Filosofa Is Snarky Tonight!

A long-overdue resignation

The U.S. has been setting a heck of a lot of records of late … records for daily new cases of the coronavirus, records for daily deaths as a result of the coronavirus.  For the most part, I lay the blame at the doorstep of Donald Trump who intentionally misled the people of this nation back in the first months of the year, then continued to downplay and lie to us about the pandemic.  But a portion of the blame for the recent spikes must also be shared by Dr. Scott Atlas, a man who was in no way, shape or form qualified for the position he assumed four months ago as Trump’s top pandemic advisor. 

Atlas is a radiologist with no expertise or experience in infectious diseases or epidemiology.  But then, he wasn’t hired for his experience, or lack thereof … he was hired to spout Trump’s lies about the virus and its effects, to attempt to keep people from taking it seriously, from wearing masks and eschewing social venues.  In that light, he did his job admirably, spouting nonsense such as herd immunity, which the scientific community has plainly disavowed.  He urged Michigan residents to ‘rise up’ against restrictions put in place by Governor Whitmer in an effort to slow the spread of the disease.  Trump wrote his script for him, and he played his role well, like a good little minion. 

pandemicYesterday, Scott Atlas resigned from his position as Trump’s senior pandemic advisor.  I guess his work here was done … we now have between 1,200 – 2,200 deaths each day and well over 100,000 new cases daily, so he has accomplished his goal:  to kill us.  Below is his letter of resignation, every word being a lie.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.  The expert I listen to these days is Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s predictions have, sadly, been spot-on and who obviously cares about the lives of the people in this nation – more than can be said of the ‘man’ sitting in the Oval Office.  Now if only the equally un-qualified U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy would follow suit and turn in his resignation …

New citizenship test

Let me ask you a simple question:  Who does a U.S. Senator represent?

Did you answer “the people of his/her state”?  You would be right, but … if you were an immigrant taking the new test that will soon become standard, developed by Trump and his gang of xenophobic thugs, your answer would be counted wrong.  The new answer is “the citizens of his/her state”.  Think about the subtle difference there … it reeks of Stephen Miller’s Nazi deodorant. 

The test, which was introduced in 1986, was last revised in 2008. In a USCIS statement, acting Director Ken Cuccinelli said …

“Updating, maintaining, and improving a test that is current and relevant is our responsibility as an agency in order to help potential new citizens fully understand the meaning of U.S. citizenship and the values that unite all Americans.”

Uh-huh … he drank the trumpade.  In addition to the changes in the questions and answers, there are now more civics questions … which I find interesting, given that Civics is no longer even taught in schools.  AND … this is a real kicker for most immigrants who are likely underpaid and are not wealthy … the cost of the test has gone from $640 to $1,160 … nearly double!

The changes to the test are expected to go into effect sometime this month or next.  Frankly, I don’t know why anybody would choose, at this point, to become a citizen of this nation.  Hopefully that image will improve over time once we rid ourselves of the cancer in the Oval Office, but I’m no longer certain.  Meanwhile, my friends Maha & Ali, and their son Tholfaqar, who migrated here from Syria five years ago, became citizens last year, and I am so relieved.  Even Trump cannot take that away from them.

One of the few decent republicans …

In my own state, Ohio, we have a Republican governor, Mike DeWine, who is actually a decent guy.  I don’t often agree with him, but … I do know that he tries to do the right thing and he acts in the best interests of the people … mostly.  Since the pandemic started, Governor DeWine has acted responsibly in doing what he felt was needed to slow the virus, to protect the people of this state.  I well remember the Saturday in March when Chris, Natasha and I were having our usual Saturday lunch at TGI Friday’s and it was announced that Governor DeWine had ordered all non-essential businesses to close that very night … until further notice. 

I also remember that three days later, March 17th, DeWine postponed the primaries that were to have taken place the very next day.  I was angry … I cannot vote in a primary because I am an independent, registered to neither party, but still … the primaries were too important to just … cancel.  Today, looking back, I can see that DeWine made the right decision.  There are very few Republican politicos who I actually respect … Mike DeWine is one such.

So, I experienced a moment of white-hot fury last night when I read that a state legislator has filed twelve articles of impeachment against the governor.  WHY?  Because he cares about the lives of the people in his state!  DeWine implemented a mask mandate several months ago, which is still in effect today, and a week or so ago he imposed a 10:00 p.m. curfew whereby all retail businesses, including restaurants and bars, must close by 10:00 p.m. and may not re-open until 5:00 a.m.  Really, the measures are probably too little, considering that the pandemic is surging out of control in our state.

But, Ohio State representative John Becker, along with Republican Representatives Candice Keller, Nino Vitale, and Paul Zeltwanger, claim that …

“Governor DeWine’s mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, abuse of power, and other crimes include, but are not limited to, meddling in the conduct of a presidential primary election, arbitrarily closing and placing curfews on certain businesses, while allowing other businesses to remain open. He weaponized the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to bully and harass businesses and the people; to enforce a statewide mask mandate and other controversial measures of dubious “value,” making Ohio a hostile work environment.”

DeWine responded during his Monday evening pandemic update …

“I’d like for them to go in and talk to some nurses who are frontline nurses who are dealing with people who are dying. I’d like for them to go talk to family members, maybe a family that didn’t believe that this could happen. Now at Christmas, there will be one less person at the table. So, at some point, the foolishness has got to stop.”

Where do these ‘people’ come from?  So … it’s more important to them to be able to hang out in bars getting smashed, than to protect the lives of their own children, their spouses, their senior relatives, and their co-workers?  What asses.  In the last twelve years, I have not tipped my hat nor given a thumbs-up to a republican, but today I give Mike DeWine a two thumbs-up for his efforts to keep us safe, and for having to deal with the nincompoops like Becker & Co.

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  1. please explain how Scott Atlas is responsible for the coronavirus surges in Europe. If you’re even a little bit honest with yourself and the rest of us, you can’t because you know he isn’t.

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    • I didn’t say he was responsible for the ones in Europe, but he and Trump are certainly responsible for the fact that we have the highest number of cases and the highest death rate.


  2. Having just learned this morning that I am COVID-positive–and that I may have passed it on to others because the results got to me late–I’m feeling pretty snarky myself. My wife and I will be leaving soon–masked up–to get her tested. Grr.

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      • Dont worry too much, Jill! When there is a will, there will be a way. 😉 As originary former settlers from Europe, i am sure the citizens of the USA will come together again. In Europe in the past there was the same, but here we were in need of third parties. Not so in the states. Be well and stay save! Michael

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  3. Jill, good post. Let me pick two comments.

    Atlas not being the right kind of doctor to hold the position he just resigned from reminds me of the NFL committee that reviewed concussions and brain trauma. This was before the movie “Concussion” came out about the true story of a highly degreed forensic pathologist noted the severe brain trauma resulting from football hits. The committee did not have any specifically trained doctors to review these issues, as it was all window dressing. Even still, the NFL has not fully grasped the dangers, but are trying to do better.

    What bothers me about the death threats and maltreatment being given to Republican officials by the antagonistic and wired-too-tight portion of Trump supporters. These folks are doing their jobs in the best way they can and get ostracized because they disagree with an insecure outgoing president. DeWine is very credible. Chris Krebs is very credible as are all of the Republican election officials and governors and judges who have remembered their oaths. Yet, because the outgoing president whose ego cannot tolerate criticism, foments conspiracy BS, these honorable folks are in danger.

    The fact they knew the vindictive White House occupant would come after them means their arguments and integrity must be even taller than before. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! As re Atlas, I always thought it was rather like putting a chiropractor in charge of brain surgery. Did you hear about the lawyer of Trump’s who said somebody ought to shoot Chris Krebs? This … THIS is what Trump has brought into our nation??? Or, rather, it was already here, but Trump brought it out of hiding. Sigh.


      • Jill, it is a sad example of what happens when people follow a narrative built on lies. This attorney went beyond the pale. Hopefully, William Barr’s gravitas with the GOP will carry some weight with his findings of no material voter fraud. I read some cybersecurity folks are leaving in regards to how Krebs was treated. This is an example of why I feel the greatest threat to national security has long been Donald J. Trump. Keith

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        • I fully agree with you … Trump has made this nation considerably less safe, both domestically and on the international field. How some 73 million people in this country could possibly want him for another four years is beyond my ability to understand.

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          • Jill, true. But, the recipe is easy to understand. Take an uninformed electorate. Take a candidate who is adroit at fear selling and merchandising himself. Add an election process where truth is on equal footing with lies, especially when the latter is fear based. Then take silent members of the same party who won’t question the king. And, there you have it. And, it is continuing to this day and moment. Keith

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            • A poisonous recipe it is. The question now … the $64 million question is … how do we stop this? Short of deporting every republican in office, I’m at a loss for a solution.


              • Jill, there must be a level of shame that will finally register, but a poll cited last night said 77% of Republicans thinks Trump won and the election was stolen. That is the amazing power this person has over them. It would be more comical if it were not so scary. Keith

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                • That just blows my mind! It leads me to believe that our education system is failing miserably to teach people to think, to search for facts and use logic and reason to draw conclusions. As you say, it would make for great mirth if only … sigh.


                  • but what about all the video evidence and witness testimony that is surfacing?

                    Even if the election wasn’t compromised, wouldn’t it give anyone who cares about integrity peace of mind to know once and for all about the issue?

                    I’d rather have an investigation, have all the evidence available and know without a shadow of a doubt regarding the integrity than to just wonder about it, but maybe that’s just me.

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                    • Scott, why then have attorneys not presented this in court? I have been OK with litigation, up to a point. Right now, Trump and his supporters have lost 46 cases and won one which threw out 600 or so votes in PA. The judges are writing scathing responses to the frivolous cases, many of whom are Republican and some are Trump appointees. Republican Senator Ben Sasse said they have not raised the outrageous claims of the outgoing president as it is a crime for attorneys to purposefully lie to a judge. The Georgia election officials have done two recounts and an audit and certified twice, the last time after seeing said video. There is always some number of irregularities in every election, which are handled through review processes. But, with the conspiracy BS rampant, wild claims have been just that.

                      What bothers me is what the outgoing president is doing is not a surprise as he has staged and planned this for six months. He demonized the mail-in process, he had the post office hobbled, he told his voters to vote in person, as he knew those votes would be counted first, he had some legislatures tighten the mail in counting processes and then hired 1,000 attorneys over the summer. This is predicted and predictable. I wrote a post in September after seeing the attorney hires, “Take it to the bank, the president will sue to avoid losing the election.” And, Senator Bernie Sanders shared in eerie fashion on Jimmy Kimmel’s show what Trump would do in October.

                      As an independent and former Republican voter, the one perpetrating voter fraud looks back at the outgoing president when he shaves. This person will burn it all down to avoid losing. He lost because he got fewer votes in the states in contention. The sooner that he mans-up and concedes for the sake of the country, he will continue to be the greatest threat to our national security.

                      You may disagree which is your right, but this charade has grown tiresome and is dangerous. Our democracy is at stake and people are in danger. Keith

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  4. Well, the rats are leaving the sinking ship. Trump’s little helpers know there’ll be no place for them soon. Some left earlier like Kellyanne Conway. Some are grumbling but they’re leaving. Good riddance to all of them. I wonder where the last to leave like Mike Pence will go afterward. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • That was my thought, as well … they know they will be unemployed by the end of January, so why not leave now. I think Conway left to try to salvage her marriage … hubby George left his job about the same time. Yep, good riddance to them all. Pence will no doubt find a niche somewhere in the religious right.


  5. I shouldn’t really read these posts, because it took me a long time to wipe off my puke from that man’s letter! I don’t know how they can live seeing their face in the mirror when they get up in the morning.
    And all the rest…. it’s too disgusting to voice a comment, all the more as I have nothing to say to ‘what goes on’ in your country. But I do feel terribly bad for all my friends living that nightmare.

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    • I have found, over the past few years, that my European friends/readers often see our situation much more clearly than we do, for they are not mired in the muck day after day. It really is not my intent to make my readers ill … but rather to inform so that they can think and make decisions based on logic, rather than like too many men … based on disinformation.

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      • Oh I know that…. and I totally agree. It’s the same here, we know all about Brexit, France 🇨🇵 and the US, but get muddled up in our own local affairs and disputes. We realise that our mind-set is different after many years abroad, our hearts view ppl and opinions differently, our minds are wide open…. but nothing can change the misconceptions of narrow minded, scared ppl.

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        • The old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees” comes to mind. Sometimes, I think, we are simply too close to a situation to be able to step back and see the big picture. Narrow-minded people exist in every nation, every society, and I have come to think that no matter what we say or do, we will never change them. So, we must go on and do our best, ignore the shallow ones as best we can, and live our lives, trying to make the world just a little bit better place.

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  6. Scott Atlas was employed precisely because he knew nothing of Pandemics and couldn’t criticize Trump. Not that it sounds likely he would, judging from his letter. Good riddance.

    At that price, you obviously don’t want any more citizens?

    If Mike DeWine is skewered by his own side I hope some would support him for the efforts he’s made on behalf of the people of Ohio. Maybe all the Democrats will weigh in on his side. It’s good to have someone who will defy the Great Panjandorum.

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    • Yep, Atlas was hired to be a puppet and he did that quite well … too well. I’m not sure why he resigned, but his job would have ended on January 20th anyway.

      That’s the whole point of the changes to the test … to make it so much harder to pass that few will be able to. That’s why I’m so glad Maha & Ali took theirs last year. Sigh. This country is becoming a very ugly place.

      I think … at least I hope … the democrats would support DeWine if the impeachment moves forward, for he’s not been a bad governor, as they go, and his heart is at least in the right place … more than I can say for most republicans these days!

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  7. Trump sure knew how to pick them, but I think they are seeing the sinking of the titanic-like boat Trump is championing. But they are not doing this out of fear of Trump, but in fear of becoming pariahs.
    Meanwhile, good for DeWine. Maybe he should head the Republican ticket in 2024.

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        • We did have a good Thanksgiving, though a bit sad not to have been able to share it with our good friends. I hugged my family sans mask also, Scott, so pick me up on your way to Gulag 23 … you make me laugh sometimes! How are your parents doing, by the way?


          • Hi Jill.

            My parents are doing well, mom’s kidney dialysis is going alright and we didn’t go out much during my break so it was a little boring. It was nice to see everyone.

            My sister-in-law and I had an 80’s night on Friday and she claimed that she was an 80’s girl but had never heard “I think I’m turning Japanese by the Vapors and didn’t like it.

            How can someone be an 80’s chick and not have heard that song? It was all over the radio back in the day.

            Some people really puzzle me.

            I got an hour of brand new music written today for an advent meditation series that I’ll be working on with a friend from Colorado all through the month so that’s going to be a rather long album when I release these tracks.

            We’ll create a rebellion in gulag 23 and be the ring leaders of an escape. lol.

            I hope you’re doing well.


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            • I’m glad your parents are doing well … I wasn’t aware of your mom having dialysis, but I’m glad it’s going okay.

              Now, I have to admit that I’m not an 80s girl, more like a 60s girl (okay, a 60s old woman) but I have never heard “I Think I’m Turning Japanese” either!

              I’m happy that you’re writing new music and hope it brings you peace and pleasure to do so.

              Okay … a rebellion! Let’s do it!

              I’m doing well enough, but already tired of winter! We had our first snow on Monday — just about an inch or so, but COLD! Today when I had to go pick up my grocery order, it was 27° and even with two shirts and thick sweat pants, I froze! I’m ready for spring!

              Hugs, my friend!


              • I miss living in Ohio where there were 4 seasons.

                I may have told you that I lived in the Akron area from 1991 to around 1999 or so with a little time spent in Cuyahoga falls and Kent. Before that, I went to graduate school in Steubenville for a year.

                hugs my friend.


                • I do remember you mentioning that you once lived in Akron. I live in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. I do love seeing a snowfall … on the weekend when I don’t have to worry about my daughter driving in it! But frankly, I’m already tired of the cold! Yes, I’m a wimp. Big hugs, Scott!


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