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Monday-sleepy-2{yawn} Good Monday morning, my friends, and {yawn} welcome to … um … where are we again?  Oh yeah, welcome to Filosofa’s {yawn} castle for a Jolly Monday morn.  Sorry I’m not quite on my game this morning … shots fired here in da ‘hood late last night kept me awake … four shots in rapid succession, raised voices, a person running very fast, and then silence. And no, I’m not kidding – I wish I were.  Sigh.  Forgive the clutter, but I haven’t done much in the way of housework over the long weekend.  You know what I’ll be doing today and tomorrow!  Speaking of which … did you all have a good Thanksgiving?  I know for most of you it was a bit sad not getting together with friends and family, but I hope your day was good and that you now have a freezer stuffed with leftover emu … er, turkey.  Before I went to bed last night, I carefully instructed Joyful not to put turkey in any of the treats today, for we are likely all getting somewhat tired of it.  So, let’s go see what she has cooked up for us, and then we’ll find something to start the week out with a smile …

Who knew???

Now here’s a sign you don’t see every day …


The signs were put up by officials of Jasper National Park, in the western province of Alberta, to try to stop moose from licking road salt off idling cars — a serious problem that can present dangers to the vehicles, the drivers and the moose.


According to Jasper National Park spokesman Steve Young …

“They’re obsessed with salt, it’s one of the things they need for the minerals in their body. They usually get it from salt lakes in the park, but now they realized they can also get road salt that splashes onto cars.”

Who knew?  The fear is that the moose will lose their fear of cars and there will be more moose-auto collisions …

“Moose and cars are not a good mix. If you hit the moose with your car, you take the legs out from under it and it’s going through your windshield. The more space between you and the wildlife, the healthier it is for them and you.”

Poetic justice …

A hunter in the Czech Republic was charged by a deer that snagged the man’s gun on its antlers and fled into the woods with the weapon.  The unnamed hunter called police … my first question was to ask if he wanted the deer arrested, or what?

The man said one of the hunting dogs in his group startled a stag in a wooded area, causing the panicked deer to run directly toward him. The deer’s antlers ripped the man’s sleeve and ended up snagged on his .22 Hornet rifle, which had been slung over his left hand at the time. The animal ran off into the woods with the hunter’s unloaded gun still attached to its antlers, the man told police.

Now, the hunter got what he deserved, but I do worry what mischief that deer might get into with his first ever gun, especially when I read the next headline …

Deer runs wild through assisted living facility

Are you guys ready for some ‘toons?  I found some good ones this week over at Phil’s Phun!


And just two funny signs caught my eye this week …


And how could we possibly have a Jolly Monday without a cute critter video?  You may remember last month when I featured squirrel photography by Geert Weggen in a Saturday Surprise post?  Well, I just happened to stumble across this video by Geert, who says …

“This movie is about 4 wild squirrels I made without cutting and it is my first direct movie on youtube, the quality is not so good.”

He’s right … the quality isn’t great, but judging by his photography, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more squirrel videos from him and that the quality will improve with each one, for he is a perfectionist!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, or at least a peaceful one.  Keep safe, my friends, and share those lovely smiles with all that you see, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

27 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Snacks ‘n Laughs

  1. Dear Jill,
    I know this is not your cartoon, just some bug you picked up somewhere, please please don’t spread it around. Penguins are not bipolar! In fact, penguins are non-polar, as they do not live at the south pole either. They do use Antarctica as breeding grounds,but not even the far-ranging Emperor penguins don’t range to the south pole.
    Antelope, depression, and a number of other cartoons were quite good today, but where was the bitchy old broad whose name I have misplaced momentarily? Man, I hate old age. 71 is even worse than 70!
    (I really thought it was going to be an aunt elope, since worker ants don’t get married…)

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    • Sigh. Jerry, you take the ‘toons entirely too seriously. Nobody was trying to insult or offend the penguins. I love penguins. The bitchy ol’ broad is Maxine … I forgot to include a Maxine cartoon … I’ll make up for the oversight next week! Yeah, I’m not liking 69 too much, either … I think I should have started going backward when I hit 50. I thought it was going to be ‘aunt’ elope, too, and it took me a minute to figure it out! LuL


      • Nooooo, I am trying to add to the humor of the cartoon, but then, few people have a sense of humour like mine. Bipolar penguins was funny, or at least cute, but would have worked better with whales, who live anywhere they want!

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        • OH!! My bad! I thought, knowing how you respect and care for all living things, that perhaps you really were offended on behalf of the penguins of the world! I’m sorry … my humour meter is a bit off these days, I’m afraid. I must correct you, however, on whales. Ever seen a whale in a river or forest? Nope … they’re pretty much stuck in the ocean. 😉 LuL

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          • Whales often swim up the St. Lawrence River, that I know for a fact. Many of them die there, too many. The ships have no care for who or what their propellors chop to death. I presume if in the St. Lawrence, then also in the Amazon, the Rhine, the Mekong, and whatever other big river systems that release into the world’s oceans. I don’t know that they can only live in salt water, I will have to look that up, but I would think they would prefer it. But, where the food is, and they can get into, there they will go. Kinda like semitrailers on land.

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              • Yes, cetaceans can live in salt, brackish, or fresh water, but it seems salt water animals can develop skin problems living in fresh water for long periods of time. Having said that, it sounds like whales and dolphins live in every river system that empties into an ocean, probably limited by size. A bit of reading shows many species of whales are found mainly in river systems, such as the St. Lawrence Right Whale and the Irriwady Beluga Whale. (Don’t quote me on those species’ names, but there are quite a few named after the river deltas they frequent.)
                Dolphins seem to fare better than whales, presumably based on their smaller size, but most river species around the world seem to be on the endangered list. Pollution is, of course, a big factor, among others.
                There are a few species who have adapted to living in totally fresh water, but they have very small populations, and are succeptable to inbreeding problems.
                There is a lot of information on the Internet, as well there should be, but it took me 71 years to ask that question. How many people never ask it?

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  2. Wow – I can’t even begin to imagine what that nightly experience was, for you and for those concerned. And it doesn’t bear thinking about it! Where do you live?
    Those cartoons really always make my day (well, since the very short time I’m following you!) – some of them are even incredibly funny and so right (the one with the dentist I’ll have to send illico presto to a friend who told me in a way too long telecon about her dentist experience last week!)

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    • Well, since this is the third time this year, I think I’m almost becoming inured to it!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the ‘toons! I always enjoy doing the Jolly Monday posts … much more fun than my usual fare! Have a wonderful week, Kiki!

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        • Well … there are places in this nation where the ‘great divide’ as I call it, is out of control. My neighborhood is a melting pot of Blacks, Hispanics, and Middle Eastern refugees, as well as a few Caucasians. Typically, if there is trouble, it is the Caucasians who have caused it. No, it’s not the norm, but … it’s becoming … more so. Sigh.

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    • Thanks … let’s hope. Indeed, squiggle videos do help! Hmmm … I hadn’t thought of that, but perhaps Moosies have a different sort of tongue than humans … rougher, more able to lick frozen metal. Great … now I’m curious and have to go Google “moose tongue.” 🙃

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