Saturday Surprise — Let It Snow!

So, did you guys have a white Christmas?  We did … sort of.  It started snowing on Thursday evening, was still snowing on Friday morning, but the temps were so frigid that it was a very dry snow with little accumulation … maybe a ¼ inch.  Still, it was snow, and we enjoyed seeing it, though we did not enjoy the 13° temperatures!  Brrrrrrrrrr.

Now you’ve all heard it said that no two snowflakes are alike, but with bazillions of snowflakes falling somewhere on the globe every day for centuries or longer, how can that be true?  Well, turns out that scientists who study such things say that the likelihood of two large snow crystals being identical is zero, and that the probability that two snow crystals (a single ice crystal) or flakes (a snow crystal or multiple snow crystals stuck together) will be exactly alike in molecular structure and in appearance, is very, very minute.  However, it turns out that apart from the molecular structure, snowflakes fall into one of 35 different shapes, according to researchers.  The precise reasons for the formation of various snowflake shapes is not completely understood by scientists, but they have been able to generate a list of eight predominant shapes, with each containing several variations of snowflake structures.  Shapes include: column, plane, combination of column and plane, aggregation, rimed, germs, irregular, and other.  If you’re interested, check out this article in The Science Explorer.


Speaking of snow, I found some awesome snow pictures that I thought would make a fun Saturday Surprise.


Snow Clinging On To The Branches Of A Tree, Finland


Fresh Snow Over Christmas Lights


The Ice Neatly Folded Itself


Art Only Nature Can Create. Fence After A Snowy Night On Terschelling, The Netherlands


Pattern In The Snow On A Patio Table


When They Ask If There’s Much Wind


Yep That’s Snow


The Way The Snow Rolled Down The Windshield


Stop Sign After A Week Of No Sun


Crazy Ice Wave Formation From Snow Slowly Melting Off Patio Tin Roof


Snow Striped Forest


Apple Orchard After A Snowfall


Snow Melted And Slid Down The Wire In A Spiral Form


Perfectly Melted Ribbon Of Snow


Snow Melted To Form A Moustache On Car


Snow Rolls Formed By The Wind


Snow Wave On Roof


So It Snowed On The Cabbage Patch


Unmelted Snow In The Shadows


Cool Snow Swirls On Logs That Look Like Ice Cream


Frost Formed On The Screen Around Deck


Lone Tree And The Curvy Snow Waves


Snow Is Curling Off This Roof


This Frozen Leaf Carved A Perfect Circle In The Snow


Snow Formation


The Snow On This Patio Table Looks Like A Pastry Pie


The Way This Snow Stayed In Place When The Trunk Was Opened/Closed

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend … holiday is over, so now you can relax and eat leftovers … leftover cookies, if there are any!

34 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Let It Snow!

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    • It is, isn’t it? I’m not jealous, though … what little we had yesterday was plenty for me, though I do like at least one good one … 10-12 inches … so we can have a snowball fight with the neighbors, and I can sit inside, warm and toasty, and watch the kids here in da hood build a snowperson!

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  2. It never snows here, so I find snow endlessly fascinating. These photos were amazing. I didn’t know that snow would spiral, slide nor make ribbons! It is meant to be over 30 degrees here, but I doubt that it will get that warm. I hope your your last few days have been relaxing and peaceful Jill. You deserve some down time!

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  3. What Awesome snow shots! Happy Day after Christmas! Yes, time to eat more sweets. LOL! We had a few falling snowflakes on Christmas morning, and thats it. Glad we got snow last week, most of it had melted, but there were some patches left. 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you liked them … yes, I was amazed by some of them! Oh, no worries … I’ve indulged a bit more than an insulin-dependent diabetic should, and my sugar readings were well over 400 this morning, so I’m trying to behave today! (I said ‘trying’, I didn’t say ‘succeeding’ 😆) I think we’re in for a weird winter … it’s been frigid here, though today it did get into the 20s. Only 82 more days ’til SPRING!!! 🌻🌻🌻

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      • Into the 20s? I know it’s all relative, but if you call that winter, forget moving to Canada. Go South, old lady, go south. (Not intended as an insult, just a play on the Go West, young man, go West theme of early America.) After a couple weeks in the minus 30 Celsius range, we are in the midst of a heat wave in the minus teens this weekend. But it won’t last. January always sees us in the minus 40 range. That is winter!
        But on the whiter side, we don’t get all those snow formations you showed us, but we get some very pretty pictures. If I knew how to put pictures in comments I could send you hoar frost pics from yesterday left behind by low-lying fog. Our back yard was a winter wonderland.

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        • I told you a while back that I would not fare well in Alberta, with your sub-zero temps! However, there are other parts of Canada, such as British Columbia where my friend Emily lives, where the temps are far more to my liking! From there, I could visit you and Gail during the summer! Meanwhile, yes at 20° I am shaking and my teeth chattering, so I shan’t eagerly head to your neck o’ the woods! I’m old — remember?


          • I’ve lived in BC for a number of years. Did Emily tell you the water droplets most people know as rain just hang in the air, refusing to fall to the ground, but soaking into any non-water-resistant material they can find. Your clothes get so heavy with wetness you feel 20 pounds heavier five minutes outside your door. And while the temperatures may read above zero, Celsius, the dampness feels like forty below all winter long.
            Then, with the water freezing to ice with the slightest drop in temperature, the streets turn to black ice, which is not a recommended driving surface on the many many hills in Vancouver and environs.
            However, if you are a Polar Bear, you can ski in the morning and take a dip in English Bay In the afternoon. You’re already wet anyway, so no use taking your clothes off, just wade right in…
            Or, if you choose to live in a mountain valley, you can get 20 feet of snow overnight. Beautiful scenery in summer, though, best in the world.

            Really, I’ll take a dry prairie winter over a wet warmer coast winter any day, which is why I no longer live in BC. OR the east coast, which is just a crazy place to live in winter. Having spent winters on both coasts, I’ll stick to the prairies. It’s easier to stay sane.

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            • Oh my … no, Emily did not divulge those details, but on second thought, I think perhaps I’ll just stay here in Cincinnati until my request to return to Earth as a wolf is granted! 🐺


              • Lol. Paradise always has problems one cannot foresee. And no native-born Vancouverite would probably think about it, that is just the way it is. But those coming from elsewhere, the first winter is abominable, just not a snowman, but a rained-on-man. By year 5 I was starting to get used to it, but then I headed for New Brunswick, where my first winter they had such a heatwave the trees got so confused they tried to bud in early January, and a killer frost wiped them all out. A lot of trees never did leaf that year, and some died from it.
                Nature is not always natural.

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