Five to Four

Our friend Nan wrote the post that was in my mind, but hadn’t yet reached my fingertips (spent the day cooking, y’know). In short, the United States Supreme Court ruled that religionists’ rights supercede our rights to be as safe as possible. Nan’s post is great, but the ensuing comments and conversation adds depth to the topic. Thank you, Nan, Vic, and others for your insight!

Nan's Notebook

As many of you have probably heard or read by now, the U.S. Supreme Court just gave Religion a vote of confidence. Of course, for many of us, this comes as no surprise since we knew Ms. Amy Coney Barrett was going to be an influencing factor in church/state decisions.

However, what was surprising – and gratifying – is that Chief Justice John Roberts took a much more egalitarian approach to the issue. A good sign, hopefully, of things to come … although we should never get too confident.

The entire matter is addressed in this article.

Beyond the fact the decision favored the churches in this case, I found the overall reasoning lacking in so many ways. It was Justice Neil Gorsuch’s comments, in particular, that really stood out to me.

He noted that other businesses, such as bicycle repair shops, did not have similar restrictions and went…

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8 thoughts on “Five to Four

  1. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn must be hurting for the big $$ due to the restricted attendance. Have to wonder if the parishioners flock into the churches by the droves or have enough sense to realize attending Mass will create a “super spreader” situation. Time will tell.

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    • You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head! It all boils down to $$$$$$$$$$$$ and not much else. The churches have done a huge snow job on their congregants to convince them that not being allowed to go to church and sit elbow-to-elbow in a crowded room is taking away their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of religion. In truth, it is trying to help them in their freedom to survive, but they’ve been so well-conned that they are ignorant to the reality.


    • That’s for sure! And then my own ignorant representative, Warren Davidson, repeated Gorsuch’ words on Twitter. We have now a Supreme Court devoid of conscience … at least four of the nine. I was pleased to see that John Roberts sided with the more liberal Justices.

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