Jolly HollyDay Monday!

hollyGood … {is it really?} … Monday morning, friends.  It’s been somewhat of an exhausting weekend here … how was yours?  I had to actually physically go out shopping yesterday, which of course meant I had to wear a mask for nearly two hours … damn near impossible for a severe asthmatic!  By the time I left the store, I was near to passing out, sweating as if it were summer instead of a mere 35° (F), and I still, some 9 hours later, haven’t quite recovered.  Now I remember why I just stay home … simpler and for me, healthier.  I’ll be happy when the holidays are over.  But anyway, here it is Monday morning, and Joyful and I have been hard at work preparing a few holiday-themed treats for you today!  Sorry guys, no bacon today … I thought I had some in the freezer, but … oops, I forgot I used the last of it in the bacon-ranch chicken last week!   So, grab a bowl, a plate, and a cuppa, and then we’ll try to start this week out with a chuckle, ‘k?

A holiday ‘good people’ …

I reported on a similar story last year about this time.  It seems that Christmas brings out the best in people — some people, anyway.

Last week, in Bristol, Tennessee, somebody walked into a Wal-Mart store and spent $65,000 … not on purchases for him/herself, but to pay off every outstanding lay-a-way balance for all customers!  Now, I remember when my three children were young, I would choose their gifts for Christmas in October and put them in lay-a-way, paying $5, $10, or maybe $15 as often as I could, just hoping to be able to pay off the balance before Christmas.  So, I can imagine the joy, the relief of some parents, knowing that their kids’ Christmas is take care of.

Somebody with a huge heart did a great thing for these families this Christmas.  Doesn’t it warm your heart, just thinking about it?

holly-4Singing potties???

There’s more than one way to sell a toilet, I guess.

An Indiana portable toilet company shared a festive video of what it calls ” a world record for the most animated faces on a single holiday light display.” Service Sanitation posted a video to Facebook showing 32 portable toilets adorned with animated faces “singing” the song “Hallelujah.” “The Jingle Johns have officially set a world record for the most animated faces on a single holiday light display,” the post reads.

I have to admit, it brought a smile to my face … they’re actually kinda cute, don’t you think?  For toilets, that is.

A Guinness representative said the record-keeping organization does not monitor records involving animated faces in holiday light displays, and Steve Dykstra, director of marketing for the company, clarified the feat was not an official Guinness World Record, but the company considers it to be a world record because they could not find any other videos online to dispute the claim.

And now, how about some fun ‘toons ‘n memes, courtesy of Phil’s Phun?



I think people are bored this holiday season, and I somewhat get that … the pandemic has put paid to holiday parties, in-person shopping, and many of us just aren’t really in the mood for the usual festivities.  But some people have used their time stuck at home to come up with some rather strange ideas for Christmas trees …


And last, but not least, today’s cute animal video … if only hoomans were more like critters …

And for our friend Hugh, who has been laid low for a while but is, I hope, on the mend now …

holly-2Love you, Hugh!!!  Get well and feel better!  We miss you!

And on that note, you must go do what you must go do, while I must go do … laundry.  Sigh.  It never ends, does it?  Please, friends, share those beautiful smiles I see with others this week.  This is not, by any stretch, the most joyous holiday season we’ve seen, and I can tell you that many people are depressed right now.  Give them a smile … it costs you nothing and might give them a reason to share a smile or two, too!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

34 thoughts on “Jolly HollyDay Monday!

    • I loved that one, too … thought about saving it for Wednesday’s good people post, but thought we could all use some good cheer to start the week out. Awesome! I’m glad if someone liked it! My favourite was the first one that looks as if there was a tree and it vanished, leaving behind the decorations & lights! Have a happy week, my friend!

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    • Great to see you, my friend, and good news, though I wish it were “I’m up and about and going to run a marathon tomorrow, and then play a game of tennis!” I’ll take what I can get. Take care, dear Hugh. We miss you!


            • That’s probably best, given your heart problems. Yeah, I’m off Christmas and have been for years, but … we both have others to think about, so we will put on our holiday faces and try, for the sake of those we love, yes?


              • Not I, Jill. I will fight for my right to not acknowledge a day which I do not consider holy, nor an event there is no proof ever happened. My silence shall not be heard.
                But I do wish everyone a nice season, etc.

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                • Your situation and mine are a bit different, and I feel obligated to do the holiday things with a smile for the girls, for they give me so much all year long, that it is the very least I can do. Give Gail a hug for me!


                    • No, not necessarily, but we just enjoy Christmas … the lights, the decorations, the special baking … it’s just a fun thing for us, and we don’t celebrate it as a religious holiday at all.


                    • Ah, but you still call it Christmas, compl3te with a capital C. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should not enjoy your time your way. It is me, personally, who cannot abide the reference to someone who probably never lived.
                      Question: was Christ really his last name, as in Jesus Christ, son of Joseph Christ and Mary Christ? If yes, why hasn’t that family name survived in present day jewry? Or even christianity? So what was his real family name, and why did he, or his followers, feel it necessary to use call him by Christ.
                      I just cannot accept that. So I don’t use it.

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                    • Yeah, and we also capitalize Easter, Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day … it’s a holiday, Jerry. I have no religion, no belief, but the holiday is called Christmas … it’s just the name of a day to me, nothing more or less. I think you’re overthinking this one.


                    • Could be, but as I said, I don’t celebrate any holidays. Every day is the same to me, a new chance for new experiences. I do not need to have special days for special occasions, not even birthdays. Life is life. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. There are some wonderful people out there. Thank you for the great breakfast, I’m full to the brim. Great ‘Toons’ and fantastic video. Just look at how animals can be with each other yet we can’t.

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    • Indeed there are … more than we probably realize. I’m glad you enjoyed the breakfast, but now I’ll be worried about your next glucose test, for these were pretty carby snacks! I hope you used moderation! Yes, that was the draw of this particular video today … to show how much kinder the animal kingdom is than the human. Sigh. Have a great week!

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