Jolly Monday … Widout Gwammie!

It’s funny how Monday sort of creeps up on you, isn’t it?  I mean, just yesterday it was Friday, the start of the weekend, and now the weekend is gone?  Where did it go?  I don’t remember it!  I had big plans to clean out my closet over the weekend, but … only thing I did was open the door and throw yet another package into it!  I had plans to wrap some presents I need to send across the pond for Christmas … they are somewhere in my clos … oh no, wait, they are in a stack at the foot of my bed … still not wrapped!  Sigh.  Can I get a do-over on the weekend, please?  I must get these cards addressed tonight so Chris can mail them on her way to work in the morning.  Sigh.  I’m tired.  Can I just go to bed and start over on January 20th, please?

jollyGwammie … GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!  Okay fwiends … enuf of her whining … Joyful made some yummy things for you an’ I went over to Phil’s Phun and found some funnies, so Imma send Gwammie to her room until she can be nice, okay?  GO GWAMMIE … you’re spoilin’ da fun for our fwiends!  Me ‘n Joyful will finish Jolly Monday an’ you can go pout ‘n whine.

Okay, fwiends … Joyful worked weally hard on da snacks, so we hope you likes ‘em.  Gwab a snack an’ we’ve got lots o’ toons ‘n other stuff to make you laugh!

First, some ‘toons from Unca Phil … he lives in a pwace called Oz, ‘cept it’s weally called Oztralia.


Wasn’t dey fun?  Gwammie found some funny (weally, weally bad 🙄 ) jokes before she got all pouty …



Isn’t dis picture neat?  It’s somewhere in Japan an’ dey had a LOT of s-n-o-w!!!!


An’ Joyful found us a cute animal video ‘bout a kitty who makes a doggie feel better.

We hopes you liked Jolly Monday an’ we’re sowwy ‘bout Gwammie … she don’t usually get like dis, but she’s tired and don’ feel so good, ’cause she’s weally upset dese days, we think it’s about da ‘lection an’ dat weird guy dey call da Donald, or summat like dat.  Until next Monday, we all send you our love ‘n hugs!

27 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … Widout Gwammie!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday, the only purpose of which is to start the week out with a smile! Yes, isn’t it funny that when humans behave badly we refer to them as ‘animals’, but in truth, animals nearly always behave better than humans! You have a great week also, Kiki!

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    • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugh’s back!!! I’ve missed you … I was worried, knowing that something must be wrong when you didn’t answer my email. I’m sorry you were laid up, but glad to know you are on the mend. If I’d known you were going to be here today, we would have included some Maxine and Famous Grouse! Take care of yourself, my friend, and have a great week!

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  1. Lol – Thank you for the great laughter, Jill! Starting the week with a smile on the face can not harm. 😉 This morning i got a information from my new gimmick. Last week i had connected my postbox mailing service with Alexa. Hurrah! 😉 Now this morning the first time i got a voice information about some hours later arriving letters. This morning it was “You will get NO letters!” Lol I only wanted to be informed about really incoming letters, not this one. Lol Have a beautiful week! Michael

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    • And now, you have made me laugh!!! 🤣 I get a daily email from the USPS telling me what letters and packages will be delivered, but it’s rarely completely accurate! I have an Alexa my daughter bought me a few years ago, but have never tried using it! I once, back in the day, was fairly tech-savvy, but not anymore! Have a great week, my friend!

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      • Lol – These modern digital gimmicks are at least only for fun. Great, seems USPS is much more modern like our postal services here. How had a former US politican said: Old Europe. Lol
        Have a beautiful weekend too, Jill! Enjoy the upcoming cookie time. 😉 Michael

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        • Yeah, except they get it wrong half the time! Weekend? That’s a ways off yet, even in your country, my friend! But, the week is going okay … my van started this morning, so life is good! Cookie time? You’re sending me cookies? Oh how wonderful … thank you, Michael! I look forward to them!


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