Someone Please Invent a Cure for Crazy

Our friend Jerry over at On the Fence Voters shares his story of a recent encounter with some people and it explains, in part, why this nation is so divided today … it is almost as if the human species has split into two sub-species, neither of which can possibly understand the other. Thank you, Jerry, for sharing this story with us!

On The Fence Voters

Despair. Despondency. Gloom. I see dark days ahead. Yes, Donald Trump will be out of office soon—or should be. But the crazies who put him in the White House aren’t going away.

Even if Trump were to concede graciously—any bets on that?—the insanity he brought to our nation’s political system will be with us for the foreseeable future. And my former people—white evangelicals—will be the primary perpetuators of the madness.

My despondency is tied to a series of recent emails with an evangelical pastor and his wife I’ve never met or conversed with until a few days ago. Here’s how it went down:

I watched a YouTube clip of this pastor on a program hosted by another white evangelical. The first question the host asked the pastor was about services at the pastor’s church. The pastor replied that his church had experienced no disruptions to their weekly services. Then he…

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14 thoughts on “Someone Please Invent a Cure for Crazy

  1. The religious nuts aren’t concerned about the virus or the environment. Religion has become a death cult and it’s all about the end times and their special little group of nasty people getting to their heaven. Can you imagine an eternity with that group!
    I seriously wonder if their is a split occurring in evolution between consciousness that progresses and those that are reaching a dead end. And the progressing group is much smaller, but intelligence of a certain more illuminated type, will lead the way. One can hope.

    I do see much craziness and violence in the meantime…hopefully it’s the death throes of a primitive mind. And that they don’t start a war to end all wars in their biblical orgasms.

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    • I agree, Mary. I told somebody this evening that it’s almost as if humans are evolved from two separate species … both having the same physical composition, but with completely different brains. I have little use for the evangelicals and their rigid ways of thinking.


  2. I ended my ranturous comment to Jerry with these words: Rely on yourselves; wear a mask, social distance, be considerate of others. What is so hard about that?
    Why would people choose sickness over health in such large numbers? We are not intelligent, or sentient. We do not deserve to exist as a species. Please, somebody, put us out of our misery. It would be an act of kindness.

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  3. Haven’t we always been this way? I read all the time … right now I’m working my way through the nine-volume The Story of Civilization by Will Durant (for the third time in my life) & it seems to be that in every nation, in every time, people have been divided about just about everything. I am sixty years old & I don’t remember a time when Americans were ever united about ANYTHING. Are we supposed to be?

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    • I don’t know, my friend … perhaps we will never be fully united, but I have never seen the nation as divided in my nearly 70 years as it is today. People seem to have gotten meaner in their disagreements … “I’m right, you’re wrong, and if you challenge me I will kill you with my big gun … that is my right” seems to be the prevalent way of thinking, at least for some. The white supremacy and other forms of bigotry we’re seeing today are beyond the pale … making me ashamed of this nation, almost ashamed to live here.

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  4. I responded to Jerry.
    I hope your predictions are wrong and that you’ll soon be sharing a path to peace with your neighbours. Of course, god will have to give them permission and he’s in a sulky mood at having to leave the White House. Honestly, these people live in an unreal world and believe in another one here god really looks after the innocent, especially children.

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