Dammit Republicans … Donald Trump lost the election.  Get over it!  Get a life, get a job, get a brain!!!  You are turning this nation into a dangerous place, you are attacking this nation in ways it has never been attacked before!  And why?  Because you are sore losers, because you have allowed your mind to be taken over and controlled by the most evil person in the country today.

Joe Biden’s inauguration cannot come a moment too soon … I wish it could somehow be moved up to tomorrow … today, even.

From The Washington Post

Officials in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin have reported receiving threats or harassment. The Arizona Republican Party asked its Twitter followers Tuesday if they were willing to give their lives to overturn the election and “die for something.”

Armed “protesters” menaced Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) and her family in their home over the weekend. “Someone’s going to get killed,” said Gabriel Sterling, a senior Georgia election official, as he detailed last week the death threats he and others have received. Yet, Mr. Trump continues to pour gasoline on the fire, tweeting Wednesday that “We will soon be learning about the word ‘courage’, and saving our Country.”

Republicans across the country, from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) down to county GOP chairs, are inflaming them with their encouragement or their acquiescence. Violence seems ever more possible when President-elect Joe Biden’s victory becomes official — if not before. Short of that, Mr. Trump is creating a new playbook for failed candidates: Rile the base; delegitimize your opponent’s victory; pressure state officials to flip the results. This strategy could be far more potent in a closer election. It threatens the foundations of U.S. democracy.

Just who do the republicans think they are that they can demand our votes be cancelled out in favour of theirs, though more than 81 million people cast their votes for President-elect Joe Biden?  And why the hell hasn’t Mike Pence and others in the administration stood up and invoked the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office NOW, before people start getting killed by Trump’s angry, ignorant base?  Where are your cojones, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and others??? You are too cowardly to accept reality, acknowledge that Joe Biden will be taking the Oath of Office at noon on January 20th, and to urge your constituents to calm down, put their guns away and act like human beings!  Damn you ALL!

All my life, I have been an independent, not registered with either party, and I have voted for both democrats and republicans during my adult life.  That is all about to change … I now plan to register with the Democratic Party and will never again vote for a republican, for they have become the party of greed, arrogance, bigotry, and hate.

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  1. This reminds me of the old comic who used to sound like the cartoon rooster character Foghorn Leghorn and shout, “Save your Confederate money boys. The South will rise again.” I would die for my children, definitely not to make Donald J Trump’s life happier by giving him unjustified power. I can’t see the educated Republicans in certain states doing it either. Someone give them a stage. It’s all an act. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Yes, very true. The GOP should go down after this, if they refuse to step away from Trump and his gang of thugs, but … I think that much will depend on the media. Once he is out of office, the media needs to ignore him and his tweets and his threats. Completely. He should not even be mentioned. Will they … can they do it? We’ll see, but I have my doubts.

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    • That is my fear, my friend. His base seem to have decided they no longer care about the Constitution, about human lives, or about democratic principles, and they are the ones with the stash of guns in their garage. Sigh.

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  2. So far it’s proving to be, with rare but late exceptions, that the GOP and all the appointed officials are all on a par with the least of the President’s base. In both cases, he knows he only has to say jump to hear ‘How high in return’. I’m sure at this late stage he’s trying to encourage armed insurrection so he can attempt to establish some kind of martial law and hold on to power that way. He slyly suggests without actually saying it ‘kill Democrats’.He was never going to go easily or willingly. Easy job, steady pay, do what you want with plenty of time for golf suits him just fine and the adoring crowds who put him on a G*d appointed pedestal a huge bonus, though delusionally we’ll deserved. Time for his good old boys in the Senate to wake up and do their job, at least the one the State pays for, and get him out.

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    • You make a good point … he may well be trying to rile his base to give him an excuse to declare martial law. Sigh. You’re right that we knew he would not “go gently into that good night”, but I have to admit that even I didn’t anticipate this much chaos, didn’t expect so many republican officials to side with Trump’s seditious/treasonous behaviour. I know it’s not appropriate for me to say, but I wish he would simply die. The world would breathe a collective sigh of relief, I think.

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  3. Music to my ears Jill! I don’t know what we can do about these cowards, but they are literally killing people every day with their lack of action on Covid. And, we all know it’s Moscow Mitch preventing anything from being done. I watched Brian Williams on MSNBC last night and one of the panelists suggested that R’s are simply waiting till the electoral college makes it official this Monday. Then…THEN they will grow a spine and start acknowledging Biden as President-elect. Bullshit! I’m not buying it. Part of it is about the Georgia election I suspect. But, shame on all of them for not heading to the White House right now to tell him to shut the hell up and accept the outcome. They won’t though. You know it and I know it. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of whiny snowflakes in my life!

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  4. Jill, if someone gets hurt, since he likes litigation so much, they need to sue Trump for instigating violence. McConnell and other silent Senators need to be included in the suit. Yet, take it to the bank, if someone gets hurt, the unaccountable outgoing president will wash his hands of blame.

    The outgoing president has staged and planned this fraud narrative for six months. It is predicted and predictable. The only rampant voter fraud is the one who stares back from the mirror when Donald Trump shaves. I do not say this lightly or frivolously. He is doing as many expected him to do – lie and cheat to win because he cannot stand to lose. Keith

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    • Jill, I just read that over 1/2 of the Texas GOP state house members support the Texas AG lawsuit. The GOP officially has moved to a party built on a foundation of conspiracy theories. Maybe instead of the Trump Party, it should just be called the QAnon Party. Keith

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      • I’m hearing the same, and more and more governors and members of Congress are jumping on this bandwagon. I still don’t believe the Court will rule to throw out over 10 million votes, but I think we are moving into very dangerous territory here.


  5. Hi Jill (sorry…been wandering again)
    Now you know why guys like me sometimes say only half-joking:
    ‘Y’see the trouble with Stalin was he over-thought the problem,’
    In the meantime;
    “were willing to give their lives to overturn the election”……careful what you wish for kiddies, I can show you photos of a lot of bloated bodies from the fields of Gettysburg and Antietam and many of them didn’t leave this world with a clean shot through the heart or head either.
    Actually I think that statement might be construed as a criminal act tantamount to terrorism

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    • So glad to see you again! I’ve meant to email and see if you and Sheila were okay, but obviously I hadn’t yet. Hope all is well and that you’ve just been in your tower finishing up the edit on your book. When is it publishing, by the way?

      It seems that whether a statement is considered a criminal act or not depends on who utters it. Now, if a Black man were to make the same statement about being willing to give his life to overturn the election, he would be in jail before he could say “Holy Shit” … in jail or dead. If I were to make that statement, I would likely have the men in dark suits & glasses at my door by morning. But, if a white republican male makes the same statement, he’s told to stand by and be ready. Sheesh.

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      • If I do appear to vanish off the grid Jill, just take a left turn and head towards The Oakhostian, Sudd-Hengestatia if you hover long enough Karlyn will come and greet you and tell you where and when I am. Publishing awaits a book cover, and that’s another story. Meanwhile once more I re-write Vol 1 & 2 and although it’s only typos, clarifications and continuity stuff……it’s so much fun.

        And the Questionable taste interlude….(Some folk might want to look away)
        As for those White Republicans tell ’em to break out their maps and head for the Potomac, but could they do it in the winter, because sheesh those bodies do bloat up in the summer heat and judging by the flab many of them are carrying you don’t want to be around when those get punctured!

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        • Ahhhh … I should have known!!! Or should have remembered, rather. Give Karlyn, Trelli and Arketre big hugs for me, and tell them I said “Thank you” for keeping an eye on you! Oh, I can’t wait to hear the tale of the book cover … hint, hint! Do I detect a note of sarcasm in “it’s so much fun”? 😉

          If they head for the Potomac right now, it’s likely to be frozen over and they’ll just skid across to the other side. I have a better idea … I vote we put them on Elon Musk’s next spaceship and see what happens!

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  6. I was like you, an independent. I actually voted R in a few presidential elections in the past. Actually voted against Obama the first time. It was then I saw what you see now (the despicable nature of R’s). It has only become worse since.

    I voted Obama the second time, and will NEVER vote R again. With the caveat that the possibility does exist the D party could become as bad as the R’s at some point. I sure hope to never see that.

    The R’s I believe see this as a fight for maintaining power and relevance. They see the demographic changing. They know that the good ole white boys are outnumbered by people of color. They know that an honest election will sink them. Which is why there is voter suppression, gerrymandering, and this asinine attempt to maintain control at all costs, by becoming the absolute worst that humanity has to offer.

    There is no such thing right now as a R with integrity, honor, and loyalty to the constitution they have sworn to defend. Those who say nothing are just as bad as those in the shitstorm limelight right now. They are ALL complicit in this, right until the end.*

    I’m still waitiing, and fearing, that they will attempt a gov’t takeover, a coup, if you will. They have done all but at this point and I see nothing stopping them from trying. They think they are doing what is best for the country. So much so they are willing to wrest control at all costs.

    At least that’s how it looks from where I am sitting. I don’t mind being wrong. Damn I hope I am.

    * I know a few R have acknowledged Biden’s win. I know a few have even declared what is going on is plain wrong. But until they stand up and make it damn clear this attempted coup is reprehensible, and they will NOT stand for it, it’s all just a little white noise that barely makes headlines, let alone gets through the thick headed R bastards that are trying to get away with this shit.

    …I think I had a little rant of my own there. I feel better 🙂

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  7. Me too, Jill. The little boys on their massive motorcycles or in their oversized pickups drive by the house still screaming obscenities at our Biden/Harris sign, flipping us the bird. In our truck driving days, the guys with monster CBs would scream out over the airways with enough power to be heard two states away. Jim would say, “Aw, isn’t that precious? The little driver finally has something big to play with.” Same story here, JIll. Those folks have nothing in life to be proud of – certainly not a Presidential candidate. Hopefully the children grow up before our country is decimated by their hatred and ignorance. Good post, JIll. Love from our house to yours.

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    • Damn, they’re still at it? You heard about what happened to Suze and George, right? I worry about you guys. These people have sold their consciences and don’t seem to have any values left, so just be on the lookout, my friend. Love and hugs back to you and Jim from me and the girls and the kitties!!!

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        • This was Suze’s comment on November 23rd to my post:

          “Jill, I haven’t been blogging much lately…mostly because my husband (the registered nurse) and I (chem dep counselor) have been volunteering at our city public health department, making calls to follow up on active covid cases. As the months have gone on we’ve received nasty emails, drive bys at our home, two heaping piles of manure left on our front porch and truck, signs left in the front yard saying we are traitors, communists, fear-mongerers, and worse. I have received two death threats…my husband more because he is doing actual testing then follow up calls. Our local police have now made it a habit to drive by our home on a daily basis just to make sure we are okay. We have been spit upon at stores for wearing masks, one person came up and coughed all over me…it is beyond the pale. Yes, unfortunately this is who we are. Half of us responsible and worried about everyone and half just mean reprehensible people. I’m supposed to be at the heath department right now, but the emergency road guy is changing all four of our slashed tires. I don’t recognize my country anymore. And I ache for the “good old days” when a president was a worthy man and our people were civil. I have my volunteer resignation letter in hand and will be giving it to the public health coordinator when I go in today. Two months and I can not take it anymore. I am frankly afraid to leave my home…and NOT due to a fear of getting sick. I am more afraid of being murdered.”

          The ‘man’ who slashed their tires and dumped poop on their porch turned out to be a preacher at a local church. He has been charged and sentenced to one year, plus fired by the church. Suze’s test came back negative and she is back to her usual bouncy self.


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