“It has to stop”

I almost never post an interim post at 11:00 p.m. … I have a schedule and try to stick to it. But I just finished reading this post by our friend Keith and I am burning with fury. What is happening in Georgia … nay, all around the country, but most visibly in Georgia as we approach the runoff election, is the most abominable thing, and still the republicans in Congress are mum. This is, apparently, the new society in the U.S. today … the new America … whose motto is “If you don’t like them, shoot them!”


The outgoing president has an unhealthy influence over his more strident voter base. They actually do not fathom the obvious – Donald Trump will do anything to avoid losing, even burn everything down. Sadly, a more zealous few are threating violence to hard working folks who remember what an oath is and are trying to get the election right.

In a Boomberg article entitled “Trump Accused by GOP Official of Inspiring Threats of Violence” by Margaret Newkirk and Mark Niquette the following paragraphs speak volumes:

“Georgia’s Republican voting system manager denounced President Donald Trump and the state’s two Republican U.S. senators for not condemning, and even encouraging through silence, the threats of violence being made against election workers and the state’s top elections official.

His voice shaking with anger, the normally even-keeled Gabriel Sterling said his boss, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, had received death threats, has had…

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5 thoughts on ““It has to stop”

  1. Thanks for the reblog. Since Trump likes simple messages, maybe the phrase “Man up, you lost” would catch on. He is keen on being seen as a macho man, but this “ain’t being macho.” Keith

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    • His ‘macho’ act is laughable … almost like a comedy act, with his two tiny fists raised in a gesture. Yep, it’s time for him to sit down and shut up … he’s making us literally ill.


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  3. Keith wrote a good post. Trump is not the only one who should man-up though. The Republican Senate should do the same and speak out against Trump and his actions. Either that or risk everyone saying they were complicit in all his actions, which of course they are, and shouldn’t be surprised when people show their anger.

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    • He definitely did write a good one … stirred my ire and made that growling start up down in my throat! Yes, the republican senate is the biggest bunch of cowards I have ever seen. Frankly, I want to see them crash and burn when they come up for re-election … or perhaps before.

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