Stephen Meets The Bidens

Today is family day in my household … putting up the tree, wrapping, and other holiday-related tasks, so in the interest of having time to spend with my gorgeous girls, but still not letting my wonderful readers down, I have asked Stephen Colbert to fill in for me today.  This is his interview with Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, the next President and First Lady of the United States!  We get to know a bit more about Dr. Jill Biden and frankly, I was impressed!  Such a difference from the current holder of that title.

Take a look, and I’ll be back tomorrow with my usual fare!

12 thoughts on “Stephen Meets The Bidens

  1. The Bidens should find it easier to fit into these roles as they did similar work as Vice President and 2nd Lady under President Obama. Jill is a great help to Joe. This is a more normal family. What a relief. All the best to them. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Yes, they are both well-versed in the protocol, but they have never faced the sort of opposition they are likely to encounter next year. I think they will weather the storm, but it’s not going to be smooth sailing … for any of us, least of all Joe & Jill.

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    • Yes, a breath of fresh air after the Donnie & Melania circus act for the past four years. I am amazed by Jill Biden’s grace and dignity, despite the criticism she has had to endure. THIS is what a First Lady should be! Let’s give the aliens the boot … sooner than later would be good!

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      • Hey, you are sounding like Santa, or one of his elves. Lol Keep calm and cool! There is another virus arriving. Seems Christmas is not only for humans a family celebrations time. The viruses will meet together too. 😉 Sorry, some sarcasm. But this – i learned by church 😉 sometimes can help to overcome difficult times. Michael

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        • I feel like Santa, but I also feel like a Santa who has not done a very good job this year! My heart just isn’t in it, with everything going on in the world, including the pandemic. Never apologize for sarcasm, for that is my middle name these days, I think! I have turned into a cynical, sarcastic wench! Have a good week ahead, my friend, and I hope you find some joy this holiday season.


      • Not only the stench will have to be removed. They’ll have to go in and sanitize and fumigate the whole building. It’s become a breeding ground for the virus. Anthony Fauci said he won’t go near the place these days. I bet the workers at Mar-a-Lago aren’t looking forward to Trump’s arrival. I read the neighbors aren’t. 😦 — Suzanne

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        • Interestingly, there has been talk of doing just that, fumigating and disinfecting every square inch of the place before the Bidens move in. Scientists say it isn’t necessary and would be a waste of money, so I suspect the plan has been shelved. Yes, I read that the people of Palm Beach do not want the Trumps as neighbors, and are even claiming it violates some agreement. I laughed over that one!

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