The World Turns a mite strangely

I often find that friends ‘across the pond’ see our situation so much more clearly than many in this country see it. Perhaps it’s that old adage “… can’t see the forest for the trees”. Right now, we are in the most politically stressful time in most of our lives, and our friend David astutely sums it all up in a view from ‘cross the pond. Thank you, David!


A little over two weeks ago the US had elections for President as well as some Senators and representatives. I’m quite sure most of you remember it since TV’s and newspapers the world over covered it along with the usual conspiracy theorists from Facebook. Under normal circumstances the election would have been done and dusted by now. But that doesn’t allow for the capriciousness of the current President Donald J Trump .

Once the count had been done which took a few days because of votes by mail which are counted last the results appeared Joe Biden. Democrat 290 seats and over 79m votes Donald Trump Republican 232 seats and over 73m votes. This appears to be a decisive victory for Joe Biden. Under normal circumstances, and I repeat this because it’s anything but normal, the President would concede (as gracefully as possible), the President elect, his Vice President Kamala…

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3 thoughts on “The World Turns a mite strangely

  1. It seems Trump’s playing a dangerous game, planning on replacing official state electors with loyalists, thus staging a coup to overturn and steal the election. Will he succeed…. probably not. Democrats remain silent:


  2. Jill, you are beyond kind. I don’t want to offend anyone but it seems 73m people may not be thinking of the best for America and Trump himself is doing everything he can to make a bad situation worse.

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    • Thanks, David, but it wasn’t kindness, it was a good post and fits right in here. You do good work and I like sharing it. I doubt that anyone who is a regular reader here (except maybe Scott, but I think he’s mad at me and isn’t commenting much these days) would be offended by what you say, for it is true and most of us have said something similar. With today’s coronavirus numbers — we set new records in both new cases and deaths — it becomes urgent that people realize how much responsibility Trump has, whether he admits it or not, for those deaths. But the 73 million are still in denial that the pandemic even exists! Sigh.

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