldn’t bring down one so they will make damn sure there an’t another in the Whitehouse.
                      By now the mix has bubbled up to Toxic and in such a confused state you get the Populist arise, in this case Trump. Populists often only talk to their own. This makes the divide stronger and those who didn’t before start to choose sides.
                      Most of those 72,000,000 did not vote for Trump they voted against the Liberal Alternative. The point which is often missed in election is not the Popular Vote, ie who folk vote for but the ‘Unpopular Vote’ which is who folk vote against. Y’see Biden is associated with ‘that president…y’know the one’. Having Biden in the Whitehouse would only serve to remind them of the fearful time 2008-2016 when America nearly became a socialist totalitarian state- that’s what is perceived. Thus they vote against Biden. Of course Trump being the arch-asshat that he is annoys more folk than he encourages and gets the electoral finger.
                      It’s a case of a nation riven and once in that position odd events happen. As I have said before ‘nothing new here folks’.
                      It’s not good, that’s for certain. We wish Biden well, but we could sure as heck do with an FDR

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  7. Jill, just reading your post made me sick…. I should have stopped after the mention of your fab, fab granddaughter. What a girl!! Pardon me, woman – fighter – hero – all of these, she is!
    I won’t comment on the rest – it’s beyond disgusting. I only hope all of this can be stopped.

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    • I have to agree with Kiki!

      One thing I do wonder about … why, now that he’s BEEN DEFEATED, is he still helping the oil industry? Where will their generous donations go now? To a campaign repeat for 2024? To help his flailing bank account after all the lawsuits? To build another golf course?

      P.S. Your granddaughter is one special gal!

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      • Yes, I’m sure he is still helping the fossil fuel industry, the logging industry, and the NRA, for he apparently has hopes of returning to the Oval Office after the 2024 election. My most sincere hope … and this may sound cruel, but it is honest … is that he is dead before 2024. He is evil … his brand of evil could easily destroy this planet. He needs to be gone for good, and his family with him.

        Thanks, Nan! She is very special … she gives me purpose in life.

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