🎄 Jolly Monday Before Christmas 🎄

holly-4‘Twas the Monday before Christmas,

And all through the world,

The pandemic was raging,

Causing heartache and pain. 

Hey, I never said I was a poet, now did I?  But it is the Monday before Christmas, so I suppose I could shoot for something a bit cheerier, yes?  Lemme try again …

holly‘Twas the Monday before Christmas,

Poor Santa was drunk,

He fell from a rooftop,

And landed on a skunk.

Okay, okay … sheesh, everyone’s a critic … you’re a tough audience this Monday morning!  How ‘bout we skip the poetry, then, and go straight for some snacks and a few fun cartoons, shall we?

We figured since it is the Monday before Christmas, we should have some holiday-themed cartoons …



And, we found some funny holiday memes over at Phil’s Phun, too!


And what would a Jolly Monday be without a cute animal video, eh?  Jolly & Joyful found this one for your viewing pleasure!  I’d like to know how the guy got the cat to lie still while he wrapped him up!  My cats would shred me if I even tried it!  😼😼😼😼😼

We three wish you the Happiest of Holidays this week.  Y’know, one of my friends has taken me to task for celebrating Christmas as a secular holiday, but … there are so many people like myself who are not Christian, but yet celebrate the holiday.  My neighbors, Maha & Ali are Muslims, yet they celebrate Christmas, even have a tree, and we will be sharing our Christmas dinner with them … and vice versa!  I don’t think one has to be committed to Christianity to celebrate the holiday … each of us in our own way.  For me, it is about the camaraderie, the lights, the festive atmosphere … and yes, cookies! 🍪 Why can’t we all put aside our differences for a bit during this season and just enjoy life … live and let live.  Please?  Oh, and by the way, share an extra smile this week, for despite the joy of the season, it’s been a tough year and many people are homebound, won’t be seeing their family for the holiday … give someone a reason to smile back at you, okay?  Much love and many hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and Joyful!

41 thoughts on “🎄 Jolly Monday Before Christmas 🎄

  1. Your “try again” poem should have said that Santa landed, not on a skunk, but on TRUMP. The rhyme would have been off a bit, but the skunk wouldn’t object….and neither would anyone who couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present..

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    • Oh yes! Back in the day when I sat in the middle of the floor to wrap, one of more of the moggies always wanted to ‘help’. Now, however, if I sit on the floor, I will need help getting up, so I wrap in the privacy of my bedroom, sitting on the bed with a glass of wine close by! Last year, our Oliver kept destroying the wrapped packages, but this year so far, knock on wood, all is well! Happy Monday, and Merry Christmas, dear Emily!


  2. For starters, Jill, if I used a newspaper to wrap a cat, Tecumseh would let me do it. If I am paying close attention to paper, such as trying to read it, he will lay on it for hours, even go to sleep on it. But I cannot even try anymore. He convinced me to stop reading newspapers about 4 years ago. Best thing he ever did for me, besides washing my goatee every day. Lol.
    But I don’t think I am taking you to task as much as I am trying to ask you to think about the religiosity of xmas, and the event-worship you are helping to perpetuate. Not to mention the capitalistic nature of the season where families go into debt to try to make their children learn how to be greedy little monsters. I won’t say there is not an upside to this season, but I hate to see it tied to something that started out as a white person’s celebration. It is equivalent to religious racism, whether you want to see it that way or not.
    Why do you think certain African-Americans created Kwanzaa, to make this season more black appropriate. But at this point most people around the world celebrate the xian version. This is what I am fighting for, and I am hoping people will slowly come to agree with me.
    Celebrate all you want, how you want, with whom you want, but do it for you, not attaching it to a religious relic.
    I know we agreed to end this, but I could not let your above words go without commentary. Again, ’nuff said?

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    • Heh heh … he might like lying on your paper on HIS terms, but if you try to wrap him up, I’ve a feeling he will let you know in no uncertain terms just who is boss! (Hint: it isn’t you … the fur babes just let you think it is)

      As to the rest, yep, ’nuff said … put it to bed.


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