Filosofa Snarks Again!

One of these days I’m gonna surprise you guys with positive news, good news, cheer and joy — and you’ll wonder what I’ve been smoking!  Methinks, though, that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon, so do me a favour and don’t hold your breath, okay?  And meanwhile, I’m back with more grousing and grumbling about the state of affairs in this nation.

Da prez is bored

Ladies and Gentlemen … the president of the United States of America has nothing to do.  That’s right … despite a pandemic that is raging in most areas of the nation, with three thousand or more people dying every day, and despite the fact that chaos reigns and violence is barely simmering beneath the surface, Donald Trump had nothing to do yesterday.  So, he ranted for a bit on Twitter about the fact that Attorney General William Barr stopped licking his boots last week, the fact that even his three hand-picked Supreme Court Justices told him to sit down and shut up, and ended with a threatening message, though he has run out of options.  And then, he headed out on the presidential helicopter (we paid for it) to Andrews Air Force Base where he boarded Air Force One (we paid for it) to fly to West Point so he could occupy space at the Army-Navy football game (we paid for that, too).  Y’know … if this is really all the ‘man’ has to do, then … why do we need him?  Why not cut him loose now and inaugurate Joe Biden 38 days ahead of time so that this nation can have a real president?  And before he can do any more damage or spend more of our money.  Just a thought.

Who the hell is Joseph Epstein?

I don’t know who Joseph Epstein is, but I know what he is.  He is a misogynistic asshole!  In the Wall Street Journal, he wrote an OpEd that I found to be disrespectful, condescending, and obnoxious as hell.  Here is a part of it …

“Madame First Lady—Mrs. Biden—Jill—kiddo: a bit of advice on what may seem like a small but I think is a not unimportant matter. Any chance you might drop the “Dr.” before your name? “Dr. Jill Biden ” sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic. Your degree is, I believe, an Ed.D., a doctor of education, earned at the University of Delaware through a dissertation with the unpromising title “Student Retention at the Community College Level: Meeting Students’ Needs.” A wise man once said that no one should call himself “Dr.” unless he has delivered a child. Think about it, Dr. Jill, and forthwith drop the doc.”

First of all … Dr. Jill Biden earned that doctoral degree and it was hard work … I know because I still haven’t completed mine, though I’ve been working at it since 2008!  She has every right in the world to be proud of her accomplishments and to wear her title proudly!  But even more to the point … would Mr. Epstein have made such a comment if he had been talking to a man?  Would he have dared to call a man ‘kiddo’ as if naught but an errant teenager?  I hardly think so.  This is male chauvinism at its finest … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The writer of this piece admits that he, himself, has only a B.A. though he doesn’t tell us in what.  After some self-promoting rambling, he ends with this condescending garbage …

“As for your Ed.D., Madame First Lady, hard-earned though it may have been, please consider stowing it, at least in public, at least for now. Forget the small thrill of being Dr. Jill, and settle for the larger thrill of living for the next four years in the best public housing in the world as First Lady Jill Biden.”

Furious, I did a bit of research into the heinous Mr. Epstein and found this is not the first time his bigotry brought him into the public view.  In September 1970, Harper’s Magazine published an article by Epstein called “Homo/Hetero: The Struggle for Sexual Identity” that was criticized for its perceived homophobia. Epstein wrote that he considered homosexuality “a curse, in a literal sense” and that his sons could do nothing to make him sadder than “if any of them were to become homosexual.”

But, in a real twist of irony, in 2003, he was awarded a National Humanities Medal by the National Endowment for the Humanities!  WTF???

Violence coming soon to a city near you

Saturday brought Trump supporters en masse to Washington D.C. and other cities around the nation.  And wherever there are avid Trumpeters, there are likely to be members of white supremacist groups.  And wherever there are white supremacists, there is likely to be violence.  Yesterday was no exception, though thankfully nobody was killed … yet.

Although every court thus far, including the Supreme Court, has either declined to hear Trump’s cases of alleged voter fraud or flat out said there was no credible evidence presented and tossed the case.  Trump has lost, at last count, 58 or 59 cases in the courts.  Attorney General William Barr, a Trump uber-loyalist, has said there is no evidence of widespread or significant irregularities.  Chris Krebs, former Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the Department of Homeland Security said there was absolutely no evidence of any widespread or organized voter fraud.  He was fired for doing his job and speaking the truth.  And yet, because Trump continues to shriek like a banshee claiming that he won the election, that it was ‘stolen’ from him, his not-so-bright supporters are on a train bound for nowhere, thinking that they have the power to overturn an election their ‘hero’ lost by over 7 million votes … legitimate votes.

proud-boys-2It doesn’t help that republican members of Congress, republican state’s attorneys general and others jumped onto the Trumptanic in the form of the now-failed Texas lawsuit implemented by Ken Paxton, a man who has been indicted on federal securities fraud.  It doesn’t help that the republican members of Congress, in addition to joining the aforementioned lawsuit trying to overturn the election, are largely refusing to acknowledge that Joe Biden won the election.  Tomorrow, the Electoral College will meet and barring something absurdly illegal, they will confirm that Joe Biden won the election.

proud-boys-1And so now those who either don’t read the news or don’t understand it are riled and they are out to cause mayhem and mischief, perhaps even death.  They believe, erroneously, that the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives them this right. It doesn’t.

Yesterday, four people were stabbed, and one was shot.  How many will it be next weekend, or the weekend after that?  And on January 20th, the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, how many will be out in the streets with their guns, aiming to take the law into their own hands?

violence-1If people die because Trump’s followers are being encouraged by not only Trump but his sycophants in Congress, then Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham, and many others will have blood on their hands.  They could put a stop to at least part of the madness right this minute by assuring their constituents that the election was fair and honest, that President-elect Joe Biden won by honest means, and that the American people have had their say.  But no … they won’t … because their own political futures may yet depend on Trump and his big-money donors.  Yep, folks … money speaks louder than our voices.

10 thoughts on “Filosofa Snarks Again!

  1. Funny, these freakin’ idiots don’t seem to understand that if Trump is erroneous (or lying) and they force an overturn then they become the cheats they’re moaning about. Only they won’t apologise and admit they were wrong………as they are. Since Trump appointed the latest 3 Supreme Court Judges and the Republicans are now in the ascendant maybe they should rely on them for the final word. Oops, they seem to have had it. There is no proof of voter fraud, suck it up. Time to start chanting for Trump, Lock Him Up!

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  2. At least she had earned the degree, not stolen em like some politicans in Germany, had done in the past. 😉 Gosh, will this be the future news strategy? Good wishes, Jill! Dont forget: In 2021 here in Germany is the election to the Bundestag. Be sure here it will become horrible too. ;-( Michael

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  3. Jill, sadly, just like his fraudulent voter fraud claims were predicted and predictable, so will be the outgoing president’s reaction when Americans get hurt. He will tell everyone he cannot take responsibility for those actions. Take that to the bank. He is Fred McMurty’s character in “The Caine Mutiny,” who Jose Ferrer, the defense attorney roasted at the end of the movie. McMurtry instigated the mutiny, then claimed on the stand that he had nothing to do with it. That is Donald J. Trump – the term you may be searching for which is an apt description is “weasel-like.” Keith

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    • But of course … among his most memorable lines is, “No, I don’t take responsibility at all”, which seems to sum up his entire life, don’t you think? And he’s gotten by with it for far too long … it’s time someone held him accountable and didn’t let him weasel out of it.

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