Let’s Take A Break From All Things Political

A few hours ago, I re-blogged Keith’s post about how Trump’s lies and treasonous talk of voter fraud, which has been disproven time and time again, has incited threats of violence throughout the nation, but most particularly in Georgia, as they gear up for the runoff elections for Senate on January 5th.   Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a snarky post about a number of socio-political situations that disturb me.  Just a few minutes ago, I left a mini-tirade on Trump’s Twitter feed, hoping to release some of my fury (I’ll probably get banned again, but … who cares?). I’m tired.  I’m disgusted.  I so desperately want to leave this country and never come back … that is Trump’s legacy, in my book.  Long story short, I need to write something tonight that is not political, that does not include the word ‘trump’, and that will quell the rage I feel right now.  And so … in a rare step away from my usual fare, I am writing about other things … just for this one post!  I’ll be back in the afternoon with more of what you expect from Filosofa.

A bit of humour …

The McCormick family in Adelaide, Australia, came home to quite a surprise yesterday!  The day before, they had put up their artificial Christmas tree … one that they had owned for lots of years … with a silver, pink and blue theme.  The tree had seen better days, but still … it looked pretty good once they got the lights and decorations on it.

On Wednesday, 16-year-old Taylah was the last to leave the family home in Coromandel Valley, Adelaide around 3pm.  She made sure the dog was outside, closed the back doors and turned off all the lights. When the whole family arrived back around 6pm, something was odd.  Said Taylah …

“I think the dog went straight to the Christmas tree and was sniffing around and Mum thought that was a bit weird. There was baubles all over the floor … and she looked up and there was a koala in the tree. It was pretty tangled up in the lights. It was a fake tree and very old but she still tried eating the leaves off it … I saw her munch down on some but she stopped when she realised it was plastic.”

Taylah’s mother, Amanda McCormick, said she was in shock.

“I thought ‘Is this a joke?’ I thought one of my kids may have put like a soft toy in there, but no, it was a live one.  We’ve had them in our trees before but not inside on our Christmas tree … It must have crawled in when the doors were open, it would have been in our house for at least three hours.”

The family immediately called the Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue, but co-founder Dee Hearne-Hellon said the group didn’t believe the story at first.


The rescue team quickly arrived to detangle the koala, which Taylah had dubbed Daphne.  Hearne-Hellon said Daphne was a juvenile female around three or four years old and in good health.

Hearne-Hellon said the koala likely just wondered into the home because it liked the look of their tree.

“It’s not actually that hot, so they wouldn’t be seeking shade, particularly at the moment … They are curious, and they are in the suburbs, and if they see something that they want to have a look at they’ll just drop in and have a look.”

I love it!  I’m very thankful to learn that Daphne has been released into a tree in a nearby bushy area.  I wonder if she will visit the McCormicks again?

And a bit of serious …

And now that you’ve had a bit of fun (I hope), you should know that today is National Roof Over Your Head Day.  I chuckled when I first saw that one, but it’s actually quite a serious day.  According to the National Day Calendar website …

National Roof Over Your Head Day was created as a day to be thankful for what you have, starting with the roof over your head. There are many things that we have that we take for granted and do not stop to appreciate how fortunate we are for having them. 

All across our nation, there are many that do not have the things that necessary to everyday life. They may lack a roof over their heads, enough food to eat, or clothes to wear. For those who have those bare necessities, it may be insufficient. 

The day reminds us to appreciate what you have. This day follows closely after Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful. So just like Thanksgiving, be thankful for what you do have and always remember, that it is a better feeling than worrying about what you do not have.

HOW TO OBSERVE #RoofOverYourHeadDay

To celebrate, pick a name or two off of a Christmas Giving Tree and make someone’s holiday a little better. Volunteer at or make a contribution to a homeless shelter in your area. Your gift may help someone else be able to have a “roof over their head” tonight. Use #RoofOverYourHeadDay to post on social media.

This year especially, there are many people who have lost their job due to the pandemic and cannot pay their rent or mortgage, are in danger of losing their home.  So yes, let’s be thankful for our own situation, and if we can, let’s try to help others out just a bit.

I don’t think most of you are aware, for I don’t share this with many people as a rule, but I was homeless once … not for long, for I had good friends who helped me out, but for a few days, two of my three children and I lived in our car, not knowing what would become of us, so I have had just a small taste of what it’s like, and … it’s damn scary, my friends.

And on that note, let’s end with another bit of non-political humour, shall we?


23 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Break From All Things Political

  1. I’m having to back of from the news and all things trump. Started having heart palpitations and figured it could be stress or anxiety related, as I have no other factors.
    So I only watch ABC 630pm news. I skip most of the newsletters I get in email. I try to limit Facebook, but darn there is some good stuff there besides politics..scenery, history, archeology, wildlife etc. so I’ll stay for now. And I have some blogs I really really like (yours is one). I have 4 close friends who think like me and that’s good enough for me. Don’t need any toxic idiot trumpers. Just had enough of them and if they are able to wield enough power to continue to destroy and lie about everything, then so be it.

    They are unconvincable and truly not working with a really good functioning brain, that is capable of critical thinking. I’m sick of them. Sick of most republicans in Congress. They are greedy cowards.

    So let the world end and in doing so maybe man as well. Then, eventually, there will be peace for all the natural world to thrive. That thought I hold to with a smile. I’ll be gone, but it doesn’t matter…the earth will go on just fine without man..even better, really.

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    • I fully understand, Mary, for I do have a heart condition and some days I can definitely tell that my rage, my stress levels are affecting my health. But, I keep on doing what I do because … that’s just who I am … a stubborn old wench, as some would say. But please, my friend, do take care of yourself. And thank you so much for saying my blog is one of your favourites … you’ve brought a smile to my old face!

      As you and I have discussed before, we are both glad to be older, at this stage of the game. I cannot imagine what it would be like to just be starting your adult life in this world of hatred and conflict, of corruption and a lack of values. Hopefully, some of those who ARE younger than we are will take the bull by the horns and make a difference … make the world a better place for our grandchildren. Fingers crossed.

      Hugs, my friend.

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  2. Thanks for sharing!… although I will briefly check the news in the morning, I ventured into politics briefly on November 3 and then walked away, not looking back.. I got dreams to follow and a life to live!… “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last chapter.” (Author Unknown )…

    Until we meet again..
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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    • You have a healthy outlook on it all, my friend. I, on the other hand, wonder if we don’t pay attention, if we don’t work toward much-needed changes, will their even be a ‘next chapter’ of our lives. It seems that we are walking backward at the moment, in the areas of climate change and civil rights, not to mention the pandemic, and somehow I just have to try to stay on top of it all. Sigh. I could not do otherwise, for it is who I am. Thank you for the lovely Irish saying!!!


      • I didn’t say not to pay attention or work towards and deal with changes, I ignore politics…. again, change will come at the foundation, not the top and there are many of us working towards change… 🙂

        A bit about me; 🙂
        Retired, Independent….
        Blog; https://onthepathleasttraveled.wordpress.com/
        Veteran, SGT, USMC (Vietnam, in country 1965-66, 12th Marine Regiment).
        COOP/SWOP Observer (since 2001 to present), NWS, ILX, NOAA, Dept of Commerce, USA.
        Observer Met Weather Office, United Kingdom.
        Ebird (Cornell University Lab of Ornithology/Audubon society).
        Sustaining contributor E.I. Foodbank.
        Sustaining contributor WILL, University of Illinois.
        Sustaining contributor Guardian Parent Program, Cunningham Children’s Home (Urbana, Illinois).
        Contributor; American Institute for Cancer Research.
        Member; (since 2005 to present) BOINC Project (University of Berkeley, Calif.); Princess Margaret Cancer Center/World Community Grid (Mapping Cancer, Children’s Cancer), Scripps Institute (Cancer, Covid-19)….

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        • You’re a good man, Dutch … I’ve never doubted that for a minute. I don’t visit your blog as often as I’d like, but the times I have visited, I’ve enjoyed the visit immensely. Keep safe, my friend!


  3. Stephen Colbert has not mentioned that person’s name since the election, spelling it as T***** and never saying his name. It’s been amazing! Enjoy your day 🙂 Kitten Thursday coming soon…

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  4. I just finished listening to Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” and so often thought how outrageous it is that trump tried to destroy everything they worked so hard for.
    I love the koala story. Glad Daphne is ok. And I have to admit I appreciate the roof over our head daily. I spent three months in a tent after leaving my ex. Happy Thursday despite everything 🙋‍♀️🕯

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    • It is outrageous and yet, half the people in this country still love Trump. I will always believe that Trump’s election was pushback against 8 years with an African-American in the Oval Office, for this remains, at least in part, a very racist nation. Sigh.

      I read “Becoming” a year or so ago and loved it. I do so miss having them in the White House, miss the days of respectability and dignity. Ahhh … you and I have something else in common, then! Happy Thursday to you, my dear friend! 🙋‍♀️


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