Republican Congressman slams Trump loyalists

Won’t you all be glad when (if) the day comes that we have better things to write about than Trump? I know I will, but for today … sigh. Our friend Keith writes of yet another Republican member of Congress who has stepped off of the Trump train … now if only the rest would consider the fate of the nation rather than their own … Thanks, Keith, for keeping us informed!


An article entitled “GOP Lawmaker Slams Republican Trump Loyalists, Calls MAGA Base ‘Anti-American,’ Says He’s ‘Damn Sick of It'” by Christina Zhao of Newsweek reveals that more Republicans are saying the obvious about their party leader and silent colleagues. Here are the first three paragraphs:

Outgoing Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman of Virginia on Saturday unleashed a barrage of criticism againstDonald Trump, his allies and ‘anti-American’ supporters, as the president continues to cast doubt on his election loss.

Riggleman is among the few Republicans who have acknowledged President-electJoe Biden‘s victory over Trump. Most media outlets called the election for the Democrat, who has secured 306 Electoral College votes, over two weeks ago, but Trump has refused to concede.

In an interview withForbes, Riggleman condemned his fellow Republicans for remaining quiet amid Trump’s attempts to cast doubt on the election process by claiming a ‘rigged and stolen”…

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9 thoughts on “Republican Congressman slams Trump loyalists

  1. Here’s another one who could run again if the party split into GOP party and Rabid Trumpist’s party, perhaps he and others like him(The late but not unwelcome group) could make the GOP into a party with pride again. On another note, I know Jimmy Carter is 96 but it would be nice if he a d some other ex-Presidents came out in favour of Biden or at least the election results, they can’t all like Trump. If Carter was popular maybe he could get fellow Georgians to ensure the two run off seats go Democrat.

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      • President Obama has been quite vocal in support of Biden and criticizing Trump’s manic quest to find that which doesn’t exist. I think George W. Bush has spoken out, also. I wonder about Carter … perhaps he is not well?

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        • Sorry yes, Prez Obama has been great in supporting Joe from day 1 but he isn’t popular with certain people. If ex-Republican Presidents spoke out it might just dim the light of their ardor for Trump and his fellow reptiles.

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          • There’s only one republican former president still living … George W. Bush … and he did at one point speak out against Trump, but it’s been a while … I haven’t heard anything since. I do agree that Jimmy Carter could possibly make a difference in the Georgia runoffs, but he’s been silent, as best I can tell. Though he did congratulate Biden and said he was looking forward to positive change.

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    • I don’t know what’s keeping the GOP from splitting at present, and it seems that if they don’t get their act together, it is sure to happen. That the GOP let Donald Trump take over the party was beyond foolish. Yes, others have said the same … and the then-four living former presidents did speak out at one point a while back, but lately Carter has been notably silent. Could be that his health is failing? But yes, he could likely make a difference in the Georgia runoff elections. Perhaps he will yet … hopefully.

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  2. Jill, thanks for the reblog. I saw where the outgoing president slammed cybersecurity leader Chris Krebs last night for his very credible appearance on “60 Minutes.” I am sure this Congressman will be labeled a “loser” or “RINO” or some negative name by the outgoing president. But, Arizona just certified its results today per CNBC and Georgia’s second recount has Biden still winning as does Wisconsin’s recount announced this weekend. Krebs said 95% of the ballots left a paper trail, so the auditing is much easier. Keith

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    • My pleasure, Keith! Oh yes, he slammed him, but one of his lawyers, Joe DiGenova, said Krebs should be “taken out at dawn and shot”! My jaw dropped on that one! Some are calling for him to be disbarred and I fully agree! And … breaking news just came across my screen that even Trump toady Bill Barr has said he finds not evidence of widespread election fraud. So, can we finally put this to bed??? No, of course not, for Trump will not let it die until he does. Sigh.

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