Voting system firm gets retraction from Fox as litigation is threatened

All the hullaballoo by Trump & Co about voter fraud has long since been disproven, and his claims, as parroted by Fox anchor Lou Dobbs about voting machine irregularities has also now been disproven. This is something every single person in this nation needs to hear and understand … it was all a pack of lies! Keith has written a post we all need to be aware of … it puts paid to the lies. Thanks, Keith!


In article by Mary Papenfuss of Hufington Post called “Lou Dobbs’ Vote Fraud Lies Debunked On His Program After Legal Threat By Vote Tech Firm,” the following paragraphs tell a story that needs a wider audience.

“Fox Business host Lou Dobbs aired a segment on his program Fridaydebunking his own screeds about election fraud following a legal threat from a company he’s been baselessly attacking.

Dobbs featured a nonpartisan election expert who shot down his attacks after Fox News, which owns Fox Business, received a letter from a lawyer representing the election tech company Smartmatic.

‘There are lots of opinions about the integrity of the election,’ Dobbs said at the start of the segment, before turning to a pretaped interview with Edward Perez of the nonprofit Open Source Election Technology Institute contradicting his claims about Smartmatic.

The detailed 20-page letter from Smartmatic demanded a “full and complete retraction…

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16 thoughts on “Voting system firm gets retraction from Fox as litigation is threatened

  1. I wonder how long Fox will survive without the turnip backing them. And yet, I read the Washington Post frequently and wonder what they will be railing against next — if and when the turnip actually leaves his plush accommodations for life and just Joe Citizen, or if that is even possible. How insignificant it all seems today in light of all that has happened.

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    • My guess is that, since Fox has been subtly pulling away from Trump for some time now, they will mutate, will become the voice of the post-Trump GOP. Trust me, they will find plenty to bitch about, they will take up the mantle that Biden is trying to turn the country into a Socialist nation, and will use any scrap of into to denigrate and critique Biden. Then, in 2024, they will be at the front of the line, just waiting to give the next republican candidate all the support he needs. (I say ‘he’ because the republicans are the party of misogyny and will NEVER nominate a woman … at least not in our lifetime). It really isn’t insignificant, for as we’ve seen, an egocentric leader can bungle a crisis in such a way as to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Politics is a game, yes, but one with real world consequences. Sigh.

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      • God forbid there should be a WOMAN in office who is actually Republican!

        When I said it was insignificant now I meant in light of my brother’s death. Nothing else seems very important for me just yet. I know it is all significant in the great scheme of things but for me even the turnip can’t make me feel anything real

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          • Thank you Keith. It’s getting easier now to remember the old days and forget these times. I’ve always been adaptable to whatever comes along so I can deal with this also. He’s out of pain now and that is important to me.

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        • Considering the republican women in Congress, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want any of them at the top of the ladder anyway! There’s old Susan Collins who asks “how high?” when told to jump, and Marjorie Taylor-Greene who is a believer in QAnon and all their conspiracy theories, and Kelly Loeffler, a rich bitch who licks Trump’s boots and has used her position to profit via insider trading.

          I do understand … and again, I am so sorry about your brother. 😥

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          • I guess I was thinking more of a woman who is NOT in office at the moment and possibly never even heard of rather than a politician. Too many politicians running around already. We need a level headed woman who is running a home to turn this country around. She would know how to keep a budget and raise the children in congress, handing out punishment in the form of standing in public wearing a dunce cap when the babies do everything but kick their feet against the floor and hold their breath while looking for attention. Yep, bring back public humiliation like the dunce cap and see how long it would take to teach them respect!

            Thank you, I am feeling easier now. Knowing he didn’t die alone helps and the shock of it all is another helps.

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            • You may be right about that, my friend, but I wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to find out. Doubtful, I imagine.

              Big Christmas HuGS (a day late), and I’m glad to hear you’re finding your peace about your brother’s death.


              • It gets easier every day but it will never go away as I’m sure you know! Just got a,call from my aunt who has ATnT and is having problems since the bombing yesterday. That takes a really sick person.

                Have a good weekend, my friend!

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                • Yes, I lost my son this year, so I do know.

                  I heard there were communication outages in Nashville, including something like 20 of the 911 centers! Yes, it was the work of a sick person … and what’s worse is I’m sure there are more like him out there. I think he saw himself as some sort of a hero. Sigh. It’s a crazy world these days, my friend.

                  I am enjoying a bit of peace and quiet this weekend! No more wrapping/decorating/baking/cleaning … just quiet. You do the same, Angie! Big HUGS!

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                  • I worked on more doll clothes over the weekend. Got several finished while streaming music from my Amazon account, newly updated and offering a lot of new and some better music. Still going today and probably should think about getting up and eating something other than the potato chips I’ve been scarfing down each time I wake up for a few minutes. Not much else I can do these days. I don’t mind though, getting needed rest and sleep!

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                    • Hang in there, my friend. I know what you mean about fixing something to eat … my main course of the day is my ‘midnight snack’ while I am working through comments on the blog. Please take care … love you! ❤

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                    • Main course? What’s that? Mine today was a good sized helping of the chocolate trifle my son and daughter in love brought me a couple of days ago. Not sure what day this is because of all the holidays being during the week. I’ve just thought every day was Saturday all week. Eventually it ill be again, at least I hope it will. I think I’m a little bit stir crazy tonight. I should make some ice cream so I can make a root beer float. Now that is a great meal plan. If tomorrow comes……


                    • The trifle sounds delicious! As for what day it is, it’s Friday, of course, for tomorrow is … some other day, I think. Maybe. I’ll take the homemade ice cream, but you can keep the root beer float, how’s that for compromise? Yes, my friend, for better or for worse, tomorrow WILL come.


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