Consider yourself warned

Our friend Brosephus is a mite grumpy today … and with good reason. Once republicans figured out the only way they could win is to cheat and disenfranchise those who are unlikely to vote for the ignoble republican candidates, they they did the inevitable — they cheated. And they are still at it today, even as the electoral college is verifying Joe Biden’s win. And down in Georgia … well, I’ll let Brosephus tell you why he’s grumpy today …

The Mind of Brosephus

I’m just a tad bit grumpy this morning. Maybe it’s due to cabin fever because of my current quarantine status. Maybe it’s due to other things. However, a tweet this morning from Jim Galloway pushed me over the edge and into that deep abyss where the Angry Black Man resides.

For a reference point, here’s three of Newt’s tweets within the past 24 hours.

Why, why, why? It’s a cold in Georgia this morning Newt, w so why don’t you enjoy a nice warm cup of Shut The F**k Up since we’re in a why mood. I’m tired of having to fight tooth and nail to protect my right guaranteed under the US Constitution from these a**holes. I’m also sick and tired of the media downplaying the dangers faced by my community.

This isn’t some new fangled GOP idea either. Remember this guy here?

Or, how about this guy here?

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10 thoughts on “Consider yourself warned

  1. Maybe they should suggest that if the government are happy enough to break their constitutional rights over the vote they’re happy to respond by withholding taxes. At the end of the day, the constitution is overseen by the Government and they should ensure the vote at the State level not allowing any more jiggery pokery by the Republicans. One Man/Woman = One Vote, not dependent on the colour of one’s skin. C’mon, it’s time to get this right

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    • That is a thought that’s been playing around in my head for a while now … a tax rebellion. If I knew how to get the momentum started, I would have done so, but now that Biden’s about to take office is not the right time. We need to give him a chance. But you are right … it’s not rocket science that each person over the age of 18 has a vote, and each vote should count equally. Gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws in some states simply must go! Yes, it’s time we get this right.

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