Yet Another ABOMINATION!!!

I am so sick and tired of the chaos in this post-election period.  I am sick and tired of being shown that we the voters are naught but pawns in a large game of corporate greed, and that our voices matter only so long as we agree with the corporate giants whose net worth is thousands of times higher than our own.  I’m tired of feeling my heart rate shoot through the roof because of my extreme fury with those who identify as republicans, when all they are is greedy monsters.  The latest that has raised my hackles …

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is a grade-A bastard.  On behalf of the State of Texas, he has filed a lawsuit against four other states:  Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Apparently, I was right the other day when I said this is no longer the “United” States, for within a nation, states do not sue other states, especially for that which does not concern them!  It would be like me suing my daughter for wearing red shoes!

The lawsuit, filed directly with the U.S. Supreme Court, asks that the voting results in those states be thrown out because of their changes in voting procedures that allowed expanded mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic.  No allegations of widespread fraud or irregularities, simply because Paxton and Texas don’t like that these states allowed more people to vote by mail rather than standing in line being contaminated by a deadly virus!  And what the hell business is it of Texas what Michigan does???  NONE!

Note that these four were considered ‘battleground’ states, ones that might have gone either way.  Note also that Paxton didn’t file the suit against California, or New York, states that also allowed additional mail-in voting due to the pandemic, but which are traditionally democratic strongholds.

But wait … it gets even worse.  Yesterday, 106 republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the Texas case against the four other states.  In other words, 106 of the men and women in Congress who we elected to serve our best interests and whose salary we pay with our hard-earned tax dollars, want the Court to take away our voices, to negate our votes, simply because we mailed them instead of standing in line for hours and dying two weeks later!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now, I don’t think it at all likely that the Court is going to accede to their wishes at this juncture – it would be a fool’s errand and would likely lead to an uprising the likes of which this nation has not seen in more than two centuries.  It would be unconstitutional, to put it quite simply.  But I am incensed that these assholes in Congress who are by law OUR EMPLOYEES, are seeking to cause us grievous harm.

Adding insult to injury, Donald Trump filed a motion with the court on Wednesday asking the justices to let him intervene and become a plaintiff in the suit!  This is all unprecedented, and in my book is treason against the people of the United States.  If my voice were strong enough, if my blog reached enough people, I would try my best to start a tax rebellion right now, urging people to continue paying their state and local income taxes, but not their federal.  These jerks, and I do include Donald Trump in that, do not deserve to get one more thin dime from We the Taxpayers!  Remember … well, we weren’t alive then, but we know the history … in 1776 when colonists rebelled against ‘taxation without representation’?  That, my friends, is precisely what Trump and the republicans are trying to do to us … keep taking our tax money, and stifle our voices, take away our constitutional rights to participate in free and fair elections.

Below is a table I put together, sorted by state to hopefully make it easier to check and see if your representative is among the reprehensible autocrats who support this vile movement.  If so, please take a minute to email or call them and tell them just what you think of their nefarious activities!

Rep. Bradley Byrne Alabama’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Mo Brooks Alabama’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Gary Palmer Alabama’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Andy Biggs Arizona’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Debbie Lesko Arizona’s 8th Congressional District
Rep. Rick Crawford Arkansas’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Bruce Westerman Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Doug LaMalfa California’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Ken Calvert California’s 42nd Congressional District
Rep. Tom McClintock California’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Ken Buck Colorado’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Doug Lamborn Colorado’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Daniel Webster Florida’s 11th Congressional District
Rep. Gus Bilirakis Florida’s 12th Congressional District
Rep. Ross Spano Florida’s 15th Congressional District
Rep. Matt Gaetz Florida’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart Florida’s 25th Congressional District
Rep. Neal P. Dunn Florida’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. Ted S. Yoho Florida’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. John Rutherford Florida’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Michael Waltz Florida’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Rick W. Allen Georgia’s 12th Congressional District
Rep. Earl L. “Buddy” Carter Georgia’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Drew Ferguson Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Austin Scott Georgia’s 8th Congressional District
Rep. Russ Fulcher Idaho’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Mike Simpson Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. Mike Bost Illinois’s 12th Congressional District
Rep. Darin LaHood Illinois’s 18th Congressional District
Rep. Jim Banks Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. James R. Baird Indiana’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Trey Hollingsworth Indiana’s 9th Congressional District
Rep. Steve King Iowa’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Roger Marshall Kansas’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Ron Estes Kansas’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Steve Scalise Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Clay Higgins Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Mike Johnson Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Ralph Abraham Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Andy Harris Maryland’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Jack Bergman Michigan’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Bill Huizenga Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. John Moolenaar Michigan’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Tim Walberg Michigan’s 7th Congressional District
Rep. Tom Emmer Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Trent Kelly Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Michael Guest Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Ann Wagner Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Vicky Hartzler Missouri’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Sam Graves Missouri’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Jason Smith Missouri’s 8th Congressional District
Rep. Greg Gianforte Montana’s at-large congressional district
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Adrian Smith Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Lee Zeldin New York’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Elise Stefanik New York’s 21st Congressional District
Rep. Ted Budd North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District
Rep. Gregory Murphy North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Virginia Foxx North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. David Rouzer North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District
Rep. Richard Hudson North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District
Rep. Dan Bishop North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District
Rep. Brad Wenstrup Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. Jim Jordan Ohio’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Robert E. Latta Ohio’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Bill Johnson Ohio’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Bob Gibbs Ohio’s 7th Congressional District
Rep. Kevin Hern Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Markwayne Mullin Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. Scott Perry Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District
Rep. Fred Keller Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District
Rep. John Joyce Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler Pennsylvania’s 14th Congressional District
Rep. Glenn Thompson Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District
Rep. Mike Kelly Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District
Rep. Dan Meuser Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District
Rep. Joe Wilson South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. Jeff Duncan South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. William Timmons South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Ralph Norman South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Tom Rice South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District
Rep. Tim Burchett Tennessee’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. John Rose Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Mark Green Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District
Rep. David Kustoff Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Mike Conaway Texas’s 11th Congressional District
Rep. Randy Weber Texas’s 14th Congressional District
Rep. Bill Flores Texas’s 17th Congressional District
Rep. Louie Gohmert Texas’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Kenny Marchant Texas’s 24th Congressional District
Rep. Roger Williams Texas’s 25th Congressional District
Rep. Michael C. Burgess Texas’s 26th Congressional District
Rep. Michael Cloud Texas’s 27th Congressional District
Rep. Dan Crenshaw Texas’s 2nd Congressional District
Rep. Lance Gooden Texas’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Ron Wright Texas’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Kevin Brady Texas’s 8th Congressional District
Rep. Rob Wittman Virginia’s 1st Congressional District
Rep. Ben Cline Virginia’s 6th Congressional District
Rep. Dan Newhouse Washington’s 4th Congressional District
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Washington’s 5th Congressional District
Rep. Alex X. Mooney West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District

Rep. Carol D. Miller

West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District
Rep. Tom Tiffany Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District

25 thoughts on “Yet Another ABOMINATION!!!

  1. I live within the district of one of those Republicans you mentioned above–Doug Lamborn. He does nothing more than kiss Trump’s arse and collect his paycheck and gratuities. But this district is so solidly Republican he could be caught eating babies and still be re-elected.

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    • Funny, isn’t it, how these guys can operate in complete disregard of their Oaths of Office, can pass laws that hurt the average citizen, and yet … they keep getting re-elected time and time again. Brainwashing? Sigh.


  2. Our Wyoming governor just announced he’s joining the lawsuit. I am not surprised as we are a bright red state, but so disappointed in the news about Trump. When is his reign going to end? When is he going to be put in jail for using his presidency this way? As tax payers, we should all be disgusted.

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    • I heard about that … so many governors and attorneys general have signed on to the Trumptanic wagon that I am … my jaw keeps dropping … I am astounded. Stunned. He should be charged with sedition and other high crimes, but likely won’t be. Why? I don’t quite know … he seems to have hypnotized fully half of the people in this nation. We will have to settle for being rid of him in 39 days … counting down with bated breath!


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    POST ELECTION PERIOD … I’m so done!! Right with you!! … ” I am sick and tired of being shown that we the voters are naught but pawns in a large game of corporate greed, and that our voices matter only so long as we agree with the corporate giants whose net worth is thousands of times higher than our own. I’m tired of feeling my heart rate shoot through the roof because of my extreme fury with those who identify as republicans, when all they are is greedy monsters. The latest that has raised my hackles …”

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      • Good day, sweet one!! You are most welcome!! Thanks for that reminder … I wasn’t breathing well until the SCOTUS decision!! And still, yes, he’s here. He won’t go away!! Sometimes I don’t will him well … sorry to say but I just can’t. And McConnell too. And now 126 House reps!! It won’t go away after 1/20/21!! Tight hug … I think I’ll also use “Beam me up’!! … and take me to PR!! ❤ ❤ …

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        • I’ve stopped being polite about it (though I’m careful not to draw the attention of the men in dark glasses 😉 ) and have point-blank said that the simplest solution to this whole mess would be his death. Why couldn’t the coronavirus have finished the job? Sigh. Tight hug received and appreciated! If you get beamed up and taken to PR, stop by and pick me up too! Hugs back, dear one! 🤗

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  4. What I want to know is how many of these anti-democracy supporters were elected in this election and will also have THEIR seats thrown out with the ballots? It’s not just the president on those there American style ballots – so EVERY one of them loses their seats too, right? The fraud would NOT just exist for the first thing on those stupid ballots…fraud means the whole kit and kaboodle, you jerks.

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  5. Hi Jill, the argument for the Texas lawsuit against the 4 other states, ballots after election day are invalid according to the Constitution. Reasonably due to the pandemic, this rule should bend to the spirit of the law, how else would ppl vote? However, there were no formal provision or amendment to the Constitution regarding this issue. Trump is using this as a pretext to throw out all the “late” votes. Washington Post wrote an extensive article on this topic:

    I’m still not clear if this is a state issue or federal, as elections are taking place for both. I’ve read there’s a precedent somewhere, and Trump is citing that as a reason to invalidate all votes, mail-in or otherwise. It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court rules on this controversial issue.


  6. Jill, it is “maddening” using Senator Mitt Romney’s word for his fellow Republicans. Two comments. First, the battleground states have responded with a detailed rebuttal defining the Texas effort as “seditious.” Second, Texas has “no standing” or facts on this issue, so experts are saying it will be dismissed. But, of course, nothing is normal with this corrupt and deceitful acting outgoing president. Seditious could be added to his list of actions as well. Keith

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    • PS – This is from an article this morning:

      “Texas’s own senior GOP senator, John Cornyn, said, ‘I frankly struggle to understand the legal theory’ behind it. Jeb Bush responded by saying there was no theory and predicted that the court would reject it out of hand. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) even went so far Thursday as to suggest it was a ‘PR stunt rather than a lawsuit” and that Paxton (R) might be merely seeking a Trump pardon for his personal legal problems.'”

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      • I’ve long thought Cornyn was an okay guy … I recall that he and McCain were friends. I really like Sasse’s take on it … a PR stunt … exactly! Trupm is the showman, the circus ringleader, needs attention and publicity.


    • I was pleased to see the Court’s ruling today, their dismissal of this and any other pending complaints. It especially pleased me that the only dissents were from Alito and Thomas, and even they said they would not have agreed to overturn the voice of the people. Not one of the three Trump nominated dissented. I feared it would go badly, but was quite pleased with the results. Two more hurdles … fingers crossed. And yes, sedition is definitely to be added to his list of crimes. I would go with treason, even, but I know that’s probably a stretch.


  7. Trump has succeeded in murdering the last vestiges of faith in democracy for the trusting and honest people, young and old, in the US. Young people who yet had no idea what true politics is all about will be scarred to the point of rage and apathy. Old people will give up out of fear and exhaustion. Or there will be the war he has tried so hard to start and his followers will get in line with submachine guns blazing, all not for a real cause, but because they want to kill something and he is the antichrist crazy maker just for the sake of creating chaos.

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    • If the Supreme Court had pandered to his wishes, if they had allowed the voices of 10 million voters to be stifled, I believe there would have been blood shed in the streets, at the very least. The fact that the Court basically rolled its eyes and said, “Sit down and shut up”, will have helped. But still … a precedent has been set and it will have long-lasting ramifications. Sigh.


  8. I agree with everything you say Jill, this is a last-ditch pernicious effort to please Trump though of course they’ll be delighted if it works and lots of votes are disallowed thus disenfranchising another group of voters. I was surprised not to see any senators on your list. Once this is thrown out of court……….and it better had be, I think each state where there has been a representative agreeing with this action should call for special elections to oust these people who want to subvert the Constitution.

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    • I am amazed … not in any good way … by the number of republicans at both the state and federal level that are jumping on this Trumptanic Train! Where the Sam Hell are people’s brains??? I don’t think the Court will give Team Trump a win on this one …. BUT … the support at the congressional level makes me fearful what will happen when the Electoral College has voted and Congress has to certify the electoral votes. Will they stomp on We the People like ants and raise their ‘hero’ to the status of king? Sigh. If they do, there WILL be war in this country. 😥

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