The GOP is Bat**** Crazy

Jeff is angry and so am I. In fact, any person with a functional brain should be! He is spot-on with this post. Thank you, Jeff, for saying what most of us are thinking.

On The Fence Voters

I’m a little angry today, so please excuse the following post, for it might offend some people. Sorry in advance.

The GOP is the gift that keeps on giving. Since media outlets declared Joe Biden President-elect, I wondered how it would affect my writing in this space. After all, for much of the past two-plus years, the White House’s current occupant provided lots of material – the majority of which was mind-numbingly despicable and shocking.

But then I figured out that even after Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021, we will have one political party that continues to establish itself as the party of kooks, whack-jobs, science deniers, and conspiracy theorists.

In other words, I’ll have plenty to write about. I suppose I owe them a thank you?

Seriously, though, as Joe Biden said yesterday in his press conference when talking about the current GOP’s obstruction and…

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7 thoughts on “The GOP is Bat**** Crazy

      • Maybe not surprising, but … after Haspel, who’s next? How many? And what else? He needs to be stopped … before … before he decides to drop a nuke. Would they stop him? They did a few days ago when he proposed bombing Iran, but … a month from now? I have faith in our system, but any system is only as good as the people who run it.

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        • It is hard to guess how far he will go. The Republican senators could stop this, but they won’t.

          Still, he is getting some push back. And, over time, the pushback will increase. Once the electoral college has officially voted, the courts will probably force his cooperation with the transition.

          It’s going to be a rough two months. But I think we will get through it.

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          • I hope you’re right, Neil. I’m amazed at how many in the Republican Party are enabling his behaviour. As you say, the Republican senators could stop it, Mike Pence and the cabinet members could stop it, but they all seem willing to go along with the madness. 63 days. We can do this (I hope)

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