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countdownI can barely remember a time when we could go to bed at night without losing sleep wondering what the latest atrocity from the person in the Oval Office would be when we wake in the morning.  I look forward to seeing such a time again soon.  Why … I might even have to retire Snarky Snippets!  Just 49 days to go …

Take Away The Pardon Pen!

Last week, Trump gave the ignoble Michael Flynn an early Christmas gift … a pardon.  Flynn, you may remember, pleaded guilty to a felony count of “willfully and knowingly” making false statements to the FBI.  Flynn was involved in Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential election and should, like others, be sitting in a prison cell today.  Instead, he is a free man.

With Flynn’s pardon, people began to speculate about who else Trump might pardon before he leaves office at noon on January 20th.  Let’s start with this headline …

Trump Has Discussed With Advisers Pardons for His 3 Eldest Children and Giuliani

Hmmmm … now why would his three eldest children need pardons?  Obviously, they have committed crimes and Trump knows about it, else he would have no reason to even consider pardoning them.  So … as they say, “inquiring minds want to know,” and this inquiring mind is now determined to find out just what Ivanka, Junior and Eric might have done that would send them to prison if not for daddy’s pardon pen.  Oh, he’s also considering a pardon for his son-in-law, the atrocious Jared Kushner.

Typically, a presidential pardon is issued when a person has been charged with a crime.  Thus far, none of Trump’s children have been charged with a crime, so any pardon would be a pre-emptive one covering crimes for which they might be charged in the future.  How the Sam Hell does that work?

Junior had been under investigation by Robert Mueller’s team for his role in dealing with the Russians for damaging information against Hillary Clinton, but he was never charged.  Probably should have been but wasn’t.

What all of this says to me is that there has been a great deal of criminal activity taking place behind the closed doors of the White House that is highly likely to be uncovered by the Justice Department once it is no longer led by toady William Barr.  I can guarantee you that none of it was in the best interest of this nation and its people, but rather served to profit Trump and his businesses.

According to the New York Times …

Such a broad pardon pre-empting any charge or conviction is highly unusual but does have precedent. In the most famous example, President Gerald R. Ford pardoned Richard M. Nixon for all of his actions as president. President George Washington pardoned plotters of the Whiskey Rebellion, shielding them from treason prosecutions. And President Jimmy Carter pardoned thousands of American men who illegally avoided the draft for the Vietnam War.

I think that it’s time to put some restrictions on the presidential pardon pen.  Right now, there are none except that the president can only pardon federal, not state crimes.  I think no president should be able to pardon a murderer who has not been proven innocent, or a family member for any reason.  And I certainly don’t approve of this pre-emptive pardoning, where the person is pardoned for crimes that we don’t even know about yet!  This is just ridiculous.

Speaking of Attorney General William Barr …

It seems he might be having second thoughts about having been Trump’s toady, now that Trump has obviously lost the election and will soon be on his way out the door, taking all his minions with him.  For the first time since he took office in February 2019, Barr disagreed with Trump in a move that likely infuriated the child in the Oval Office.

Barr’s comments, in an interview with the The Associated Press, contradict the concerted effort by Trump, his boss, to subvert the results of last month’s voting and block President-elect Joe Biden from taking his place in the White House.

Barr told the AP that U.S. attorneys and FBI agents have been working to follow up specific complaints and information they’ve received, but “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

Apparently, Trump’s attorneys were none too happy with Barr’s statement, as Rudy Giuliani and his political campaign issued a scathing statement claiming that, “with all due respect to the Attorney General, there hasn’t been any semblance” of an investigation into the president’s complaints.

Other administration officials who have come out forcefully against Trump’s allegations of voter-fraud evidence have been fired.  Would he fire Barr, with only 49 more days in office?  Sure he would!  He’d fire just about anybody, but at this point, I doubt he would find anyone willing to take the job for a period of less than two months.

Speaking of Trump’s attorneys …

Respected and respectable lawyers shy away from working for Donald Trump, for they would be risking their reputation, and potentially their license to practice law by working for him.  So, his legal team is not the best and the brightest, but one of his lawyers, Joe DiGenova is beneath even pond scum.

On Monday, DiGenova made an appearance on NewsMax, the latest in right-wing propaganda media, and said this …

“Anybody who thinks the election went well, like that idiot Krebs who used to be the head of cybersecurity, that guy is a class A moron. He should be drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot.”


Chris Krebs, you may remember, is the former head of election security in the Department of Homeland Security, who stated in no uncertain terms that there was no widespread voter fraud, and that the 2020 election was the most secure in the nation’s history.  He was fired a few days later on November 17th, by an irrational person who has no conscience, no ability to discern fact from fantasy.

Condemnation of Joe DiGenova’s remark about Chris Krebs was swift, including calls for his disbarment and the charge that he was behaving like a “mob attorney”.  No word on Trump’s response, but no doubt he will praise and approve of DiGenova’s comments.


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  1. Jill, we don’t ask enough why questions. Why would Donald Trump feel the need to pardon his three children (and is considering it for himself)? And, one I still have not heard discussed, if his call with the Ukraine president was so “perfect,” why did your staff try to bury it? I have more, but I would like to know the answers to these two. Keith

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    • No, for while I consider him a draft dodger, technically he wasn’t considered one, since his father paid a doctor lots of money to say he couldn’t serve because of blisters on his feet, or some such nonsense. So, he was rated 4F — unfit for duty.


  2. Well the snarky pen had plenty of reason to come out, didn’t it? The idea of pardoning someone of a crime when they haven’t been charged with one is tantamount to admitting they’ve committed a crime but you’re not telling. Trump himself I’m sure will face some kind of justice or there really isn’t any justice left but certainly the kids and kid-in- law must be investigated as no-one knows just how serious these crimes might be. I think I’d revisit Mr. Mueller’s findings again before letting Donny Jnr go. Collusion with an enemy power is worth prison time.

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    • Nope, the snarky pen seems to have an unending supply of ink and never dries out. I’m with you on that … if they need to be pardoned, then obviously they must have done something wrong, something that was against the people of this nation. We will someday know what that was, and when we do, I want to be able to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I wonder if the orange jumpsuit will take that endless smirk off of Ivanka’s ugly mug? My dream these days is for Trump to be behind bars such that he is ineligible to run again in 2024. If his three eldest children can join him … so much the better!

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  3. Judging from Trump’s recent megalomaniacal behavior, i would wager he’s preparing a military coup in order to retain power. It’s insane, but what has he got to lose?
    Newly-pardoned General Flynn calls for Donald Trump to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law then order the military to hold a re-run election and claims the alternative is ‘civil war’.
    Trump pardoned his former national security advisor before Thanksgiving
    Flynn blasted out article by ‘We the People Convention’ calling for martial law
    It called for Trump to ‘immediately declare a limited form of Martial Law’
    Wants to ‘suspend the Constitution and civilian control of these federal elections’
    Says only the military can be trusted to carry this out
    Comes as AG Bill Barr said there was not evidence of fraud to overturn election
    Trump continues to claim without evidence election was ‘rigged’
    This is the craziest election ever!

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  4. Dear Jill,
    Please forgive me, I am about to use your blog to see if I can post a comment here I could not send on Majic’s blog. The post was about election officials in Georgia receiving threats of violence and even death for not letting Trump win the state.
    I wrote the following comment, but it refused to send, even after a number of changes to try to water it down. I can see nothing wrong with it, but someone does:

    Trump has spent 4 years dividing Americans. Where were these voices 4 years ago? They had a better chance of stopping things then. But the violence was directed at others, not them, so they said nothing. It had to come home before they realized how serious this problem always was. Even though they are now changing, they have 4 years of complacency and complicity to answer for. Please hold them accountable.

    In my next comment I will direct my comment to your post. Again, my apologies.

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  5. Ahhh…thanks. My snark low level light had just illuminated, warning me that I’d need to replenish my snark. I feel much better now. Hope you do as well.

    Retire the snarky snippets while McConnell remains in the Senate? Seriously? While a large swath of the U.S. population appears to embrace conspiracy theories and disdain masks, mocking it as a hoax? Retire the snarky snippets just when Very Serious Republicans are about to proclaim how important it is to lower the national debt because, Dems?

    C’mon, man.


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    • I don’t know how your snark low level light could possibly come on … must be a mechanical malfunction! Surely there is enough to keep your snark filled to the brim just by looking at the first three headlines on any news media outlet. Methinks you need a tune-up, but meanwhile, I’m happy that I was able to top off your supply of snark!

      Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking when I said that! For sure, the snarky snippets will go on indefinitely. Perhaps it was a bit of wishful thinking? I wonder … if there will ever come a day when there are no more snarky snippets to write? Somehow, I doubt it.

      Hugs to you, too, Michael … you’re a good man.

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  6. I figure the cheeto will try to pardon himself before the kids. Too bad it will fail. One cannot absolve oneself of criminal activities. It’s in the federal code.

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    • There has been talk of him giving himself a blanket pardon, but as you say, it’s not legal. The other thing he could do is resign on January 19th, and let Pence be “President for a Day” and give him a blanket pardon. Sigh. So much corruption, and the republican senators and representatives remain silent. Speaks volumes, don’t you think?

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      • yes it does. Lankford spoke up this morning though and said…before it was deleted on twitter…that joe is the president elect. You’d have thought Oklahoma would have self-immolated at that tweet. I see you found my new blog..not much in there yet..decided not to upload all the old posts as it took up almost the entire blog site..and I need space to whing on in the future! LOL..miss you too. so glad I have you on fb.

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        • Yep, I found your new blog and am getting notifications when you post … I’ll try to keep up, but no promises. I am curious, though … what did they do (if anything) to the preacher who had vandalized your truck and home? Is he in jail? Charged, I hope? And how are you … are you feeling better? Did your test come back negative? Hugs, dear Suze! ❤

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          • he was charged with a felony (the tires), twelve misdemeanors, pled out at his preliminary hearing and the judge sentenced to him a year in the local jail, a $25000 fine, restitution for the property damage and a written apology stating his crimes, WHY he did them in the local newspaper. The church fired him. Had a negative test, it’s “just the flu”…thank God! Feeling much better. Thanks sweetie!

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  7. Don’t worry Jill. I’m sure there will be plenty of shenanigans by the Republican Party that will allow you to continue Snarky Snippets! To your point about the corrupt Bill Barr, after his AP interview became public, he promptly went to the White House and spent almost 3 hours there. Hmmmm, now what in the hell could they have been talking about? I’m sure it was all on the up and up, trying to figure out how best to help the incoming Biden team. YEAH, RIGHT!!

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