35 thoughts on “A Bit Of Humour To Lighten The Mood

    • I read earlier today that it looks certain that it will be a no-deal Brexit and that the UK is anticipating a market crash. I’m so sorry, guys … I was hoping it would be different. Your country and mine are both sky-rocketing downward. Sigh.

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                  • Tough one Jill.
                    We have to work on the basis that at least 90% of predictions for the future will be way off.
                    If pushed, I’m guessing there will be problems with climate issues, because it takes a a long time to make up for at least 300 years worth of carelessness.
                    As for the political ‘thing’ that is always open to so many variations. This much I feel will come to pass those who squawk on both the extremes of the Right and Left will not be happy with the result as whatever they try will result in a big kick back of one sort or another that squashes them flat.
                    As for the rest….Well just for laughs to annoy those who have invested their spiritual gold in sacred cows:
                    1. MAGA- Might have to put up with the gradually separation of the USA into smaller nations and many of them upping-sticks to fit into grubby little semi-independent states owned by overseas corporations.
                    2. No more UK, a kind of quarrelsome, shabby confederation of Ulster, Scotland, Wales and England (with the latter suffering a fate similar to the MAGA folk).
                    3. Eastern Europe back under the ‘protective’ arm of Russia.
                    4. Middle East everyone fighting everyone else and if any of the ‘It’s all Israel, The USA and Saudi Arabia’s fault’ brigade are still around they will finally be having to face their are no ‘good guys’ out there who have access to weapons.
                    5. At least one more pandemic.
                    My own private wish….
                    Conspiracy theorists are reduced to the level of the Flat Earthers.
                    Oh yeah..one last thing ‘The Precipice Dominion Trilogy’ by R. J. Llewellyn is ranked alongside ‘Lord of The Rings’ and has surpassed ‘A Game of Thrones’ as a recognised as a masterpiece of Fantasy Fiction 🤣


      • Kimmel here sometimes is aired in the late time of our official German “ZDF”, but i also saw him on, i think “CNBC” For Colbert i have to look for, but over the weekend i will try to adjust a new satellite antenna. Some of our German channels are so bad, i really need input from otherwhere. :-)) I adore Italian and US-channels. Depending on our very low internet connectivity at the time its not really enjoying doing over internet. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend, Jill!
        Btw:We should rewrite the song “Coming home for Christmas”. Its “Staying home for …”. 😉

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        • Any time you need me to send you a link to a clip, just let me know and I’ll be happy to! Yes, you have a beautiful weekend, my friend. I just realized it is less than two weeks until Christmas, so I must get busy and finish shopping/wrapping/baking … UGH. I’m tired … I’d like to just sleep through Christmas! Good idea on the song re-write … this holiday season is like no other in our lifetime.


  1. Many thanks, Jill. Why does the overt cheating efforts of the outgoing president not register? The contradictions are too many. In Georgia, he said the vote was rigged, but be sure to vote for these Senate candidates. What, but you said….Keith

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  2. Just gr8! Tks for sharing a laugh or three. Especially for us oversea-ers… Autocorrect wants me to write just Oversea or Oversee… does that mean The Oxford Dictionary will add the word I created to next year ‘s edition? 📚 Will there be a next year? ⛑

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    • I’m glad you were able to watch them and that they made you laugh! Hah … autocorrect has a mind of its own, doesn’t it? No, I doubt your word will make it to the Oxford English Dictionary, but you might get it into the … oh, what’s it called??? There’s a dictionary of popular colloquialisms, but I can’t remember what it’s called right offhand. As for your last question … I don’t know, my friend. Sigh.


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