Wake Me When It’s Over

With 39 days left until Joe Biden takes the Oath of Office, the unspeakably ignorant Sean Hannity of Fox News is already calling for his impeachment!  I have cussed more in the last month or two than in all my 69 years before.  In this age of frivolous lawsuits, my case against the Republican Party and Donald Trump for loss of sanity should be able to make it onto the docket of the Supreme Court, don’t you think?  This morning I have good news/bad news …

America’s biggest bully

Donald Trump ordered Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to either approve the Pfizer vaccine yesterday or else submit his resignation.  This, my friends, goes entirely against all good sense, goes against the entire purpose of having the FDA in the first place!  This is unconscionable!

It is not … I repeat NOT up to the Oaf in the Oval Office to decide whether the vaccine is safe or not … that is why we have experts like Stephen Hahn, Dr. Fauci and others who actually know what they are doing, unlike Donald Trump!

At this point, I have decided that I will NOT take the vaccine within the next six months, for it has not gone through the full approval process and is approved only by Donald Trump, who I wouldn’t let within 50 yards of my person for fear of contamination.

Isn’t it funny that Trump has completely ignored the fact that the U.S. is now seeing right around 3,000 deaths per day from the coronavirus, but yet he’s hellbent and determined to force approval of the vaccine before the FDA is confident of both its safety and its efficacy?

Yes, a reliable, proven vaccine is part of the solution, but it is not the entire solution.  First, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has warned against the Pfizer vaccine for people who are prone to serious allergic reactions, which means about 20% of the population.  Second, the vaccine will not be available to the average person until mid-to-late 2021, and many people have said they will not take it, for one reason or another.  Meanwhile, we could all wear masks, stay home as much as possible, forego such things as dining out and unnecessary shopping, and wash our hands or use sanitizer frequently whenever we are outside our home.  GASP!  What simple things, yes?  And yet, approximately half the population of the United States are stubbornly refusing to wear a mask because they say it goes against their civil rights.  Never mind that the fools don’t understand that by going maskless, they are taking away OUR rights!

But back to my point … this was unconscionable on the part of Donald Trump, the person who will leave the Oval Office in just 39 days.  I wish I could report that Hahn and the entire staff of the FDA resigned and walked off the job last night, but no … he caved to Trump’s wishes and now we are all a little bit less safe than we might otherwise have been.  Another one of Trump’s crimes against the people of this nation.


On a brighter note …

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit I told you about yesterday, the one filed by Ken Paxton and supported by far too many republican officials at both the state and federal level.  The court’s unsigned order was short, and it denied Texas’s request to sue Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin over how they conducted their elections.  Texas has not shown it has a legal interest “in the manner in which another state conducts its elections,” the order said. It dismissed all pending motions about the case.

“The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

Justices Alito and Thomas were the only two who did not think the court had the authority to simply reject a state’s filing, but they said they would not have granted Texas the remedy it sought, which was to disallow the electors from those four states.  When I first heard the news, I let out a bit of a WHOOP!!! What surprised me the most was that there was no dissent from any of the three Justices appointed by Trump – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and what’s-her-name Barrett.

Interestingly, Trump did not immediately take to tweeting, but instead apparently stayed in his room and pouted, refusing to even make an appearance at the White House Christmas party last night.  Good ‘nuff … let him pout … maybe he’ll pack his bags and run away from home.

18 thoughts on “Wake Me When It’s Over

  1. Had a really long discussion on Friday with my primary care doc….and she said straight out. “Suze, DO NOT take the Pfizer vaccine. ANY other should be okay, but Pfizer’s will probably throw you straight into anaphylaxis”. AND, since I already have several conditions that would be impacted by it (COPD, CHF, Type 2 Diabetes) I will refuse it should it be the only choice.


  2. The best comment about all this is to not comment on anything Trump. His comments say everything that needs to be said about that.
    Meanwhile, I was frightened by the speed at which Health Canada suddenly decided to approve the Pfizer vaccine. They have not had enough time to properly assess the vaccine, and are relying heavily on the company’s own test results! When in the history of vaccines has a producing company told the whole truth about the possible and very probable side effects. Just look at what the entire tobacco industry failed to reveal for such a long time people were dying in droves from nicotine poisoning. No way in hell has there been time to properly test these vaccines! I know it is political, even in Canada, because the Conservative opposition was accusing Trudeau of withholding the vaccine from the Canadian people, and they were gaining public outcry. Those of us who want proper testing were ignored because of the loudly vocal dumbasses who don’t wear masks, but want the Liberals to look bad, no matter the truth. I think the UK, meaning Bojo the Clown, wanted to upstage Trump. He doesn’t know what long-term effects might be, nor does he care. He just wants political points from his electorate. How are he and Pierre Jr. the Lesser going to look if either the vaccine fails to work at 94.5%, or especially if the cure starts killing people too.
    Oh, I want the vaccine to work, but I too want more proof of that before I will take it. Another year or two of staying home without good reason to leave, wearing masks when I do go out, and social distancing when we are out there is alright by me. But I’m neither single, nor 22 years old.
    On a better note, what with the current restrictions, I am betting flu cases will be down this winter, at least for those of us who do wear masks. The anti-maskers, well, they’ll probably have the old normal numbers, if not higher.

    Sorry this is getting so long, but I have a little story, totally true, to tell about Covid. A man and his wife went to see their doctor this week. The woman was okay, but even though the man was sneezing and coughing in the waiting room, with his mask down around his chin, he swore he was feeling no symptoms of Covid.
    When the time for him to go into the doctor’s office came, the doctor heard him sneeze and told him he would not see him until he took a Covid test, which the man refused. But neither would he leave without seeing the doctor. After a short stand-off the rapid test was administered under protest. Sure enough, he had Covid, and the whole Clinic had to be sterilized. All the waiting patients and nurses were put into quarentine. The man and his wife went home.
    An hour later the wife phones the doctor, and accuses him of giving her husband Covid, and saying she would sue the doctor if he died.
    Anti-maskers? Actually they were religious nuts who believed their God would protect them so there was no need for precautions.
    No word yet if any of the quarantinees have tested positive, but I hope if they get it they sue the church the two belong to for spreading the disease. That church has ignored all safety rules, meeting with full congregations every week, and all of its parishioners refusing to be tested, even now.
    Dumbasses all!


  3. I’m surprised but delighted by the Supreme Court decision. That should now be it. But there’s another growing movement for the States represented by the Republican party to secede from the Union. Since tempers are running high and the Republicans seem unable to govern both sides equally, maybe it’s time to have a full and frank discussion on the subject with maybe a referendum to gauge the strength of feeling. from the people rather than the politicians. Maybe there will prove to be a need for two separate Countries to emerge that can co-exist with civility not to be found currently. I do wonder what would happen to those States currently receiving Government help to subsist since the Republicans dn;t believe in welfare.

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    • Yes, I was gleeful over it! Not even the three he nominated dissented, as I’m sure he expected them to! But, don’t hold your breath for that to be the end of the madness, for I read this evening that Michael Flynn, now pardoned, is saying with a wink that there is still more to come. Sigh. Yes, tempers are running very high, and as you’ll see from my a.m. post, the violence that you and I have anticipated is beginning. I read some comments from people who attended the pro-Trump rally in D.C. yesterday … people our age … who are adamant that Trump WILL remain in office, that the election was ‘stolen’ from him, and that they will do ‘whatever it takes’ to keep him in office. WHY??? WTF is wrong with these damn fools? Sigh. We cannot become two separate countries, though I wouldn’t mind it, for there is no line of demarcation … the divisions are ideological, not geographical, and no state has a large majority of either side. Somehow, we simply have to find a way to live together in peace, but I don’t know how. Sigh.

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    • I had never heard of Nellie the Elephant, so I did a quick search, read the lyrics and listened … oh what an apt song! All those “Off she road with a trumpety trump
      Trump trump trump” lines are just perfect. But … sigh … yes, I’m afraid that is highly unlikely to be the case here. He’s still proclaiming that he will be in office for another four years, and the ignoble Michael Flynn, who Trump just pardoned a week or so ago, is also claiming that they have some wildcard and will persevere. Sigh. At the risk of sounding cruel, why can’t Melania just hold a pillow over his face some night? But thanks for making me aware of that song … I may find a use for it!

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  4. Jill, the lens is obvious. You are making me look bad, so fix it. This lens is repeated throughout his presidency and before. Perception matters more than fact. Appeasing the large and fragile ego of the narcissistic outgoing president matters more than getting things right. Speed is more important than accuracy.

    I am reminded of Trump’s first travel ban roll out made in February, 2017. Roll out is kind, as it was just announced, without vetting, without planning, and without communication to stakeholders (including those who had to implement it). It was so bad it was pulled in two days. People said what a great businessperson Trump was, but this was a Business 101 failure.

    There were many other hastened roll outs that did not go well – firing people without telling them or your communication staff, impromptu meetings without planning, etc. . It reminds me of “let it be written, let it be done” commands from an emperor. Keith

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    • You are so right, my friend! Either agree with me, or I will hurt you. Chris Krebs didn’t agree — he’s gone. Bill Barr for once stood up to Trump’s lies — he’ll be the next to go. How Melania … or any of his former wives … put up with his narcissism is beyond me. I guess money talks. His threats against the FDA Director, and the two firings I mention above, are sure signs that he sees himself as a king, rather than a president. There have been far too many such incidents over the past four years … the ones you mention about the travel ban and other episodes … far too many for anybody to believe he cares about democracy or about the people of this nation. And yet, his loyal lapdogs still sing his praises and defend the indefensible. WHY????


  5. Since I’m prone to serious allergic reactions, I won’t have the vaccination. Heck! I can’t get a flu shot because it’s cultured in eggs and I’m allergic to egg whites.

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