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If you live outside the United States, count your blessings.  This nation has lost its collective marbles! I would damn near kill for just one day with no mention of anyone whose last name is Trump in the news.  I would absolutely do a happy dance if all the republicans in the nation suddenly developed laryngitis and had to go 24 hours without opening their nasty mouths!  We can’t even get weekend breaks from the chaos and craziness!  In keeping with the chaos, I now have news overload which has given me a severe case of mind bounce (not to mention high blood pressure), so this morning you get a bunch of unrelated tiny snippets with an abundance of snark … I think.

You’re Fired (by form letter via email)

Trump fired the Pentagon business advisory board … all nine of them.  Members of the board received a brief email from Joshua Whitehouse, the White House liaison to the Department of Defense, that simply said, “if you are receiving this e-mail, your membership on the Defense Business Board has expired or is coming to an end.”  What a way to find out you’re ousted, eh?

But wait … that’s not even the worst part.  Two of the people Trump named to the board to replace the fired members are none other than Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, his former campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, neither of whom have served a single day in the military or have a hair on their head’s worth of experience in the defense industry!  My damn cat has as much to qualify him for a seat on that board as those two ass-lickers have.  Former Defense Secretary William Cohen called the move,  “… an obscene gesture to the Biden supporters and to at least the majority of the American people.”

Idiot Extraordinaire

Former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who made a brief and unsuccessful attempt to gain the republican nomination for president in 2012, just can’t seem to sit down and shut up.  Her latest is a short video whereby she pleads with god to “deliver Donald Trump a second term”.  I don’t need to add my snark to that one, for it speaks for itself.

Gaetz banned from New Jersey!

Matt-GaetzI’ve written so many times about the punk republican representative Matt Gaetz that I can even spell his name without looking it up.  He was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in 2008, and two years later elected to the Florida House of Representatives.  Since 2017, he’s been making a fool of himself in the U.S. House of Representatives.  He’s a punk who thinks his antics are cute … he reminds me of a teenage boy, but he is in fact 38 years of age.

The latest?  He doesn’t seem to understand that rules apply to him, too.  He attended a ‘secret party’ held by the Young Republicans club in Jersey City, New Jersey, with at least 150 other people in attendance.  Right smack in the middle of a new surge of the coronavirus in that area, and where such large gatherings were expressly forbidden by order of Governor Phil Murphy.  Nobody wore a mask at the gathering.

While not officially banned, Governor Murphy said, “You are not welcome in New Jersey, and frankly I don’t ever want you back in this state.”  Two thumbs up to Governor Murphy for having the courage to speak up and speak out.  As for Gaetz … Floridians apparently think he’s cool, for he was re-elected again last month.  Way to go, Florida … here, have another drink of Kool Aid.

Isn’t coercion illegal?

I seriously long for the day Trump is naught but a bad memory … I would love not to see his name ever again.  The latest?  He’s once again trying to coerce Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to convene an emergency session of the Georgia State Legislature so it can name its own electors, who would in turn vote for him instead of President-Elect Joe Biden.  This, my friends, is how leaders of banana republics deport themselves, not the ‘leader’ of a democratic republic of 330 million people!!!  WE THE PEOPLE spoke on November 3rd!  Donald F***ing Trump has no right whatsoever to attempt to override our voices!


In case you can’t tell, I am livid.  Donald Trump should be arrested right now and kept in a jail cell, given only bread and water until the evening of January 20th.  He has broken just about every law I can think of, and this is beyond unconscionable … it is criminal!  He is a crook, worse than President Richard M. Nixon ever thought about being.  He is as bad as Jeffrey Dahmer!

Kemp, for whom I have zero respect, to his credit refused Trump’s ‘request’.  Georgia has had two full recounts and an audit and certified the election for Joe Biden not just once, but twice.  No evidence of any notable fraud has been found.  Why oh why hasn’t Melania held a pillow over his head some night?

Ol’ Two-Faced Lindsey is at it again

Twitter & Facebook CEO's Testify Remotely Before Senate Judiciary CommitteeSpeaking of men with no conscience … Lindsey Graham is in the news again.  You remember Lindsey … the ‘man’ who claimed to be Senator John McCain’s ‘best friend’ and then stabbed him in the back?  Lindsey made an appearance on Fox ‘News’ the other day.  When Sean Hannity asked him about the possibility of Donald Trump facing a Federal investigation for crimes he’s accused of committing in office and during his campaign, Lindsey replied, falsely claiming that Robert Mueller’s investigation “found nothing,” and promising that if both Republicans win the two special elections coming up in January in Georgia, “the Attorney General nominee…will come before the judiciary committee…there’s no way in hell anyone’s gonna get confirmed …”

Tell you what, folks … I think it’s time for a mass impeachment of every damn republican in Congress, for as best I can tell they are every one a bunch of crooks who are determined to further rip apart what little is left of our trust in government.

And on that note, I must stop for tonight for if I don’t take a bit of time to wind down, I’ll lie awake cussing ‘til the sun comes up … if it even bothers.  Have a wonderful Sunday … if you live outside the U.S., that might be possible.


This is my coffee mug, gifted to me one Christmas many years ago by my girls. It suits me to a T.

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  1. Snarky? Looks like it’s my turn.

    President Donald Trump followed through on his promises to America’s veterans, ensuring they have access to quality care.
    He championed significant health care reforms and veterans’ choice, something he’s achieved through the Mission Act of 2018 — the biggest and most comprehensive VA health care reform in decades.

    Trump signed the First Step Act into law in December 2018, marking the first legislative victory in years for advocates seeking to reform the criminal justice system.
    It offers relatively modest changes to the federal prison system, but was praised as an important step forward by groups and activists seeking to end mass incarceration.

    After a five-year effort led by the US, ISIS’s caliphate was finally defeated in March 2019. Trump is the only president in recent times not to start a war.

    It’s said that Trump’s response to a deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, remains one of the most controversial moments in his presidency. but check on you tube the many responses Trump made condemning racism and racists.

    In 2016 Trump campaigned on reducing undocumented immigration, pledging to take a hardline approach. He made good on that promise when coming into office, but has been accused of human-rights abuses and violating international law by the UN. (Ironically made up of countries ignoring human rights abuses in their own back yard).
    Trump points to his predecessor former President Barack Obama, for the policy that saw thousands of children separated from their parents.

    Trump brokered peace between three Muslim countries and Israel. No Nobel prize for him.


  2. Oh My, you have the crazy from top to bottom there., no wonder you need to post Snarky Snippets. Some of the politicians you have there are sickening in their sycophancy towards Trump who is after all a President on his way out, voted as such by a majority of the people. They are complicit in his ill faith towards the people and his disrespect to the traditions of your Country. I think they need to be censured by Your New President when he’s in position. Joe can offer a hand to the Republicans but make sure they’re not trying to bite it off. Kemp, in Georgia, should make sure he tells Republicans that Trump has shown them great disrespect by trying to have their will negated and by telling their Governor to cheat and cause the election result to be altered.

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    • Yes, and I could have come up with at least ten more, but … I was getting tired. I will forward to you the letter I got from our Senator Rob Portman in response to me asking him why he refuses to acknowledge that Biden won and as such, is the President-elect. You’ll roll your eyes, for sure. Today, California certified their election results, putting Biden at 288 certified electoral votes. It’s over … or at least it should be, but these damn fools cannot seem to accept facts, truth, reality. I agree … I would love to see Kemp make a big deal of it, but thus far he’s downplaying it, as all the rest of our elected officials do when it comes to Trump’s idiocy.

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  3. Matt “the punk” Gaetz. I can’t think of a better way to describe him! In the dictionary, under that word, should be him…..Florida keeps electing him. They deserve him, and Governor Dumbsantis

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  4. I concur with Rawgod in that it is sheer insanity to wait 2.5 months after a presidential election to inaugurate the new president. I understand the transition process takes some time, but this is ridiculous!

    I sympathize that you have over 70 million ignorant voters who support Trump and his claims of fraud. I think those two GOP losers will take the Senate seats in Georgia and they will block Biden’s every move starting with his cabinet nominations. If Joe is smart, he’ll follow Trump’s example and nominate people as “Acting” secretaries. I honestly cannot believe the level of insanity you are living with.

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    • Thanks John! Yeah, I agree that the transition period is too long … however, it’s never been a problem until now, so … I have mixed thoughts about it.

      So far, it’s not looking good for Perdue and Loeffler, the two republicans running in the Georgia runoffs. They both have some shady things, insider stock trading etc., and in addition, Trump & Co are hurting them more than helping them, so I’m more hopeful now that the democrats stand a good chance at winning those two seats. Fingers crossed, anyway. I cannot believe it either, my friend … it is the stuff my nightmares are made of. Sigh. How’s Anne doing?


  5. Your post is right on! !!!! Gaetz and Graham are DISGUSTING!t!!! The entire Republican Party needs to be dismantled …. starting with trump…. followed by Mitch McConnell. I’m praying that trump and his family end up in prison! There is hope…thanks to the NY State charges. 🤞 Will never comprehend the Cult Mentality! 😥
    Hope you’re well, Jill! Be safe! 💙

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    • Hey Patty! Good to see you! Yes, they are disgusting and sickening. As are so many others in the Republican Party today. Like you, I hope to see Trump & Co in orange jumpsuits, but I’m not holding my breath, for his lawyers will drag the NY cases out ad infinitum and eventually he will die, so it will become a moot point. His death would be most welcome, though. Sigh. No, my friend, I do not understand it either, and it makes me realize that I have outlived my usefulness in this world. Sigh. I’m as well as can be … and you keep well too, my friend. Love you! ❤

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  6. Jill, when I left the Republican Party around twelve or thirteen years ago, my three main reasons were their climate change denial, their unhealthy relationship with evangelicals and NRA and a tendency to make things up. The latter was due to Fox News telling people what they wanted to hear, that the mainstream media was against them and beating up on guests who countered their narrative.

    Now, it is far worse with an exploded social media making it far easier for misinformation and disinformation to get to people, as they do not spend the time confirming sources. And, what many do not realize, a quiet company named Sinclair Broadcasting now owns about 40% of the TV stations in middle and southern America. The owners require a corporate written editorial to be read verbatim at the end of each news day. So, getting inside the bubble with real news is quite difficult.

    Let me be clear, Trump blames the media, but they did not make him a liar. He was a liar long before he ever ran for office. Roger Ailes of Fox News hand selected him to run as president and gave him carte blanche on his network until Ailes was paid to leave due to sexual misconduct. If Ailes were still there, Wallace, Cavuto, Smith would have been fired immediately for speaking against the president. Smith was fired after the AG met with Ailes replacement, but he was critical of the president for many months and years.

    Campaigning was made for a liar like Trump. Truth is of less importance and even when his facts were countered, he did nothing but run more of the same ads. I do not like labeling people, so calling Trump a liar rather than saying he has a problem with the truth, is more out there for me. But, the documentation of this label is in abundance and is historical. So, it is easier to defend this label. As for folks like Lindsey Graham, he and Ted Cruz were verbally abused and lambasted by Trump, yet they are both sycophants. It is embarrassing. Keith

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    • Oh Keith … it was bad enough when you left the GOP 12-13 years ago … and now, it is so much worse. It seems to me that those who speak for the GOP care not one whit for this nation, for the underlying principles that trace back to the founding of the nation, nor for the people who go to work every day to support this country. Of late, it seems to me that we are doomed to become a dictatorship until one day, perhaps in 20 or 30 years, long after you and I are gone, people decide they have had enough and finally rebel against those who have only their own interests at heart. I find it difficult these days to find a shred of what this nation once was. Sigh. It is embarrassing, disheartening, demoralizing. Sigh.


  7. You have a lot to be worried about, as he and his toadies still have six weeks to continue destroying everything your country used to stand for.

    Different country, but we have our own band of inept criminal grifters in charge too. Probably of no consolation to you, though!

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    • Yes, that’s my fear … he seems to be determined to destroy as much as possible in that time. There is at least one way (a legal one) that he could be stopped, but it would require Mike Pence and members of the cabinet to find their conscience, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

      Agreed … you do have some … Nigel always comes to mind first, but there are others as well.

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      • Not much chance of the collective cojones being found amongst that lot, is there!

        You mean Farage? This may come as a surprise, given his talent for self-publicity, but he isn’t and has never been a member of our parliament or in the government. But he is definitely a grifter, though. Boris Johnson’s cabinet is full of people dishing out huge contracts to their mates, ignoring the rules and any scrutiny. Some of their own financial dealings have been dubious, too. But still the rabid right wing press stirs up the plebs to get them elected. Sad, bigly sad.

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        • Yes, Farage. I remember right after Trump took office and he wanted Nigel Farage to be the UK ambassador to the U.S. Then-PM May let him know that’s not how it works … fortunately! Corbyn is another I don’t trust, but then, BoJo isn’t exactly the leader I wish you had, either. Yes, the situation in both our countries is sad, and we are not alone. Look at Bolsonaro in Brazil and Madura in Venezuela. If Marine LePen had beaten Macron, France would be having the same problems, but even so, they are having troubles enough. The world is in trouble, my friend.

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          • That cringe-making photo of them in the gold lift – ugh! Corbin is old news now, thankfully: utterly useless and anti-Semitic. The far right is getting stronger in quite a few European countries: add Germany, Italy, Hungary and Poland to your list, and no doubt there are others. The world is indeed in trouble – the rest of us will be looking to Biden to take a lead in making things better.

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            • YUCK! I do well remember that photo … the most disgusting thing … I thought then that it would be poetic justice if the elevator cables broke from all the hot air contained within! Yes, the populist movement seems to be picking up steam … I had hoped, a few years ago, that it would simply die out, but I should have known better. I’m not sure how much Biden will be able to accomplish, for two reasons. First, every republican seems to have sworn an oath to obstruct Biden at every possible point. Second, Biden is a moderate, and already I’m hearing complaints from his own party that he isn’t ‘Liberal enough’. Sigh. It’s going to be an uphill battle, but at the very least, hopefully he can restore our allies’ trust and take whatever steps are needed to address climate change. I hope for more, of course, but those are … must be … the two top priorities (in addition to the pandemic).

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              • Hopefully Trump’s departure will enable Republicans to rethink what they stand for and bipartisan work can resume. That would probably need the removal of Moscow Mitch too, though. Those complaints against Biden have always been there, I think – the likes of AOC will need reining in. But he has one big advantage for me: he isn’t Trump, and I think that will help him repair some of the damage.

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                • I hoped the same, but it seems that the Republican Party has thrown its hat in with Trump, lock stock and barrel, and somehow … for some reason that is beyond me as yet … they fear him, will continue their fealty to him even after he is out of the White House. I hope I’m wrong, but … he seems to have let some nasty critters crawl out from under the rocks. Sigh. Suddenly, we find that if you support making sure that everyone has such “luxuries” as health care, food, shelter, and opportunity, you are a “socialist” and are “trying to take over the country”. Now, I lean toward socialism, so I’m not offended by the term, but rather by the way they spit it out as if it were the most disgusting thing imaginable. You’re right … Biden has always been considered “establishment”, and in truth he is a moderate, so is likely to come under fire from both sides of the political spectrum. And AOC … she’s got all the right ideas, but … baby steps. Rome, after all, was not built in a day. Yes, I think that “anybody but Trump” is the ongoing sentiment among those of us who are capable of discerning facts from fantasy and who care about humanitarian causes. Sigh. Repairing the damage is going to be a slow and sometimes painful process, I fear. Let us hope that Joe and Kamala are given a fair chance to make a start, anyway.

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                  • I think we generally see your country’s political parties as being more to the right than ours, and that’s why ‘socialism’ becomes a term of abuse – which is just plain wrong. What is the problem with caring how other people’s lives can be improved? But when one of the two main parties allows itself to be bullied into craven submission by a liar and a crook it isn’t a hopeful situation, is it! From what I read of the interference which is taking place with the transition it doesn’t appear that the fair chance you hope for is getting off to a good start!

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                    • It wasn’t always so, but today yes, our parties — or at least one of our parties — is further to the right than your own or most other European countries. People use the word socialism as something of a demonic catch-all, without bothering to understand what it even is. In my book, we are all on this planet together and those who can, ought to help those in need. Period. No matter the colour of a person’s skin, their religious beliefs or non-beliefs, their gender or gender identity … we’re all just people underneath it all. Why should one person have a portfolio of $5 billion, while another is putting her children to bed hungry at night??? Some who might make the greatest contributions to the world are unable to expand their horizons through higher education, because it is cost-prohibitive. How is this humane? Two things propelled Trump into office: corporate greed and racism/homophobia/Islamophobia. He was in the right place at the right time and with the right words. Build a wall. Cut corporate taxes. His saying “Make America Great Again” translated into “Make America White Again”, and that is precisely what some in this nation desire. A white, Christian, male-dominated society. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No, we’re not off to a great start, and now the Democrats seem to be criticizing Biden’s cabinet picks … discord when we need unity. Sigh.

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                    • Thanks, Clive. Yes, this is what most people in this nation don’t realize … our actions affect the world. When we deny climate change and roll back regulations on industry, it isn’t just the U.S. that suffers increased effects. When we taunt North Korea or Iran, the whole world is a little bit less safe. Sigh.

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                    • Sadly, Jill, your country has a general reputation for being insular, which Trump has only made worse. It’s good to know that there are still many there who have a wider breadth of vision, as it is going to be needed. I hope Joe reverses as much as possible of Trump’s ‘achievements.’


                    • You are so right. A couple of years ago, I did a series of posts focusing on the troubles of people in other nations, and most of the comments were along the lines of “So what? It’s not happening here, so who cares?” I was so disgusted that I gave it up, but I think today I might get a different response, for my readership has changed and about half of my readers today are from outside the U.S. Yesterday, I saw a comment on a column by Nicholas Kristoff where he had mentioned a number of overseas charities that would be good for Christmas donations. The person commenting was incensed that he was thinking of starving children overseas, when people were waiting in line in their cars here to get food handouts. I wanted to answer, “At least people here have cars and food handouts, whereas people in Ghana do not even have either!” But, since I had already made one really snarky remark yesterday, I bit my fingertips and moved on. Sigh. WHY can’t we all learn to get along and care about each other?

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                    • Sadly, we have the same tendencies here, and they have been exacerbated by Brexit and the rampant jingoism that it has stirred up. A couple of weeks ago the government announced a reduction in overseas aid: cue the Daily Mail readers saying we shouldn’t give anything, as we should come first.

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                    • Nationalism run amok. I do understand the sentiment being exacerbated by Brexit, just as our own lack of concern outside our borders has been exacerbated by Trump. When a family has many troubles of its own, it’s less likely to be looking at the troubles of its neighbors. But … we are all on this planet together … We HAVE to care what is happening on the other side of the globe! I do find that my UK readers are much more well-versed and care more about our situation with Trump than most people here understand or care about Brexit. Both are critical junctures in our development, our history, and both will have ripple effects around the world, but Americans are, I think, more arrogant than you guys and see themselves as all-important.

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                    • I guess your British readers are of the more knowledgable and inquisitive type, not the ones who read the Tory press and believe its lies. There’s a huge amount of arrogance attached to the pro-Brexit brigade too. In the past week we’ve had the Prime Minister and several cabinet ministers telling the rest of the world that we’re better than them. They seem to think we’re still in 1890s: Rule Britannia and all that.

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                    • Your Tory press must be the British equivalent of our Fox News and NewsMax. People who don’t bother to read, don’t bother to do their own research and listen to a variety of opinions, will drink the Kool Aid, will play follow the leader until they follow him right off of a cliff. Yes, I’ve kept up somewhat with the Brexit news and thought it was a done no-deal as of Sunday, but now I hear they’ve extended it again and are … hopefully … closer to finding compromise? BoJo is … not as bad as Trump, but he’s not who you need at the helm in these turbulent waters.

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                    • Yes, it is. If you’ve ever seen one of those tables that rates news sources on their reliability and political leanings, the example they use – the Daily Mail – is very close to Fox News: far right, with tendencies to make things up. The rest aren’t far behind them.

                      Johnson has, I think, always wanted a no-deal outcome, and is going through the motions. It will have serious short term consequences, causing food shortages and price rises, and the longer term effects will be incredibly damaging. To take just one example, our departure from the European network of information sharing between security services will make us more vulnerable to a terrorist attack. How anyone with even two brain cells to rub together can think that Brexit is good for the country beats me.

                      You’re right about Johnson. He is a slightly less extreme version of Trump, but shares Trump’s level of competence as a leader.

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                    • Oh yes … and I learned that about the Daily Mail some time ago. The Guardian is my ‘go-to’ news source from your side of the pond, and sometimes BBC, though I understand they’re not as reliable as they once were.

                      I thought long ago that Johnson didn’t much care whether he got a deal or not. I was truly shocked when Brexit passed, because among my UK readers, only two supported Brexit, the rest were adamantly against it. I fear for your national security and am concerned about such things as the food shortages, market plunge, and price rises. Maybe I can send food boxes to you guys? Oh wait … I just mailed a package to the UK last week and it cost $60 to mail … scratch that! But seriously, I am concerned and think Ms. May would have done a much better job at negotiating some sort of a deal. Sigh.

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                    • The Guardian is mine too. The BBC has a difficult balance to strike, being the national broadcaster. It gets criticised by both sides, but has moved towards a pro-Brexit stance amongst some of its presenters and reporters, and in the way it has given Farage far too many appearances on the weekly political debate programme, Question Time. I tend not to watch much tv news nowadays, but our best is probably Sky News. I can also get CNN which I occasionally dip into.

                      I would say that the food parcels aren’t necessary yet, but I’ve just updated my pre-Christmas online shopping order and virtually every Christmas cake is unavailable – what a shocking state of affairs!


  8. We knew he would not go gentle into that first night sleeping outside the White House, but your Constitution is such that even though he was voted out, he gets to hang around until Jan. 20th of, in this case, 2021. For Trump, that is like a lifetime. He can destroy everything important to Americans, and then some. You folks down south have the strangest ways of doing things, and leaving a loser in power is one of the strangest–and stupidest! Up to now, it has not been an area of concern, but Trump keeps on shining his light on everything that is wrong with your Republic. I think he has to people employed full-time to go through the Declaration and the Constitution to find and expose the loopholes.
    Now you know they are there. Close them as quickly as you can! Or certain future presidents will use them even as Trump is, to satisfy his little ego. Little, that is, in only thinking about one person, Donald Trump.

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    • I know … sigh. There is a purpose for that 2.5 month transition period, but in this case, the purpose was partly defeated by an egomaniac in office, and it has been the most stressful time ever, so yes, I wish Biden could have been sworn in the day after the election! It is to be hoped that those loopholes can be closed, but with such divisions as we are seeing these days, I’m not making any wagers.

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